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Claudia x Bianca

The two beauties are in the spotlight and the public will choose who should remain in the RS. In this case must be judged by the qualities, but as are only two options, there is no reason not to also consider the personal defects. I chose some attributes to compare the two girls, according to the opinion I have formed so far, including positive and negative aspects, though there have been no cases of acute stress until the moment when I do these analyzes, which would enable the outcrop of the qualities and personal defects. It seems that today, April 7, should appear some stress because of the vote yesterday.

Regarding the game, Bianca seems not to have adopted any strategy, or better said, the tactic is to have no strategy or is to behave in a very discreet way. In this particular she is somewhat similar to another participant in the edition 5 and perhaps reflecting on her, avoiding, however, the negative points found. Claudia is trying to be visible, but faces opposition from a segment more dynamic and efficient in that early transmission of this summer edition.

In terms of protagonism or exhibitionism there are other participants much more active than the two and therefore they can not be considered exhibitionists, although this is not common in RS, ie, every contestant wants to appear, especially early in the editions. They apparently are not playing roles or if they are, have not provided evidence, or did not show what they are. The two seem to be hiding characteristics of the personality, which must still emerge when they lose control of emotions, attitudes and behaviors.

Claudia is a little smarter than Bianca, but the two are smarter than most. The charism of them is average, tending to good. The same thing occurs with respect to personality. Bianca seems more sincere than Claudia, but they do not get to commit excesses of sincerity as Gaby, Sacra, Halan and Hayson, for example. Claudia is more diplomatic and Bianca is more retracted.

In honesty, both are above average and, overall, I would chose to leave Claudia stay in Farm Summer by gathering more potential to reach the Final. In my temporary score she receives 96 against the 94 points from Bianca, in a maximum possible score of 153 (17 x 9).

The desire to appear for some participants is so great that some are exaggerating the sad stories of life and others are being rude and ruthless, injuring people. I have already identified three different types of preconceptions (social status, race and sexuality) in one person. When I have more certainty or when that person is in the spotlight, I will reveal who it is. This person is not Claudia nor Bianca, and it seems that the other contestants have not realized this and are targeting the wrong people. The tactic to split the contestants into two antagonistic groups is working more than desired and is blinding the poor people.

Few there are realizing these maneuvers from the production of the program, as Flavia and Dan, for example. Perhaps only another two or three are aware of it. That is why the intelligence is necessary to win in a RS. Is it lawful to be smart to win, but not to use tactics and strategies, in other words, be disloyal, dishonest and false.


In voting to the fields yesterday, Flavia, who was immunized by Ants team, voted on Claudia, of her own team (Grasshoppers) and, in a secret ballot by the team, in Sacramento. In the Minerva vote between Sacra and Gaby (tied at 3-3), she chose to leave Sacra in the spotlight, saving Gaby.

Claudia went to the hot seat with the eight votes received in the general vote and had voted in Haysan, perhaps because of the brutality and rawness of his colleague, though she said that she liked him in the activity “First Impression.” In a secret ballot per team, voted on Sacra but chose to confront Bianca in the fields, which had received 5 votes from their own team (Ants). The selection of her was a team match. The vote in Sacra seemed wrong or there was some mistake because, in my opinion, the two were getting along. If there was a trembling among them, it was not displayed or not I’ve seen so far.

General Voting open
Cláudia – 8 (Thyago, Haysan, Karine, Flávia, Nuelle, Natália, Simões and Bianca)
Bianca  – 4 (Victor, Ísis, Dan and Carril)
Sacra    – 2 (Gaby and Halan)
Haysan  – 1 (Cláudia)
Halan    – 1 (Sacra)

Secret Vote (Grasshoppers)
Sacra  – 3 (Cláudia, Flávia and Gaby) – Minerva vote by Flávia
Gaby   – 3 (Dan, Sacra and V1ctor)
Carril  – 1 (Ísis)
Ísis     – 1 (Carril)

Secret Vote (Ants)
Bianca  – 5 (Haysan, Karine, Natália, Simões and Thyago)
Karine  – 2 (Bianca and Halan)
Natália – 1 (Nuelle)

Notice that Bianca received 9 votes from 9 different people in the two votes where she could be voted on, and almost all said they were votes for “disposal”, for lack of options. Voting double or multiple has these bizarre things.

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