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Discontinuity 2

Time Zone and Sensationalism

The division of the Farm in two groups, one that works and one that does not, generates what we call discontinuity “time zone”. A new type of discontinuity. The team working all day wakes and sleeps early, and the other wakes late and stay up until 4, 5 o’clock in the morning, “causing”. In Realities always has a personal that loses control of the biological clock and ends up changing the day for night.

When the format or its rules misapplied favor an unequal distribution of stress and workload this problem worsens and becomes a “headache” for production. In the case of Farm Summer the division of labor (or not their distribution) between teams, creates a second problem, when occurs the inversion of workloads and then causes a tension higher among participants, causing them to not withstand confinement (case of Simões and Haysam, for example). With respect to the viewer, the result is the discontinuity “time zone” caused by the asynchrony of the time zone. One can also say that the cause is incompetence.

The need to always have new images for the daily summaries for each day becomes unenforceable and tends to worsen with decreasing the number of participants, and the result again is sacrificing exhibition ‘live’ where they choose to not display anything, or showing “dead scenes”, while other scenes are recorded to use in the editing videos to be presented in daily summaries and into interventions of the presenter.

In other words, the irritation of Internet users tends to increase, and hence, the drop of the audience of the daily summaries on open TV! It is no coincidence that many netizens fans only watch the programs on Tuesdays and Thursdays (voting and elimination), and some not so, where, they merely check the blogs and sites that cover the Reality, to see whether something has improved and it is only! The discontinuity “time zone” is characterized by:

1 – Denial of live images, replaced by “dead scenes.”

2 – Pseudo justice in an attempt to equalize the exposure of the two teams of contestants performed with technical staff from different shifts of work.

3 – The entrance, meaningless, of the FOL during daily summaries not showing live images and during conflicts or events that could be exploited for sensationalism to attract audience.

In summary, the villain in this whole thing is the FOL, because without it the discontinuity “time zone” would be much larger and more clearly show the incompetence and malice of them. A punishment stupid this morning (17) exposed the health of contestants when they were forced to sleep outside the house and, by chance, a real downpour fell from the sky and, even then, they did not show the images of Angelis, preferring to show “dead scenes”. I could hear clearly that, before the rain, she was awake and interacting with other contestants through the microphones of those being focused and inert in their improvised beds. What I hated in all this was I be obliged to increase the volume of the speakers and then debug the sound to understand what she was talking, and I running the risk of waking the neighbors. The more they refuse to show the favorites of the Internet audience, the audience falls over, and I do not know how they do not realize it! Is incompetence too!

They do communications through sound speakers when it is necessary, but when it is convenient for them, stop doing it and they think nobody is noticing. This is also discontinuity, such as “hypocrisy”. From time to time they forget the microphones and speakers open and all the web hear. It’s funny to see that they do not realize they are playing the stupid and incompetent.

Angelis commented that “it is no use take care not to take punishments”, because “when they want, always they punish” without anything that might make the poor contestants. I had not yet “plugged” in this, but I see now that it is true. The procedures, rules and regulations are so stupid and complex that even a contestant very disciplined and careful, would not be able to carry them out.


´05/11/2012 21h51 (22h13 Updated 05/11/2012)
“You will be surprised at my chutzpah”, says Haysam on voting day´
´06/11/2012 00h14 (Updated 6/11/2012 1:25 a.m.)
“I can only see evil in you. You’re not true, I can not look in your eye”, Haysam fires in Claudia
Choreographer hears harsh words during activity in the main house´
“07/11/2012 11h06 (Updated 07.11.2012 15:25)

Miss Congeniality (film)

Miss Congeniality (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– I do not agree with you turn Miss Congeniality just because was to the field (talking to Claudia)”
“06/11/2012 1:12 a.m. (1:34 a.m. Updated 06/11/2012)
Haysam receives Claudia for reckoning in the dorm of the house
Advertiser explains his feelings against gaúcha”

This fixation of Haysam against Claudia already configured persecution. Hate Free is one of the worst defects of the human being and this has turned obsession. He was “patrolling” the girl and seemed to want to prevent she made friendship with other people. He had a big job to “make the head” by some, and would not have the same job again. Claudia tried several times to break the bad impression she caused on Haysam but it seems there was no way. It was a clear case of free antipathy.

Such sequence of denigrating news of Claudia made by the site, explains why they protected Bianca in this fight with Angelis, at least until they terminate the votes of the audience between Claudia and Bianca in the second field, cleverly (but not imperceptible by experienced eyes) shifting the focus of the fight to appear to be only between Haysam and Angelis [another case of hatred free of the “lacraia (centipede)”].

“07/11/2012 11h12 (Updated 07.11.2012 16:55)
Claudia is comforted, but does not conform with this fighting: “What has this guy with me?”
On the morning of Wednesday, she (Claudia) quarreled ugly with Haysam Ali, and showed shattered after the fight.
– What has this guy with me?”
News tendentious. There was no fighting and who was rude was Haysam against her, with extreme lack of education, based on assumptions and misperceptions. The campaign of denigration resulted in the elimination of the model by the difference of only 1.6% (50.8 versus 49.2%). It was all manipulation and this is the cause of the revolt of the audience which breathed Angelis with their protection and preference to punishing production. This is the reading that they should do!

“08/11/2012 1:14 a.m. (1:50 a.m. Updated 08/11/2012)
Climate boils between Haysam and Angelis during Summer Party
Among many curses Haysam screamed for Angelis go back to her hometown.
– You corny! Go back to your city, my daughter! Go to the fields with me, so you will see, dear! Go back to college. You b … Looow!
Gabriela, who was nearby, also gave her screams regarding Angelis.
– Is wanting attention. She want’s it! “

“10/11/2012 18:35 (Updated 10/11/2012 18h46)
“You jump from branch to branch”, says Haysam to Gabriela
– You jump from branch to branch here. Comes to me and says that loves me and does so with a lot of people. People can interpret it in a negative way.”
Another patrol. Haysam intended to force people to like who he liked and hate whom he hated.

“21/11/2012 00h12 (00h28 Updated 21/11/2012)
Haysam is outraged at the curse of Angelis, and cries
Spokeswoman calls promoter of gay in live program”
“Crocodile tears”. The force that these people do for “burn” a person gets to be comical. If he was not “the gay of the house”, I’m Martian.

“17/12/2012 2:00 a.m. (5:12 a.m. Updated 17/12/2012)
Isis and Karine talked in the pantry on the joke made by Angelis who woke everyone early on Monday (17)”
This on waking is a lie. It happened a little sooner and hardly anyone was still asleep, and besides, is not the habit of the majority to be asleep at that time. Only the stubborn sleepyhead Karine (and perhaps Manu) could actually be (almost) sleeping.

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