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The truth about the fight Angelis x Bianca


Below is my notes about Angelis and Bianca, so far (00h20 11/11). I just changed some tenses of verbs for purposes of compliance with the time of reporting, that now I make public.

“05/11/2012 15:03 (Updated 05.11.2012 15:20)
Cacá and Leandro, speak evil of Angelis in private conversation
Double talked about the mood in the barn and criticized some attitudes of the morena

Leandro started talking about Angelis. He said that the morena is false in the game and the other participants are true at all times. “

Angelis already had drawn she was vying for a spot in Reality against Cacá and was acting accordingly.

“05/11/2012 19h35 (19h44 Updated 05/11/2012)
Angelis says Ísis Gomes is not pretty face “

The trend in the official website to “burn the film” of Angelis eventually benefit her towards the audience.

I do not know how confined inside the barn knew that much of the contestants in the main house. Do they watched a part of the program? Or they were relying on the Channel Callings before the premiere?

During the party, Angelis said to Isis that she would not vote for her to go to the fields, even if her whole group (Ants) did. Isis heard that and nothing promised, changing the subject.

“08/11/2012 1:14 a.m. (1:50 a.m. Updated 08/11/2012)
Mood boils between Haysam and Angelis during Summer Party”

The site did not show what was really happening at the time, but in view of the temper of the Angelis and Haysan, I already imagined the kind of misunderstanding that occurred. By information on the site about the girl’s declarations, it appears that she was defending her friend Raphael, in face of expressions of racial preconception of someone but I still did not know who. This edition of RS is protruding by intolerance, xenophobia and preconceptions of the participants, and at part of the production, by the incompetence and lack of impartiality.

“10/11/2012 21h57 (Updated 10/11/2012 22.10)
Haysam gets at pity on Angelis, and speaks with colleague”

Viewers and Internet users should beware, because the direction of the program is serving old news on the official website and in the compact daily with the intention of benefiting some, harming other contestants and to increase the audience of the Reality, treating participants as mass maneuvers. In my opinion, the public who do not watch the RS through the channel 24 hours was cheated, while those who vote in polls are more enlightened, are fans of RS and know better analyze the contestants, but they are a minority in the audience of this production.

For better or for worse, the disagreements that erupted on the feast day is served to expose the real personalities of the contestants. Angelis, spiraled out of control, ended up attracting the antipathy of the majority. Her reaction stimulated by alcohol and rejection that had suffered by the residents of the house, was triggered by an unfortunate question about Raphael, made by Bianca, showing a little bias as understood by Angelis. In trying to defend the barn mate, she just extrapolating, because the others sided with Bianca without them become aware of what happened before.

The last thing they would not want was that Bianca was defeated in the fields by Claudia, who they were crucifying. The direction of the program also sided, protecting Bianca and only disclosing what she said, more or less, when the vote was already decided by the public. At the same time, burned the image of Claudia while she was in the field against Bianca. Haysan was also protected by collaterally, because he was the biggest supporter of Bianca during the discussion. Only now they are showing what he really is.

I find no explanation of why the production did so, and the only reason that occurs to me is localism. People who do not deserve to be protected and others who are being unjustly crucified are causing repulsion in one part of the audience. Actually nobody should be protected or crucified, and production has more is that the facts show without postponement, impartially. The way they are doing, will end up emptying the audience.

I think the day of the party being on the eve of the decision of the field will generate many injustices, because production will take advantage of this to influence the audience wants, to foist their own preferences depending on what roll at parties and in its aftermath, as occurred in this field. The normal would be the party on the eve of the vote of the contestants or the day after the decision of the public, or exactly in the middle between the two events, on Sunday for example. Perhaps this change will be effected when starts the tv broadcasting of Big Brother on the Globo System.

What Angelis did and said was in the heat of discussion and under the pressure of rejection, but a large part of the contestants are harassing coldly. Anyone who wants to understand who they are and how they are, just watch what they say and how they act in relation to this “brouhaha” and Angelis. As a result, the public preference is being improperly carried to Angelis, because the public tends to defend those who are being harmed by the production or by their mates and harass those they protects or prefer. Not because it’s Rodrigo Faro  who is hosting the show, the audience will say Amen to what the production is doing. One thing is one thing and another thing is something else.

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Given the disagreements that have occurred so far, formed affinity groups, which can still be modified, as follows:

Flávia group       (A) – Thyago (V), Gaby (A), Carril (A), Dan (A).
Simões group    (V) – Sacra (A) Angelis (V), Raphael (A), Halan (V).
Isis group          (A) – Karine (V), Natália (V), Victor (A), Haysan (V).
Double independent – Nuelle (V), Bianca (V).

A – Currently Ants (Blue Uniform).
V – Currently Grasshoppers (Red Uniform).


I did not understand why Bianca was saved from this field. Claudia was better positioned in preference polls and ended up losing the dispute. Perhaps that will facilitate the victory of someone preferred by production. Only after the dispute defined in the field that I began to understand the confusion that happened at the party and it all started with a question spiteful from Bianca, because Raphael took Haysan to dance. If the scenes of fights at the party had been shown, the likely outcome of the field would have been another. They protected the image of Bianca and, on the contrary, preferred to “burn the film” of Claudia throughout the day and shut up the questioning mischievous of Bianca. You can see this clearly in the news of the site during the day and in the videos of the program in the evening. Typical case of protection with interference, without exemption. They took a few lines of Claudia to make it appear that the fight was with her or that she was directly involved in the melee, in a maneuver subliminal, before clarifying the “mussels”.

“10/11/2012 17:52 (Updated 11.10.2012 18:10)
Bianca reveals who are their targets on the Farm Summer
Bianca revealed to the model who are confined in the house (that) are in their sights for the next vote in the reality show.
– Isis, Rodrigo Simões, Sacramento and Angelis. I want to be here and be able to vote on all of them. “

This list reveals that she actually asked the evil question heard by Angelis, which was the trigger of the fierceness of the Minas Gerais girl during the party on the evening of 7 (and the morning of day 8). Until now Bianca is not explained well and tried to approach Raphael for information, and after she get it she did not talk to him anymore. On the other hand, also reveals that she is already prepared with the four voting options needed for the next vote. She is playing very, contrary to what I thought before. The presence of Sacra in this list says a lot. He was not one of the nine who voted for her and Angelis was still in the barn this time.

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