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“10/12/2012 8:01 a.m. (8:04 a.m. Updated 10/12/2012)

Participants recharge energies after night full of surprises and revelations”

At last, they reported at least once, that all confined are sleeping! Phew!

After exceeded the 40 days of confinement, the masks begin to fall and some literally plummet. Thyago already collapsed, Flavia and Dan are on track to plummet if they engage in a “romance.” Natália and Victor are in the process of unmasking. Haysam is showing is that the gay burlesque he initially denied being, and that his homosexuality did not prevent him from being a “man”. He even staged an abandonment of the program to legitimize his attitude change.

If Angelis was a little woman “low”, typically coming from a small town in the interior, now is a great woman just because the public kept her in the Reality? Come on! Okay! We believe in your repentance. You Haysam, is a holy man, pure, sensitive and innocent!

The program “sold” these images of the abandonment of Haysam in costumed videos to express different things from the truth in the program on Monday (10). These images were denied live in the R7 mentioned in the previous review titled “Discontinuity 1”. Some sources reported that he was convinced not to leave the program by psychologists.

I did not believe in it, but they say that in every rumor there is always a shred of truth. Since no one saw what happened live, we can not believe in anyone, and especially in the version or “vision” of the show’s producers. The assembly of “soap opera” not marries with RS, except in tone funny, without intent to deceive the audience! Suspicious movements of lack of fairness are observed. Where is this going?

When someone is honest, is honest at all times, and not in a certain place, or occasion, or medium. If you are not honest to show a live situation, you may not want to be believed when presenting your version of the facts of that situation which only you watched. This is true both in relation to an individual, as is true for a vehicle of communication. Furthermore, a proposal must be fully accomplished, not just by half or in part. Live transmission to 24 hours is broadcast live 24 hours a day, and not with the display of edited videos in between, frequent and daily cuts and other “creatures”, including advertisements.

That’s what results to “sell” a RS with the encouragement of the game. Turn a paltry entertainment, without another attraction, that will soon tire the audience. The program in these cases not endure, nor the time originally planned, nor promises to be repeated in future editions. That is why the production twists very strongly so that arise “romances” between the participants, that is, they want the focus is not only on game or strategies.

RS is the reality of life. This is the focus! People love, hate, cheat, weep, cry, despair, laugh, emote real, and that’s what an RS of confinement must show! But should show honestly, without tricks, without makeup, without ulterior motives, without greed for money, no “tricks” dishonest to gather audience, competing fairly with other stations without wildness, and fairplay without arrogance, with elegance. Otherwise, it becomes fiction of very poor quality.

Now they are with the “pants on their hands” (or the saucer), begging for contestants not desist? They do this right, I agree, but why did not with the first dropouts? And if they did, why not release? Sure! Now, they can not to “stick” in the house an extra contestant because he will use everything he knows in his favor, right? Forbid him to speak all he knows it would be almost inconceivable, but it would be impossible to stop him from using what he knows, and no one could reproach him for it, right?

Now comes the question that remains, and that is stuck in my throat for a long time: why not have the same psychological assistance for Gretchen at F5, in a similar situation? It was why the exit of her interested to the program?

When we like a text, we want it to be long. When we do not sympathize with it for any reason, we think it is long. I choose the books I read for their content or the qualifications of the author. Not by the number of pages! Eventually I could not fully sustain this hobby, and that is why my texts are free. “At a given horse, not looking teeth.” You always have the option to not ride it or not tow it to your cart, right?

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