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Victor x Karine

Patricia Pereira January 2, 2013 08:47
“…Faro, we received your message of manipulation when you said at the end of the program that polls do not win RS…”

Carrine committed the same mistakes and will cry for the same reasons that Karil. Freshly entered the game and “let the shuttle fall”! When the body does not think, is the head that suffers! or is it the heart? I think I’m changing everything! LOL! This usually occurs when I get without muse.

My muse decided to get into the game. I urgently need another, otherwise nothing will come out of my keyboard to tell readers to. Or is my mind? As Victor said, “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Well, the phrase is not of him, but he has been the one who pointed this in confinement.

When Angelis was shot in that vote, in which she received 14 votes (whole house), she was discouraged to work, but still fulfilled the obligations. Now, Ísis decreed labor strike because she was pre-indicated by her Group. She is finding how “good” feel like a “punching bag” or as “the last cookie from the package”! Let’s see if someone will come up to say she is “ma´am, lazy, baby girl of mommy and pampered”. Mean then that she only worked so as not to be voted!?


“- The secret of the game is to not let the shuttle fall!”

In my opinion, the contestants must go to vote with 3 or 4 options to vote, but it seems that some have only one or two. If they intended to vote in Angelis and / or Raphael for soon, should have more options since they could be and were immunized.

“14/11/2012 14h37 (15h24 Updated 14/11/2012)
Quite depressed, Karine sings and cries on the couch”
Solitude. It is a disease that attacks particularly people who do not know how to choose good friends. Karine has maturity for some things, but for her age, yet not well known people with ease.

“05/12/2012 1:58 a.m. (9:47 a.m. Updated 05/12/2012)
Gaúcha and mineira say that the confined are playing
Karine agreed and stood up a hypothesis about the fight that occurred at the beginning of the Tuesday night (4).
– Dan and Carril discussed with Angelis right on top of the vote just to have a pretext to vote for her to serve as an excuse. It seems that they created this conflict on purpose. They are playing a lot.”

“09/12/2012 1:44 a.m. (Updated 9/12/2012 5:09 a.m.”
I find it interesting that the favorites in Itu are not the same favorite contestants at the official website. Those who are boycotted in the images are not the same that are depreciated on the site. The more they deny live images of the favorites in the polls, plus the “darlings” of them sink in the rankings of preferences. The more they try to “burn” the favorites of the public, the more they rise.

“18/12/2012 7:01 a.m. (8:56 a.m. Updated 18/12/2012)
With right to drinks and challenge, participants become excited in activity”
Karine was the winner in my opinion. After some defections they finally realized that they needed to relaxing a little the pressure on the confined. This is a delicate question and, if managed skillfully, the RS can take off.

“20/12/2012 4:55 a.m. (4:59 a.m. Updated 20/12/2012)
“It is not why I’m not going with your face”, says Karine to Carril”
Despite the inexperience, Karine correctly assessed the personality of Carril.

“26/12/2012 13h38 (14h59 Updated 26/12/2012)
“If Natália leave I will not understand anything”, says Karine”
Karine is very hardheaded. Who knows, she learns to better select friends after the verdict of the public?

“28/12/2012 14h58 (17h12 Updated 28/12/2012)
After fight, Karine shoots: “If I have to go with Angelis to the fields, I go”
– While Angelis not take this award, she is no better than anyone else.”
This is pure “nonsense”. One thing has nothing to do with each other. The money does not make someone be better, and maybe even be the opposite, in a worst case.

Ranking: Ísis, Victor, Thyago, Flávia, Manoella, Angelis, Dan


“I’m just doing my role, how many times have you shot for “eat” a woman, here is different, here is love?”

“11/11/2012 5:42 a.m. (5:54 a.m. Updated 11/11/2012)
Victor Hugo says he was shocked by the falsity of some colleagues”
Not the only one. Out here, there are also many shocked at such shamelessness, dissimulation, and hypocrisy.

“04/12/2012 1:23 a.m. (1:42 a.m. Updated 04/12/2012)
Victor charges Natália and she explains herself
Model said the student has attitudes of kid”
One of the things I find ridiculous is the audacity of the site to show edited videos shown on daily summary with content previously shown live at R7, like new matter. The intention is to always denigrate or promote someone. They must think they are communicating with beings from other planets, aliens. The repetition of scenes in the last compact daily of the year has been a “must”.

“11/12/2012 12:35 (Updated 11/12/2012 12h42)
In conversation with Angelis, Victor reveals his vote for the next fields
Surfer ensures not indicate the spokeswoman to the spotlight”
He wants to bargain votes. Probably will exchange shots with her in the group. Victor is characterized by vote carelessly. He has no personal consideration by anyone, even by his affair (Natália) on Reality. He knows massaging the ego of women according to each type and is a “chicken”.

“14/12/2012 5:08 a.m. (5:16 a.m. Updated 14/12/2012)
“It is not I’m chicken. ‘s that I’m cold”, says Victor”
Victor is a “chicken”, but he does not know what it is a man “chicken”!

“20/12/2012 17:30 (Updated 20/12/2012 17h36)
Thyago bet: “Next week, one of the two [Dan and Flávia] go to the fields”
At poolside, entrepreneur and Victor are already talking about next elimination
Victor, hearing the friend’s outburst, was sincere about the strategy used in the last elimination.
– In the latter fields we played bravo! Come tell me that someone voted with the heart! The difference is that our gun had six bullets.”

“21/12/2012 00h33 (00h43 Updated 21/12/2012)
– She (Angelis) is true. You have to take your hat off to her.”

Ranking: Thyago, Dan, Karine, Ísis, Manoella, Flávia, Angelis

9th Fields Karine X Victor – Partial – 09:30

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