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The Voice of the People is the Voice of God

When you do not feel affinity for a contestant and at the same time, you feel sympathy for another, without knowing exactly explain why, consider the following thesis: does the x of the problem, or the explanation, is in them or in you? The empathy is like a semi-cleared trail, where you do not feel safe or suspects is following in the wrong direction. Look in more detail the way, and with more attention, to properly follow to the destination.

Statements that polls do not win RS or do not reflect the public will, fall into the turpitudes of those who wish to impose their own arguments and preferences. It is not legitimate for the production of an RS conduct public preferences according to their empathic inclinations through induction, edited videos, defamatory campaigns or apologies through promotional videos.

Instead, the road is one-way, and is the production who must accept and follow the trends of the public and treat to be impartial, without flatter this audience and without counteracting this, while acting with fairness and justice. Public confidence is gained with transparency and impartiality, because the main purpose is to educate, entertain and at the same time, earn money and prestige with this business, and all, advertisers, the station and the public remain happy.

Public preferences are like a certificate of good repute. When you think differently from the majority, does not mean that you are more original or has more reason and personality. This is possible, but it is rare. When this happens the person is immediately recognized and rises over the others. The important thing is to be humble and honest not only with others, but also and especially with yourself. A smart approach would be to form an independent opinion and be aware of the majority opinion. Where there are discrepancies, examine yourself and others with close attention and find out why.

Self-esteem is not an asset for foreign consumption, but for yourself. However, we must not confuse self esteem with arrogance and pride. The ego is always our greatest enemy. When you consider yourself superior or better than others or someone, can even be true, but it is never yourself who should reach that conclusion about yourself. The lack of modesty is never a quality, though not meant to be arrogance but almost always is. The qualities and the good attributes do not admit extremes explicit or presumed, unless we speak of God and of the saints or what is sacred!

Self-promotion is an ugly defect, especially in a RS, where we all know that the contestants are eager to appear and be visible. This is a detail that needs to be watched carefully. The attitudes to appear must be distinguished from natural attitudes, spontaneous, and is not very easy to detect that. There’s a phrase that I like to repeat: Act so that your presence is not noticed, but your absence is felt, and lamented.

A winner of one RS need not be a saint. Do not even have be a good person. Suffice that is better than their competitors and that is what we must judge. A previous winner can always be beaten on another occasion and a previous loser can be a winner. This is the law of life. People evolve, learn, specialize, and things are renewed, change and take on new aspects. People born, grow, live and write their stories, and always are emerging new situations, new directions, new fashions and new solutions.

In this mixed RS (BBB13), where people already known, are confronted with unknown, it is important to disregard what we know from outside the RS or the previous ones, and be interested to know the contestants before forming judgments. Same is the case when we hear or read over sympathies of famous by A or B. We must disregard the personal opinion of others, for more that this is authoritative, and form an own opinion, based on own personal observation.

Of course, people already known have fan clubs and fan groups, and these are already, somehow, fanaticized (generally speaking), but this should not be taken into consideration at the time of being fair. What matters is to see the performance of each contestant in confrontation with others in the RS which they participate. People change with time, some for better and others for worse, but overall, the essence remains and it is this that needs to be detected.

The assumptions above are valid for any RS, including The Farm Summer and BBB13. Nobody needs to to be a saint or infallible, just that he is the best among their peers. Nor will the critics of duty, saying they are reading between the lines of text that I have my preferences for A or B or preparing the ground for depreciate X or Y. At most I choose a muse for the sole purpose of having inspiration to write, but that does not mean she’s my favorite to win the RS or would be fair to win. One thing is one thing and another thing is something else.

Patrolling opinions and putting words in other people’s texts is a lousy defect of neophytes. What I have to say to anyone who does this is: read more carefully what is written and not try to guess the thoughts of the author or driving your tastes, or utter reproaches against opinions do not agree with yours. Unfortunately the communication does not work with telepathy and what is written, and only that, necessarily must still be understood as thoughts or opinions passed on to the paper or to a post.

If at any time match our tastes and opinions with anyone, it will not be because someone pressed us, and if it coincide almost always, will not tell us that we have no personality because of it. Opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to have their without disparaging anyone. That’s rude, and it’s offense. If someone wants to be mentioned in our texts in this blog, say something usable over RS, which is the subject of this blog, without taking advantage of the opportunity for we open spaces for anyone to express themselves freely to depreciate anyone, offend people or this blog or our people. You can always disagree with our opinions or anyone, but when your intention is free to disparage, offend, and is rude, will not have our support.

Civility and education are not in the words themselves, but in the placement and context. The problem with writing short texts, lies in a context that can not be defined in chopped sentences and filled with evil effects abbreviated or implied. You can write beautiful and innocent words saying horrible things, or vulgar, but at the same time will be revealing your predatory nature, anarchist or Hooligan. If you can not say sweet words, refrain from saying the bitter, because then you will be seen as a silly, Zoilus, fanatical or uneducated, and never an erudite and, most importantly, lose any reason that may have perhaps.

I think my attitude should be the attitude of any fan of RS, but I acknowledge that this is impossible, because people generally consider themselves owners of the truth and have no willingness to acknowledge that their opinion is only one of that make up the collective opinion, and in which I include my. Besides, I do not intend to influence anyone with my preferences and opinions and my posture should be understood as an opinion exclusively mine, and frankly, because in not being a desired positioning for all by me, it would not be sincere.

The same findings occur when speaking “viva voce”. No one can establish a context in a sentence, even more when you do not have a chance to correct the text of the speech for obvious reasons. A phrase spoken is like an arrow shot, after which can not be stopped. The damage that this causes will already be then defined. So, we should always use our two ears and two eyes before opening the only mouth that we have. In a text use and abuse of the rubber or the correction facilities from a computer, because the written text is more dangerous than the mindless spoken word and this can always be used against you, depending on what you write.

Some contestants of the BBB13 and The Farm Summer are not following far these precepts, and therefore, are paying and will pay for the damage they have caused or will cause. I already have everything I need annotated, and, to the few, I’ll releasing which I still have and still will keep stored on my hard drives.

In general, people who consider themselves different and unique from the others, they want everyone to be like them or think like them or have the same opinions as them, when they should in fact look fit into the societies in which they live or reexamine their positions.

Listed below are the six contestants who are at risk of forming the first big wall in this edition of BBB13, after the victory of the former group of BBBs in the Proof of the Leader on Thursday (10). Bambam is the first leader of the season and was smart in making himself a leader “in the scream” among his peers. Probably will not occur the “Proof of the Angel” in this week, because if that were so, would Bial announced to the public. Apparently, the production is trying to be as transparent as possible, to contrast with what they are doing on the Farm Summer

I only regret that they have decided to announce how would be the vote, after known the winner of the proof of the car. In my view they proceed as in the last edition, where there will always be people prevented from doing the Proof of the Leader in some way as a consequence of some proof, draw, or in games and extra activities. It is possible that the contestants can not also be leaders in consecutive weeks or opportunities.


15h11 08/01/2013
The sister Aline says she had a discussion with her fiance on the entry of her in the BBB13. The reason? The fear he has of she “being funny” with another person.

20h36 10/01/2013
Aline: ‘If you want to see me get angry is someone posting in English. I exclude’
That sounds strange for a Carioca. Or it may be evidence of bias or some tinge of xenophobia. The Carioca is a hospitable people and I disenchant in view of such a statement. She should, instead, thanks for an opportunity to learn a bit of English to help the city in upcoming events where we will have to welcome the world. Even the prostitutes are doing it!


“14h34 10/01/2013

‘Way mineirinho’ of sister captive heart of André: ‘Good conversation, good ideas’.”
The sister in question is Fernanda.


Aslan should not be voted in my opinion, because those who does it, this one runs the risk of being labeled as homophobic. All former BBBs will probably be exempt from doing so and he has a good relationship with the other newbies. Because they are inexperienced, they will try to defend themselves by voting in Aline, unless they are afraid of appear to be racist, or she is indicated by Bambam. In this case the second option will be the teacher Ivan. This is the situation until the end of dawn today, the 11th. André and Marien run a lower risk for now.


03h49 11/01/2013
“I do not know who is the person with whom you would compete … Anything can happen, but in my vision of the game, inside my little head … If you go to the Big Wall with whom I am thinking,” says Fernanda to Ivan, already making speculations on the first formation of Big Wall of the BBB13. The mineira gives the teacher a hug and says “Know that I want you to come back.”


02h40 10/01/2013
Ivan shoot: ‘I think Bambam should not have debauched’


05h31 11/01/2013
In Room Flea André goes to sleep while Aslan, Marien and Nasser divide bed and whisper. Aslan comments on their performance in the Proof of the Leader: “I arrived in the socks as if these were my socks, that’s what I did”. Marien highlights its concern: “This Big Wall will be the bone”.

The elimination of Flávia can be considered a defeat of the production, because the popularity of Angelis should rise like a meteor, especially now that they are promoting Manoella, because they feel that no one else is able to defeat the mineira leftovers. The fields between Manoella and Angelis is the only one that will give audience, losing interest the others, unless a new unexpected fact emerges. It is likely that all the machinations of production going forward will focus on this and the bad guys will have a chance to be, at least one or two of them, finalists. Contrary to what many think, the leave of Manoella not disrupt Angelis, but shall benefit her.

As I predicted in the beginning of this Reality, the good contestants would leave early and only one or two good people would go to the final. This is proof that sustain villains is not a guarantee that the audience will yield to a RS. Producers who think this are limited and do not really know what appeals to that specific audience of fans of RS. This message from the public has been given a long time ago, and I do not understand why they do not realize it. Reality is reality and fiction is fiction. There is no room to hypocrisy and to hide the truth nor “sell pig in a poke.”

The old formula of good guys against Indians or outlaws and gunslingers is over since the days of Durango Kid, Tarzan, John Wayne and Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller), to name only two characters and the stars of the last century. Even at that time, what the public wanted to see were the villains are defeated as soon as possible. Nobody wants to see a villain triumphing, or staying with his pockets stuffed with money, unless mentally deformed, or mitted to be intellectuals with exotic tastes.

Some fans say that Angelis is being sustained by fanatics, as if they were not there in their homes, fanatically, voting like crazy to rid the couple of women supposedly lesbian, and take at least one of them from the Reality. Hypocrisy is, in wanting to see them in action, and at the same time, do not accept that such a relationship exists. This is also morbidity. In no time they stopped to think that this kind of relationship can also be pure and forget what they do within the four walls of their rooms with their partners or alone and are afraid to do in public. I bet many of them would die of shame if they were exposed to the cameras and microphones of a TV, or not, right?

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