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Discontinuity 1

portuguese: logo da Rede Globo.

portuguese: logo da Rede Globo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lizard, Villain and Heroine

From now on I shall speak of discontinuity as promised and, in parallel, also will speak about Angelis, because it is already clear to everyone that she is the protagonist of this crummy RS.

On TV there are many types of discontinuities. It is a problem caused by amateurs. In Brazil and in parts of the developing world, the part of professionals is flawed in some “tricks” questionable (among which the discontinuities), according to which, believe these “experts” that will increase the audience of the channel or of a specific program, such as an RS, for example. But are mistaken as the audience becomes more clarified! This happens (clarification) much faster with the people than with the makers themselves of the TV entertainment.

As has already said, there will more than a century, the great Abe Lincoln, you can fool some for awhile, but you can not fool many for long. These stratagems used by them end up resulting in one shot in the own foot.

When starting the Big Brother all this disrespect they are doing with Internet users will result in the emptying of the Reality of them. Nobody will want to spend time watching the coverage such so misguided, rather than leaving to attend the 4, 5 or more direct channels made available online by the Globo TV.

Português: Sede da TV Globo Brasília.

Português: Sede da TV Globo Brasília. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result, what they wanted will not happen. Nobody will want to watch videos compressed of them in the daily evening program, and the audience will plummet. The Globe thanks so much incompetence. I can watch up to 3 different RSs simultaneously, but you know what? I’ll probably watch just 3channels from one of them. Guess you who!?

The incompetence is such that only an example suffice to demonstrate: A few weeks ago appeared a small lizard in the chicken coop, which ended up injuring the wing of a chicken. Dan was the first to answer the call of the alert tone, but the coward was paralyzed with fear to drive out the Animal and protect the chickens bustling. Then he was exaggerating the dimensions of the animal. Another fact, days later, probably involving the same lizard, happened on the porch of the house. I watched a third event that occurred on the porch involving Natália which I intend to approach only in other occasion.

Where’s incompetence? Any other director of a RS would explore more the fact lizard x Chicken, considering that they exhibited so sensationalist images of the animal aggression. They did not say one line about the chicken wound then, and I have not seen any comment or picture about this episode in relation to the chicken. Probably this was eaten with baked potatoes and manioc by Clébis or some other gluttonous and they put a stone on the subject. If they have no regard for netizens or the contestants, how could they have for a simple and obscure chicken? Many would like to know what was the fate of the poor bird, not for pity, but by simple curiosity at least, that the incompetents not have the sensitivity to satisfy. These are simple facts that depict well the kind of people who want to entertain us with a RS.

The discontinuity above is of the “incompetence” type. Another discontinuity can be easily noticed when a participant speaks or starts to say something important that could result in a “good” video edited. The live scene is “cut” to other scenes that have nothing to do and the internaut stays “in the air”, without knowing the conclusion of the conversation. This is a “muffles the case” type, and is also incompetence, because nothing prevents it from being seen live in R7 and then edited in the compact daily by the same people. When the editing presents the scene in another context, different or contrary to normal actually occurred, is called “directionism”. The same scene concealed can be inserted into others, to benefit or discredit specific contestants, and is called “directionism interferent”. This is absolutely criminal. This Farm Summer is full of stuffs like that.


This contestant is not the dream candidate of the broadcaster to win the Reality, as we can see, and the reason I think so is because of the profusion of denigrating news on the official website and the boycott of their images in relation to the other participants in the “live” (which, unlike live, is very “dead”). But if she is the favorite of the public, why not show to her with a higher frequency? The answer is: by incompetence! For a questionable smartness to book the girl for compact daily, seeking wider audience and at the same time, to denigrate her with greater ease.

“04/12/2012 22h41 (23h01 Updated 04/12/2012)
Thyago sighs: “Now the house is split between men and women”
In the gym, the men detonated the publicist”

Angelis has discovered what is the strategy of Dan and this is the cause of his fury. The fool’s Thyago think will conquer Flávia, but she is “dragging a tram” by Dan. Indeed, Flavia is playing in the traditional feminine way, and the harassment of Thyago now turned a nuisance for her.

“05/12/2012 7:35 a.m. (8:10 a.m. Updated 05/12/2012)
Angelis has no fear: “I want to go snapping one by one here”
Before the vote, advisor already predicted that would be indicated.
Realizing that her potatoes were baking again Angelis was very clear in stating that men represented the greatest danger to their stay, but showed no fear.
– I want to go snapping one by one here. “

Men are forming a sort of “boys’ club” where no girl enters. They are scared shitless of going to the field against Angelis and are getting rid of the others women in confinement through the placement of Angelis in the hot seat against them. If the girls do not unite, only two or one will be left to tell the story.

“09/12/2012 2:43 a.m. (5:10 a.m. Updated 09/12/2012)
09/12/2012 3:01 a.m. (5:11 a.m. Updated 09/12/2012)
Without the company of Angelis, Haysam cries in the hot tub”

As explained below, the editor of the news talk about things that only he saw or is inventing. Is he trying to “sell” the “sensitivity” of the “little saint” Haysam sharply, while they deny us the images that are inside of the house (with the entrance of FOL). Probably will come around edited videos with the “vision” of them.

“If I get in this RS I would get(, me) to unite (with) angelis and attacking Dan(.) everything else would come up (to me) hauahuahauhauahauh (and) I’d take out them all(.) who get up do it (and) attack the “BOSS” here yeah we would see the union of them …”

In this fifth category of Reality anybody knows what to do and what strategy to use, because of the ridiculous rules and the factious participants.

At dawn on Sunday (09/12), right after the combining of Haysam and Angelis go to the Jacuzzi, entered the FOL, and remained “sausage stuffing” to beyond 8 am, at which time I gave up waiting. I’m completely bored with the repeats “ad nauseam” of scenes out of sequence and hear the participant zootechnical Fernanda explain how to care for birds, rabbits, the plantation of vegetables, and to show to the contestants, “the 3 gaits into the horse”! I hope they have not made this special transmission of the FOL only for me. I would be tremendously “flattered”!

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