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Falling Star

Bambam was a great champion of the past. His pure soul, but troubled, has no place in modern RSs. His attitudes in this BBB13 seemed strange to me since the beginning. He seemed not to be interested in winning the RS, but only “CAUSE”, or, as he put it euphemistically, “play”. Had done so an incomplete translation of the English verb “to play”.

When he exempted up to rebut the charge of being ridiculous, made loud and live sound and in National Network TV, I knew that he really was not himself. I mean, was not the Bambam, champion of the BBB1. As Dhomini, he’s old, but his glory will remain, and his awards no one will ever take. Dhomini is even older, but is endowed with an acute intelligence, and is “giving a” teacher in Realities, at least in terms of BBBs.

But Bambam not have this attribute so developed. He was lost himself in his games, but had the lucidity to jump from the ship before the water invaded the cabins. Before there was time of the others to realize his weakness, he decided to preserve himself and keep what he had erected with much sacrifice and persistence. Yeah, Bambam! Farewell and rest in peace.

I was hoping that in raids of the production, they remember to choose a new ex-champion or a woman ex-champion. At this point it would not matter that he or she were a man or woman. I would suggest that in the second case additionally summon former contestants extras of opposite sex, who had not survived more than a week if there was time and opportunity to balance the number of participants by gender. Unfortunately they chose Yuri.

I would suggest that they abrogate the 5 “bucks” of the veteran number 5 for the post of leader in the open position by the Bambam exit. From what I observed, that would be Maroca. Consequently the other veterans gain one thousand more reais to be all right. That would be a tribute to Bambam. However, they did differently and Fani asked and was chosen by the other veterans for this post.

“HARD January 12, 2013 00:50

… coincidence would you cite Maroca and she being in first place in the polls? I doubt it, she is your Goddess now, and you will defend her with nails and teeth, as I had predicted.”

My muse for this edition is Kamilla and as a reserve, I choose to Maroca. That does not mean I want them to win the RS unless they prove they are worthy or that, according to the verdict of the jury (the audience), is an act of justice. I left to announce it just now, so shut up “certain mouths” (HARD-KILL, for example) and I doubt that they can point to, any reference mine prior in favor of Kamilla. If she had not won the Glass house, of course I’d be with Maroca. Regardless, the slips of them will be appointed by me, if succeed, as I did with respect to Karine.

“Anonymous January 12, 2013 15:03

The impression I get is that Hard – which I think is a woman – loves Frank Killer too much, and this attitude by constantly criticizing him, is simply the medium through which is to excel, and attract his attention.

Easy, Hard!

Livia Fs”

LOL!! You know I had thought the same thing? If you want, HARD, and if you are really a woman, you can write an email to me enclosing Full body photo. Maybe I accept you as my muse among readers and publish the photo in one of my posts. It would be an interesting idea! I would defend you “with nails and teeth”, but not your ideas. These, I believe belonging to the minds of every human being and mine of my mind only.

Come My Fanatics...

Come My Fanatics… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responding to an exalted reader

HARD left a new comment on your post “Impressions of Frank Killer: The Voice of the People is the Voice …“:

“That Frank Killer can only be” retarded functional “, it is not possible that he can think that Angelis might be the girl’s story, or is it or is blind, deaf and dumb, after allwhat she did he speak that has some villain in addition to her, Fanatical Mr. Frank Killer is someone like you who does not want see the flaws in your diva, and is trying to find and inventing errors on the opponents of her to defend her, I’m not fanatic about anything, for that you get an idea in Flavia I gave 20 votes to give a strength, but you know that there are crazy fanatics who spend the night voting on Angelis, and I think, or rather, I’m sure you also do this, like yours companions crazy fanatics, and I tell you one thing about the two gays of the house, if to feel nausea and want to vomit when I see your couple 20 with their depravities is being homophonic, then I have to confess, I do not like and do not want to see, I love really when the Record TV cuts these scenes, but we know who likes to see it is your fellow fanatics and you, yes for hypocrisy, because as I already said, if it were Haysam with another man, we would see a battalion of homophobes detonating them, and yes it is a shame that someone do fornication and depravity on TV, but it’s not for that which Angelis is the villain of the story, but I will not waste my time trying to explain it to a person fanatical.”

I do not vote on websites of RSs and I do not use phones for that. Also I do not own Call Centers and never hired one. In summary, to comment RSs with exemption I do not think it’s fair induce fans of any contestant in any RS with my preferences.

At best, I vote in polls when necessary, only in my muse, and just to get the results and be able to study them, and every time I do it, is only once. In short, I do not spend my time voting for contestants and it´s not because I think it would be wrong for other fans.

On the contrary I always encourage the fans to do so, ie, vote for the victory of his favorites, as many times as to find necessary in both polls and in the votes of the official sites of the RSs, on blogs and by phone, but I do not agree that depreciate the competitors.

You do not need to erase the torch to someone to excels your candle, and, as said Andressa of the BBB13, “Who needs a spotlight to illuminate themselves do not have proper light”.

What I say above is a defense, but I do not consider it necessary, and as well, I do not judge anyone who spends time voting is fanatic. Voter can be fanatic or not, depending on their attitudes and the number of times that votes.

The fanatical in this case is only those who disparage and depreciate others in order to benefit their favorite contestants voting as well often, without taking into account fair criteria and without preserving civility and respect in their assessments.

The reader above is a classic fanatic and the offenses which utters and the number of times he votes for the same person, defines his degree, because he confessed he voted 20 times “to give a force” to Flavia and is “homophonic” (Ahn! This is new to me!). Homophonic would be a kind of bias by the sounds produced by a gay couple dating? By context is the only definition that fits. For the originality, I get this confession!

The twenty times he confessed to having voted, in my view, define a fanatic, considering also the smear campaign that he has been making against the girlfriend (Angelis) of the other participant in the fields, the Manoella.

Fanatic Logo

Fanatic Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not for anyone prove to be innocent of an accusation. The onus of the proof lies with the accuser. In the case above it is evident who is fanatical and “retarded functional”.

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