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Risks, Players and Traps

The information and opinions in the posts I write are those that I deem appropriate and convenient to disclose in order to help readers in their judgments. In no time I do not intend to influence anyone with my sympathies and preferences. The reason is very simple: who got me into good account could be influenced and who has animosities, whatever, tend to want to duel by subjective opinions. An anonymous reader asked who in my opinion ran the risk of going to the fields in the vote of the day 13/11.

Normally I do not answer anonymous questions, but I will say that those who received only 1 vote in secret ballots by team also ran risk. Imagine, for example, that a third or more of the votes received by Nuelle in the team of the Grasshoppers, had gone to Karine or Bianca. They certainly would have been chosen by Simões for contesting the field against him. Likewise Halan, Natália and Haysan also ran the same risk. Listen for the detail that Angelis had the Minerva vote of the Grasshoppers.

The three who voted in Nuelle, voted in Bianca in the previous vote, and one of the reasons why they did this, is because the girls are allies. The reasons that they declare in time to vote has not much to see, unless these are really serious reasons. These 3 votes were highly strategic and were intended to forcing Simões to choose his opponent in the opposing team. Thus, the reader can already note that Haysan, Natália and Thyago are playing heavy, without any personal consideration. Harassment of Thyago against Flavia is also game, but the girl from Minas is also smart. In fact, a legend says that there is no stupid citizen born in Minas.

In the team Ants, if two of the three votes on Gaby went to Isis, or if only one of them went to Isis, Flávia or Carril, the tie of Angelis most likely would be in favor of Gaby, and Simões could very well choose any of them, because they are of the opposing team. Sacramento and Isis are not blacklisted from Angelis (much less Gaby and Raphael), but the rest are!

Gaby, Karine, Isis, Bianca, Simões and Angelis, were at that time among the favorites in polls of blogs and websites to win the program. So, I see no inconsistency in saying that 4 of the most deserving to win the program ran the risk of going to the fields, considering that Angelis had no such risk, and two of them actually went to the hot seat. Besides those mentioned, there is one more person who also, in my view, deserves to win, but was not voted by anyone.

Moreover, the preferences are not static and vary over the course of the program, including my personal preferences. For this reason, we should not rush and hit the hammer in favor of A or B, or to discredit anyone, for now. Too much water will still roll for this mill until we have a winner. One my favorite at the moment is a woman, but there’s no guarantee that she reaches the Final or the victory in this RS, so full of falsehoods, failures, lies and partialities in all areas. When I like a person as contestant does not necessarily mean that I think deserves to win the RS and when I find it most worthy, does not mean that is who I like best. There is a thing called justice which is above the heart.

In my view a score 71-29 not set a tight race or fierce, and the presenter lost a good opportunity to shut up about it. Lying is not in the rules and contract terms. To guess, neither. I know! Making mistakes is human and some people do not lie, fool themselves or are deceived!

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Who wants exclusive opinions or information may write to the email address below or send DMs on Twitter. I only divulge information or opinions that I consider correct and/or timely, and, since I have data or formed an opinion, logically.


Period 03 (08/11 to 15/11)

Voting Day 13/11/2012.

Immunized by the program – Angelis and Raphael.

Holds the Minerva vote of the team of the Grasshoppers – Angelis.

Simões -4 (Haysan, Flávia, Bianca and Karine).
Haysan -3 (Simões, Raphael and Angelis).
Karine – 2 (Carril and Dan).
Gaby   – 2 (Natália and Isis).
Sacra  – 2 (Halan and Thyago).
Natália – 2 (Gaby and Nuelle).
Nuelle – 1 (Victor).
Carril   – 1 (Sacra).

Nuelle  – 3 (Haysan, Natália and Thyago).
Karine  – 2 (Bianca and Halan).
Bianca – 1 (Angelis).
Halan   – 1 (Karine).
Natália   -1 (Nuelle).
Haysan  -1 (Simões).

Gaby -3 (Dan, Ísis and Victor) – Indicated by Simões.
Sacra -2 (Flávia and Carril).
Ísis   – 1 (Gaby).
Flávia -1 (Raphael).
Carril  -1 (Sacra).

Hot Seat – Gaby x Simões.

Winner – Simões (71%)



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