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Discontinuity 3

Silent Movies

Silent Movies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silent Movies

To be credible the edited videos must be evidenced by a minimum content displayed online live, but the simulacrum of live coverage is evident even in the eyes of any “nonsense”. It would be the height of absurdity show in the edited videos in the compact daily only scenes that were not shown live on the site. If that’s what they want, then it is better to abolish the live coverage, so that the Internet audience is not accused of complicity with what they are doing and do not get upset just by watching crap who is not interesting to watch and being focused relentlessly. The public will vote in the fields then only in accordance with the vision and preference of directors, becoming “combined” tacitly that it is all just fiction, manipulation (commandism) and “directionism”.

It seems that FV (Farm Summer) is only a program “stop-gap” to justify the lease of the property where the normal editing is performed with celebrities, given the poverty of the scenarios and economy in expenditure. That would explain all the discontinuity that is going on, with the FOL to disguise. The transmission of images without sound is another type of discontinuity (“Silent Movies”), sometimes observed in RSs in exchanges of technical personnel shifts simultaneously on TV stations of second category (or even not being the case here, because of obsolete equipment). It is best to deliver the Farm On Line (FOL) for Itu or abolish it once and for all and leave them with the “Hot Banana” in their hands, so they are definitely sinking or are they more professionals.

Logo of Rede Globo since 2008, designed by Hans DonnerWith obsolete equipment, the removal of the sound is caused, or purposely made (for compact daily) when are recorded scenes which are being broadcast simultaneously live. In the Globo this can be observed, sometimes, on Pay-Per-View. I already complained that with my service provider of Cable TV and they claimed that the problem was in the generation of images. I checked later that this happened also, and simultaneously, with other providers of Cable TV. Now I have two (providers) to resolve such cases.

Cable tv

Cable tv (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“18/12/2012 8:32 a.m. (9:20 a.m. Updated 18/12/2012)
Know the people who, for some, did not enter the Farm Summer”
Based on the characteristics of the candidates refused, one realizes that the profile preferred by production was the players. Bad choice and bad decision!

When they prefer players, and manifest, later, preferably by them early on, blew the RS. Production, at least learn this lesson: be scrupulously exempt and not express preferences, especially at the beginning of an issue. If these preferred “walk on the ball” with the public, this discounts against the production. If they persecute someone, the public protects them! The damage caused is not extinguished during the time of the issue and the public does not forget so quickly!

“paula December 20, 2012 09:37
for who was calling raisan gay look there who’s gay in the home at least it is curious how the masks are falling little by little that is why they do not show much both. but yesterday in the party I saw the two kissing.”

Angelis said explicitly “the (man)” gay of the house. She had already stated before in an activity that had kissed other girls and that she would still be virgin! Angelis can have all the defects, but has a prodigious memory and is not a liar. At least I have not noticed it! About the kiss in the party, it may even be fact, but I confess I did not see, and the production has not yet decided to “open wide” it, at least until the time that I write this text (20/12/12 16:00).

“Anonymous December 20, 2012 14:20
well I do not think they do not show t (to) not hinder her cause (because) it is more than clear that they want to burn the image of angelis
yesterday at the beginning of the edition began with rodrigo faro calling her (Angelis) “The biggest manipulator of the game”
H. Igor”

I agree with you, Igor H. I disagree with those who think that disclosure of explicit images of a lesbian relationship would be detrimental to Angelis. Once this matter began to be ventilated in the media, preferences for Angelis and Manu in web polls have only grown. The data below in the poll of Votalhada, show that:

Days —->15       16       17      18      19      20/12
Angelis 46.26 49.28 47.16  50     51.21 52.09%
Manoella 8.72   9.39 10.06 10.53 10.66 11.63%

(Together the two climbed 9 points (8.74%) in five days).

AngelisReprodução/Rede Record

“27/11/2012 7:21 a.m. (7:40 a.m. Updated 27/11/2012)
“I’ll make a scandal depending on who vote for me”, says Haysam”
He was using all possible illicit means, including intimidation, to stay in the RS or to avoid going to the fields. He does not mind having bad or good fame, if it is fame. Haysam still thought Angelis was weak.

“01/12/2012 1:12 a.m. (1:56 a.m. Updated 01/12/2012)
Haysam makes crazy request to the friends of the reality
Promoter wants to face Lucas Barreto on the fields
– If I ask, you vote for me? I really want to go to the fields with him [Lucas].”
He saw an opportunity to strengthen himself to face Angelis later. This may just be a “game scene” to “appear”, because Sacra said he was not a man to sit in the “small stool” beside Angelis. Haysam knew that the rookie (Lucas) was immune this week and also that the public knew it. I would bet that in the next few weeks he would run away from any fields like a coward rat if he were still in the RS. Some contestants are in the Reality just aiming to stay as long as possible and Haysam was one of them, but could not withstand the pressure because of a psychological problem.

“09/12/2012 18h38 (18h44 Updated 09/12/2012)
Happy with the resolution of the problem, Angelis has declared to the frog!
– I saved your life, thrush!
After a day very calm, this was perhaps the busiest time of day in the reality.
When Thyago commented that he was disgusted with in the frog, Angelis was categorical in her comment.
– I have no disgust of animal. I have disgust of human being.”
At least for some people, I agree. Angelis just showed that she is more “man” than that of the house.

“11/12/2012 9:42 a.m. (Updated 12.11.2012 10:55)
Haysam Ali is no longer in the house. What is it rolled?
You will see how everything happened in the program tonight. Do not miss it! ”
“Everything” is an exaggeration, right, editor? Simply he lit the fuse of the bomb and quickly slipped away. He thought that eliminating the main “enemy” of Angelis in his group, he would redeem with her. That is out of the question when she attend the recordings of what he said from behind of her.

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