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A Fazenda (The Farm) is produced from a RS format among the most popular from the Swedish producer Strix. It was sold to over 40 countries, mostly European. In the Americas, only Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Dominican Republic presented editions from this Reality. The main European countries, or almost all, have regular editions from this format, including the UK, Germany and France.

The format includes two versions: one with ordinary people and other with celebrities, the second being a bit more common with few differences. Chile aired an edition in 2005 only with women. The format of The Farm was originally created by Strix and produced in association with Sony and Endemol.

Map of World presence of Endemol.

Map of World presence of Endemol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Norway and Brazil are the countries with the highest number of editions so far (according to Wikipedia).

Fazenda de Verão logo.jpgA Fazenda de Verão (English: The Summer Farm) is a spin-off of the standard edition A Fazenda (but with the participation of ordinary people and not celebrities), where people vote for the contestants remain, instead of being evicted from the property in Itu. The voting method and a weekly duel to determine which team will be Grasshoppers or Ants are part of the format, and it is a proposal that should not change in the course of the transmission. In my mind I think it is wrong, because this process should be reserved for times when the contestants come together in plots to eliminate specific rivals, and to be used with more than two options for the selection of the public.

“Shacks”, confusions and misunderstandings are everyday realities and should not be elevated to the rank of major ingredients to arouse interest in RSs. The main focus in an RS should be the deserving participants to win the top prize or the secondary ones. If you want to be an appreciator of the genre, should keep that in mind.

Someone would say that this process would not prevent the best person to win the ultimate prize, but it happens that will enhance the exit of the best people prematurely. Thus, they are prevented from contesting the smaller prizes throughout the duration of the program. If there were no such smaller prizes, would be indifferent this methodology of positive vote with only collisions between pairs of contestants.

The risk you run is to reach a stage of the program in which one contestant is a good person, surrounded by villains with his pockets packed with prizes, while the most deserving people have not had a chance to win these, and were sentenced to remain unknown to the public. The name of this is injustice!

Another risk is that none of the finalists can be more deserving than those who have already left, because events inherent to gambling can raise an evil character to the hero category, which will then be quickly forgotten by the public.




It’s okay to a certain extent, that in the view of the leaders of the TV, the winner does not get famous for winning the top prize. One of these leaders has held that an RS (this kind) is not to reveal talents and another said that it is not to make someone famous. But what is being discussed is the smoothness of the format and the justice embedded in its proposal. These two points go into space with these postures. It is pure hypocrisy from those who do not have a shred of a sense of justice and are only interested in currency symbols from sponsors, while they “do not care” to the desires of the audience. This is the main cause of audience loss in relation to the beginning of the program. The public will not be interested in villains winning cars and other prizes more than in justice. These awards are only good for the villains want to stay as long as possible, even knowing that will not reach the Final or they will not win the top prize, and also serve to not they be depressed, have a secondary goal and thus not “throw in the towel”, because dropouts discredit the program.

That is: they (the makers) are only concerned with the level of audience and hence with the corresponding currency symbols.

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