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The fable of the grasshopper and the ant

The Reality of The Farm Summer has begun showing little creativity. But that is not important from the point of view of a Reality Show. Will eventually be bad, of course, for the casual audience. As a lover of the genre, I think it’s great. As I said before, the more they create bumps to increase the audience, most commit injustices. Thus, we are witnessing a show of reality and not an art show or a fiction novel. The casual audience, or viewer carefree, can and should look for an entertainment show that meets his expectations, if not willing to judge the character or personality of ordinary people.

I hope the visual resources and the creativity and the technical ability of makers supply the needs of producing a reality show attractive, without recourse to penalizing contestants with fabrications and exotic interference and unjust, or the adoption of measures without relief, without fairness and without equity.

Some signs indicate that the public will vote for positive, that is, vote for who they think should remain in the Reality. I just hope that options are always more than two participants, otherwise there will be a heavy game twisted, hindering the real deserving to win the million.

The idea of creating two groups with different assignments or in opposite situations is not new in RS, and indeed is very commonplace. In this particular, originality goes to zero. My idea of a permanent RS is a bit similar with a group enjoying life carelessly and another group performing all tasks and duties of the confinement environment, exactly as happens now in this Farm Summer. Furthermore, I predicted a third group, which would act as supplier of contestants, as the contestants were leaving the main group. In this case, the barn of the farm summer should have another group, possibly lower, which would be where new contestants enter into the RS.

In my view, the members of the barn should not run the risk of being eliminated, and would run the risk only when integrating into a group of thirst. If it was a permanent RS, so one would be exactly like the type of RS The Farm should work. Anyway serves as an experience to see if a permanent RS works. If I were the director of the program, fill any vacancies that were taking place in teams with these new contestants entered the barn.

Official seal of São Paulo

Official seal of São Paulo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly, perhaps because of the emphasis of the presenter to point out that it would be very important, the formation of groups followed a criterion for distribution by States of the Federation, leaving the paulistas and cariocas in a group (ants, this first week) and southern contestants joining with bahians, and Flavia, born in Minas Gerais, constituting the group grasshoppers. The goiana Nuelle lives in São Paulo and her accent paulista is more than that of São Paulo.

The carioca Dan lives in São Paulo and is the only one that defies logic in that group formation, because he is the one that best should be in the group Rio-SP (or ants) and is in the southern group (grasshoppers). The danger facing the game is the twisted degenerate to a parochial dispute, greatly undermining the southern group and benefiting its only member not-southern. If that happens, will have been a failure of production to let the groups were formed so or inadvertently have led them to this. One way to fix this would be a directed fill in “holes” in teams.

Now, more than ever, we must judge the qualities, since it seems that we will have to choose who deserves to remain in the house (Farm Summer) and not, who should leave. You can find it the same, but it is not, especially if they are always more than two options for voting.

The team grasshoppers (or blue) was constituted by the contestants Claudia (RS), Dan (RJ), Flavia (MG), Gabriela (BA), Isis (RS), Rodrigo Carril (RS), Sacramento (BA) and Victor (SC).

It is interesting to note that there are two Rodrigos, like the BBB11. Is this a coincidence? The existence (or creation) of two groups is not.

The team ants (or red) was constituted by the contestants Bianca (SP), Halan (SP), Haysan (SP), Karine (RJ), Natalia (RJ), Nuelle (GO), Rodrigo Simões (SP) and Thyago (RJ).

Note: The contestant Natalia was informed by the official website as curitibana created in the United States, but it seems she is from Rio de Janeiro. In most recent news they said she was born in Rio de Janeiro and I thought I heard Natalia herself saying that she is carioca in the program yesterday. Honesty is the most logical thing to use and it is not necessary to repeat some news for another surreptitiously correction of previous erroneous information, because the misinformation remains.

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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