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Suspicious Movements

This commenter, who reports to the reader, so is fissured in RS that, which by fatigue, occasionally surrenders for short moments at a nap and, in those brief moments, dreams sometimes with contestants and situations in RSs, which are rolling in their screens.

The scenes that I will report then are from the Farm Summer for sure. I’m not sure what it is that has been transmitted from Itu or is oneiric images that are generated in my subconscious. The scenes consist in total of 4 “takes” greatly brief, and occurred in the last Weekend, logically after Natália winning the Duel Weekly of the program, and have won such envelope. The team Ants had already performed part of the tasks of that first part of the day and most were in the kitchen. Some members of the Grasshoppers were still asleep.

Take 1
Natália was seen leaving the dorm carrying the envelope and placed it in a container on the porch of the main house. Then she went back into the house.

Take 2
Appeared in sequence a scene showing a man wearing swimming trunks, carrying an object similar to an envelope in his left hand, walking from the balcony to some extent away from the house. The destination point in the scene was outside the camera lens and therefore it was not possible for me to see where he went or what he did with the object like an envelope. By the color of trunks and the physical aspect of man he seemed to be Victor. Not could for I distinguish perfectly, because the image was shown by far in a type of take known as landscape infinite, which covers a large area of scenario.

Take 3
Seconds later (less than 20), appeared the same man walking in the opposite direction, toward the porch, carrying the same object in his right hand. I could not see if he placed the object in the container mentioned at the first take. The takes 2 and 3 were made with the same camera, static.

Take 4
Continuous act, Natália came out of the house, picked up the envelope at the container of the porch and entered the dorm with the envelope in her hands. End of the action!

All this could be “trickery” of the program or from the couple, or from all! Or, honestly, I can not explain the reason for such unusual movements! It is “surreal” too much for me! LOL.

The takes were shown in sequence and it looked like someone from the technical staff directed the transmission in order to watch the action. What was strange about all this is that Natália has not interacted with Victor in no time the two times she was near him. Another amazing thing is the putative envelope strangely made this little trip to an unknown point and return shortly thereafter, assuming, of course, that it was the same envelope.

The clear impression that we had is that Natália put the envelope in the container and, immediately after, Victor took it, walked to a spot away from the house, where he delivered it with his left hand to someone or deposited at some place or just violated it, caught or not another envelope with his right hand in this place or from someone, came back to the porch and placed it in the container. Immediately after that, Natália left the house, picked up and carried it back to the dorm. All the action with all 4 takes lasted no more than 10 minutes. Very strange!

If any reader has seen the same things, or recorded, I request that you contact or give your testimony, otherwise I keep thinking I’m crazy or something. Everything seemed too real to be a dream or a hallucination.Thumbnail for version as of 17:39, 9 May 2005

Whether or not just a dream, I refer to the analysis and conclusions of the readers, to reflect how convenient for the RS, and the couple, was mounted in that fields Tuesday, day 11/12, long awaited by fans of RSs. Strangely, Natália has not shown much curiosity in conversations regarding the contents of the envelope, which would be unusual and, at the time of voting, acted in a very safe way, arguing with ease and aplomb. Let’s hope that only I have seen it, or have actually been only a dream! LOL.

Since this episode, I have watched with more attention to Natália and Victor and I could not extricate myself from my suspicions. I decided to do that surveillance to the couple, and at the same time, be alert to know if anyone else saw what I saw, and these, are the reasons for the delay in making this report, but I made veiled references to this episode between the lines.

My attitudes about a book are the same before any text. Not distinguish size considerations. To me what matters is the content, whether short or long. Just make exceptions, and reluctantly, in relation to technical reports at work, or in memos to “chiefs” and executives lazy ted to “busy”. Of course, nobody wants to be fired from a job for working too much. Other than that …

“Laurita December 13, 2012 02:17”
I apologize to some readers if I harming susceptibilities, but that was not my intention and did not drive indirect or direct words to anyone or quoted names. In real, nobody’s spokesman for nobody (least of all, me, which I’m only an “opinionist”), nor leading fans in RSs. Fan of RS is just like any other fan and has no special features on the reading habit. This is characteristic of each individual or cultural level, regardless of groups or social segments, in my opinion. I never saw any social research related to this issue. I have readers who would like me to write books about it (RS) and maybe I’ll do that. Basically, everything are just opinions, including mine. There is a book (which I greatly desire to read) written in Spain about the issues of the first 10 years of Gran Hermano of them, which sells a lot and already has several reissues. But there, is another country, is not it? Fan of RS is no less worship because he enjoyed RS, and may even be the opposite, who knows? This still needs to be properly quantified. IBOPE, please … Disclose what you know or immerse in this matter!

“Anonymous December 13, 2012 09:00 (Angelica)
I agree ….
Thiago is not worth anything, but they put in the bill of him the votes in the past that they gave in to Angelis.
I hope he comes back from the fields and Angelis understand the message.”

Angelis is “on”, Angelica. She already knows that is accepted by the public. Just do not know yet if Raphael is really an ungrateful traitor. She is who will get more answers in this field. Thyago is not “flower that one smells” but had and has most evil villains and smarter than him in this RS. Angelis is reserved and anxious to know the decision of the public, though breathing relieved not to have gone to the field this time. Raphael must console himself with his Aline (of those who speaks so much) from repentance for not having accepted to be the “Big Black Man” of Angelis.

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