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Positive or Negative Vote?


Until now there has been no chance to compose an accurate picture of each contestant. The dispute in the barn  to select a couple to climb to the main house seems to be a ruse to give the public time to further analyze the contestants, but it seems unfair that the other couple, the loser, is eliminated without a chance to meet the other contestants, or know the main house.



Without parameters to decide, the public will have to choose the winners by affinity, or by parochialism, or just by appearances, since the personal qualities of the four unfortunates have not yet been satisfactorily shown. So far, what emerged were more personal defects due to the extreme isolation and confinement. As pointed out before, the choice positive should hold up to the personal qualities, but due to the scarcity of data in this regard we must decide through the personal defects or, shall we say, “non-quality”. This demonstrates rather the difficulty to select in the “casting” the contestants for a RS, but they count on a much larger amount of candidates (64,000 subscribers, in this case).







“02/11/2012 12:05 (Updated 02/11/2012 13.10)
“People out there must be in doubt in which of us four vote,” says Raphael


Raphael, at one point, said he thinks Brazil should be in doubt as to whom to give the vacancy in the main house.
– The people out there must be very doubtful in which of us four vote. Nobody’s problematic here.


Cacá completed the thought of the refrigeration technician.
– Here we are living in a very natural. Even though only two will rise, we’re not seeing it as a dispute.”


I do not think so. Angelis has realized that is competing against Cacá. Note that she is trying to “overthrow” the DJ in a subtle way and “burn” her film. Angelis can do well in this round, but it seems that would not go far in Reality. Against her has apparently her character and the fact that she is a new competitor against the sixteen residents of the main house. She would be immune in the first week, but there will be many more weeks to be lived. Actually the new aspiring contestants are just extras to give the public time to learn more about the sixteen regular contestants. The production seems to be betting on a member of the current team ants, or Dan.







“- The only who yells at me is my mother. If someone else scream, I scream louder. Comes not give me moral lesson, no, I’m kick.”


“02/11/2012 18h33 (Updated 02.11.2012 18:40)
Cacá is sometimes hairdresser, and shaves the head of Raphael”


This scene did not happen at the time indicated. Cacá is intelligent and very controlled, but I think that she does not take much of a chance against the girls that are already in the main house, which has only “created snake.”






He is the most airtight among the four. Virtually nothing he reveals about his life, or what he makes of it out here. I think it is their right, but that did not help or will not help if he goes to the main house. What little we know about him was told by the official website or by his fans.







“02/11/2012 14h12 (14h20 Updated 02/11/2012)
Already inseparable, residents of the barn dream of going together to the main house


The refrigeration technician (Raphael) imagined how good it would be if, at the time of announcing the result of the vote, the program prepare a surprise, and in the end, they were all sent to the main house.


Cacá warmed to the idea and, lively, commented on the speech of her colleague.
– We’d scream too much!”


The idea can not be considered discarded, because it really would be an evil to be eliminated without at least have the pleasure of enjoying the company of the other contestants in the main house and pack up the dream of winning the prize of one million of the program. Who knows it would appear then a fact that leverage one of them until to the final? I think the public would approve such an idea.





By the time of this writing (11:15 pm, Nov 04) the members of the main house has not had contact with the residents of the barn and do not even know they are there. Only suspicious.


In an exercise of “prophecy” I dare to predict that Claudia and Halan may be among the firsts of the main house to go to the fields, if the vote is negative. Claudia is smart and is struggling to fit in with the other girls, but her snub nose and antipathy that radiates disturb a little. Some contestants are exaggerating the use of his sad life stories.



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