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Hot Seat of the Week

Gaby against Rodrigo Simões

That’s it! Being the vote of the public in the positive direction and with only two options to vote, each week we will see the best people and the most deserving of winning the Reality facing up in the fields, until there remains only one or two good people, against a band of evil insensitive and players. In reality, with only two options, it makes no difference that the public vote on who they want to stay or those who want to leave. What the presenter or production talk is just wordplay. It only would be different if they were more than two options. It seems they understand nothing of this matter and can not complain of being labeled as incompetent. If they think the audience or competition are dumb, are thinking of (about) the wrong people. The fact that the first “indicated” choose their
competitor does not change anything in the general context and the bad elements tend to remain, making ugly the show and getting unpleasant to watch.
Gaby and Simões are in this fields just because they have a good heart and supported a person being crucified coldly, and, please realize that the current couple “indicated” not given her (to Angelis) reason in quarrels. Only they were not aligned with the wicked, and do not agree with their wickedness exacerbated. In that vote, in my opinion, 4 of the 5 best people in the RS now, ran the risk of being in the fields and two remained. The other 3 did not lose by waiting, because “their potatoes are baking” and they are being influenced by people dishonest and opportunistic.

Who should leave or stay? I do not know!! Just know that those who stay, will soon return to the field while staying in RS. A boisterous crowd, gossipy, judgmental and calculating intends to expel all those who are better than their members, in personality, character, honesty, etc. A correspondent, who am not allowed to reveal the identity, wrote me a testimonial, where I highlight the following passage: “That cry of Bianca and the request by her mother left me flabbergasted! Who was that living being?!” The email has others harsh sentences and outraged that I dare not to disclose, nor should. Others are saying they are guarding their emotions to BBB13, which they trust more. I do not know, not really! The “thing” is a bit complicated!

Meanwhile, we can only lament the inability of those who are behind it. The way I understand, they are trying hard to discredit a form of entertainment that has fallen in public taste, but are completely lost on what the public likes and the way to please him. Maybe not even that they want!

The smart contestants have realized how easy it is to eliminate the bests and are acting accordingly. Haysan is the radiator of the bad energy in the house and is the driving force against those who are “good” and I have no doubt that he will be expelled (or to be deprecated, if you like) with voting record, if in the fields does not face another villain or villainess. Then the thing can draw!

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angelis was the first choice to vote with the majority almost absolute, and because they could not vote for her, the players preferred to vote for who supported her. Simple as that! Raphael or Gaby may be the next victims and most likely will face the girl coming from the barn next race, if they continue to support her, even covertly.

The tactic for this is simple: Just place Angelis in the spotlight and let her choose between Raphael (or Gaby) of the Blue team and Simões of her own team (red). Anyone whom she chooses will be good for the real villains.

With their maneuvers, production could “fabricate” a false Viviane and I think it will be very difficult to get a fair outcome for this RS, if they continue with the same stupid rules and inconsequential to the Final. I am even starting to think they are playing with the sensitivity and intelligence of the public. These guys “healed” and these stunning beauties do not represent the Brazilian people (with regard to the character) and is not a correct sampling of our society. The Brazilian people is not so, but those responsible for it perhaps are (like these contestants)!

Those who want to give yourself the trouble to vote, choose either one, knowing that the real villains will be for the second half of this Reality. Until then, our choice is always to choose the best person to remain at home to defeat the “gang of evil”. In this case Rodrigo Simões seem the most qualified, regardless of criteria for personality, character and honesty.

If I were to choose the sincerity and good personal attributes I choose to Gaby, but she is more influenced by the players than her competitor in the fields today and would not have a chance against this “small saucepan of evil” and would be a weak support for the struggling Angelis, assuming that in this case she is the favorite of the public.

As is the first “indicated” who chooses his contestant in the hot seat, Angelis and Simões hardly choose each other, and thus we would have a guarantee that the two could reach the Final if this mechanism does not change. With this production amateurish and awkward nothing is guaranteed however. They did not bother to reveal to the audience what they want.

Finalist by public vote

Finalist by public vote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They intend that keep contestants on Reality hated by the public, will give larger IBOPE (wider audience), but they forget that they are sacrificing people, hurting their family and friends, and instigating bad instincts in people. These are the same people who will buy the products of the sponsors and I think they should be concerned about it to protect their interests.

Already past the hour from creating competent professionals in this area of Reality Shows in some institution of communication, because the current apprentices will never cease to be amateurs, and are more concerned with earning their wages or ascend jobs in careers, without import for those who deserve it or not the prize of the program, or without regard for the way the public votes or their preferences. I no longer sympathize with those who support such nonsense on TV.

The transmission of a “dead” scene in RS (eg, people sleeping) through a fixed camera, while rolling one or more interesting scenes in other parts of confinement, constitutes a failure that I call “discontinuity”. It would be like saying: “Where’s cutter of images?”, or “muffles the case”, or “piiii, piiii” in the sound of the foul language in the edited videos. Terms in quotation marks identify different discontinuities. This type of failure (of the production) has many variants, motives, purposes and/or causes. In an opportune occasion I will speak in detail of what it is.

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