“Anonymous December 14, 2012 08:45

You’re not crazy, no! Stay cool! I’d seen the scenes on the website UOL.

Production asks pawns to leave the great house; Natalia takes the envelope with her. (09/12/2012)



Very well! Thanks Livia. Now that I know that I had no hallucinations, I will say what I think about the “Suspicious Movements” (The Lizard, Villain and Heroine) reported in the previous review with the same title:

The “escape” unprecedented of Haysam changed the plans of production with respect to the preferred of them to remain in the RS in order to give more Ibope. So far so good! The problem is that their solution would involve breakdown of trust (trickery). Changing the contents of the envelope would become mandatory in order to not benefit or does not impair the wrong person in these planes allegedly redone, with respect to permanence in the RS.

What was planned before we would never know, but I have some theories about it. What would worth, and everyone knows, was the uncommon of Natália by have the power of Minerva in votes per team and, at the same time, the task of choosing who should confront each other in the hot seat. In my view this represents a change of format and, from there, everything could be changed or go follow a different format, other than the purchased/contracted with Strix and/or leveraged from Sony.

A drawing of an envelope

A drawing of an envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In that case they could change the number of people in the fields and many other things, including the use of the barn to accommodate the weekly winner of the duels and/or the pre-set to the field from the teams along with the most voted in the general open vote. They then take care of the cows and horses during their stay in the barn. These two things radically alter the dynamics of the RS.

With regard to the authors of the format, the breaking of public trust is important and this can mean the cancellation of future editions from Summer Farm by the Record TV. That would be a pity, despite the incompetence of the production.

That was trickery, no doubt. The enlarged photo of Victor walking in the opposite direction of the main house with the envelope in hand confirms what I described in my “take 2”. Just at that instant, the envelope appears in the right hand, but the action was as described, because I’ve seen these scenes. I copied the two photos above from the website UOL, but what was said in the post of them do not fit with the time that the scenes described by me, seen live, was transmitted. The photos were “planted” in albums. As is customary with such incompetent staff of the Reality, they are distributing or disseminating images out of sequence and context for misrepresenting facts. The sticking point in this episode, is that the takes disclosed by me, were streamed over a total period of 10 minutes maximum, without the intervention of any order to the contestants come out of the house for any reason in that range. In the first picture you can see that it looks like someone is still sleeping on the bed of Manoella.

I referred to these movements in the commentary titled Extras!, sent to the press early on Tuesday (11/12): “The assembly of “soap opera” not marries with RS, except in tone funny, without intent to deceive the audience! Suspicious movements of lack of fairness are observed. Where is this going?” Before, I had already mentioned it in the commentary entitled Discontinuity 1 sent on Sunday (09/12): “I watched a third event that occurred on the porch involving Natália which I intend to approach only in other occasion.”

The exit of personnel from the house was not in those brief moments during which the envelope was placed on the porch and then returned to the dorm. As I reported, all the action with all 4 movements of the envelope occurred in a time span of less than 10 minutes and in the meantime, there was no order for the contestants come out of the house. These movements may also mean the following things:

1 – Natália rushed to put the envelope out of the house, but ended up correcting the error, returning the envelope to its place in the room. In between, Victor took advantage of the fact for violating its contents.

2 – Natalia and Victor were in cahoots to discover the contents of the envelope.

3 – Natália, Victor and the production were in cahoots to replace the contents of the envelope.

4 – Everything was staged between Natália and the production to generate images, to simulate after, being honest when placing personnel out for reasons of internal maintenance, and Victor was used to read the message and be the guarantor that its contents are not change, if the the production had access to the envelope without the presence of contestants. It can also be, in this case, he (Victor) took advantage of the situation dishonestly. In both cases, to protect himself, he used a blind spot (without camera coverage), to make reading the message.

I consider the most likely alternative 3, and 4 the most unlikely!

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Discontinuity 1

portuguese: logo da Rede Globo.

portuguese: logo da Rede Globo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lizard, Villain and Heroine

From now on I shall speak of discontinuity as promised and, in parallel, also will speak about Angelis, because it is already clear to everyone that she is the protagonist of this crummy RS.

On TV there are many types of discontinuities. It is a problem caused by amateurs. In Brazil and in parts of the developing world, the part of professionals is flawed in some “tricks” questionable (among which the discontinuities), according to which, believe these “experts” that will increase the audience of the channel or of a specific program, such as an RS, for example. But are mistaken as the audience becomes more clarified! This happens (clarification) much faster with the people than with the makers themselves of the TV entertainment.

As has already said, there will more than a century, the great Abe Lincoln, you can fool some for awhile, but you can not fool many for long. These stratagems used by them end up resulting in one shot in the own foot.

When starting the Big Brother all this disrespect they are doing with Internet users will result in the emptying of the Reality of them. Nobody will want to spend time watching the coverage such so misguided, rather than leaving to attend the 4, 5 or more direct channels made available online by the Globo TV.

Português: Sede da TV Globo Brasília.

Português: Sede da TV Globo Brasília. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result, what they wanted will not happen. Nobody will want to watch videos compressed of them in the daily evening program, and the audience will plummet. The Globe thanks so much incompetence. I can watch up to 3 different RSs simultaneously, but you know what? I’ll probably watch just 3channels from one of them. Guess you who!?

The incompetence is such that only an example suffice to demonstrate: A few weeks ago appeared a small lizard in the chicken coop, which ended up injuring the wing of a chicken. Dan was the first to answer the call of the alert tone, but the coward was paralyzed with fear to drive out the Animal and protect the chickens bustling. Then he was exaggerating the dimensions of the animal. Another fact, days later, probably involving the same lizard, happened on the porch of the house. I watched a third event that occurred on the porch involving Natália which I intend to approach only in other occasion.

Where’s incompetence? Any other director of a RS would explore more the fact lizard x Chicken, considering that they exhibited so sensationalist images of the animal aggression. They did not say one line about the chicken wound then, and I have not seen any comment or picture about this episode in relation to the chicken. Probably this was eaten with baked potatoes and manioc by Clébis or some other gluttonous and they put a stone on the subject. If they have no regard for netizens or the contestants, how could they have for a simple and obscure chicken? Many would like to know what was the fate of the poor bird, not for pity, but by simple curiosity at least, that the incompetents not have the sensitivity to satisfy. These are simple facts that depict well the kind of people who want to entertain us with a RS.

The discontinuity above is of the “incompetence” type. Another discontinuity can be easily noticed when a participant speaks or starts to say something important that could result in a “good” video edited. The live scene is “cut” to other scenes that have nothing to do and the internaut stays “in the air”, without knowing the conclusion of the conversation. This is a “muffles the case” type, and is also incompetence, because nothing prevents it from being seen live in R7 and then edited in the compact daily by the same people. When the editing presents the scene in another context, different or contrary to normal actually occurred, is called “directionism”. The same scene concealed can be inserted into others, to benefit or discredit specific contestants, and is called “directionism interferent”. This is absolutely criminal. This Farm Summer is full of stuffs like that.


This contestant is not the dream candidate of the broadcaster to win the Reality, as we can see, and the reason I think so is because of the profusion of denigrating news on the official website and the boycott of their images in relation to the other participants in the “live” (which, unlike live, is very “dead”). But if she is the favorite of the public, why not show to her with a higher frequency? The answer is: by incompetence! For a questionable smartness to book the girl for compact daily, seeking wider audience and at the same time, to denigrate her with greater ease.

“04/12/2012 22h41 (23h01 Updated 04/12/2012)
Thyago sighs: “Now the house is split between men and women”
In the gym, the men detonated the publicist”

Angelis has discovered what is the strategy of Dan and this is the cause of his fury. The fool’s Thyago think will conquer Flávia, but she is “dragging a tram” by Dan. Indeed, Flavia is playing in the traditional feminine way, and the harassment of Thyago now turned a nuisance for her.

“05/12/2012 7:35 a.m. (8:10 a.m. Updated 05/12/2012)
Angelis has no fear: “I want to go snapping one by one here”
Before the vote, advisor already predicted that would be indicated.
Realizing that her potatoes were baking again Angelis was very clear in stating that men represented the greatest danger to their stay, but showed no fear.
– I want to go snapping one by one here. “

Men are forming a sort of “boys’ club” where no girl enters. They are scared shitless of going to the field against Angelis and are getting rid of the others women in confinement through the placement of Angelis in the hot seat against them. If the girls do not unite, only two or one will be left to tell the story.

“09/12/2012 2:43 a.m. (5:10 a.m. Updated 09/12/2012)
09/12/2012 3:01 a.m. (5:11 a.m. Updated 09/12/2012)
Without the company of Angelis, Haysam cries in the hot tub”

As explained below, the editor of the news talk about things that only he saw or is inventing. Is he trying to “sell” the “sensitivity” of the “little saint” Haysam sharply, while they deny us the images that are inside of the house (with the entrance of FOL). Probably will come around edited videos with the “vision” of them.

“If I get in this RS I would get(, me) to unite (with) angelis and attacking Dan(.) everything else would come up (to me) hauahuahauhauahauh (and) I’d take out them all(.) who get up do it (and) attack the “BOSS” here yeah we would see the union of them …”

In this fifth category of Reality anybody knows what to do and what strategy to use, because of the ridiculous rules and the factious participants.

At dawn on Sunday (09/12), right after the combining of Haysam and Angelis go to the Jacuzzi, entered the FOL, and remained “sausage stuffing” to beyond 8 am, at which time I gave up waiting. I’m completely bored with the repeats “ad nauseam” of scenes out of sequence and hear the participant zootechnical Fernanda explain how to care for birds, rabbits, the plantation of vegetables, and to show to the contestants, “the 3 gaits into the horse”! I hope they have not made this special transmission of the FOL only for me. I would be tremendously “flattered”!

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“Women have to work. Brazil, listen to me: never, never give value to a woman!”

Lucas is pretending to be “cock warrant” of the production. It’s the first time I saw such a strategy and doubted that it would work. It was a classic case of error in selecting of participants.

“04/12/2012 00h19 (Updated 4/12/2012 2:04 a.m.)
Rodrigo Faro announces elimination of Lucas
Participant infringed rules of living in confinement
– I have some news to give you, in home (expulsion of Lucas). You followed everything that happened during these last days here on the Farm Summer, is not it? “

No Rodrigo! Nobody can keep up with the 24 hours of each contestant condensed into edited videos for a total of less than 4 or 5 minutes per day per participant, especially considering that almost all images are denied live at R7. You just may be being sarcastic with the audience asking the question, is not it?

’04 / 12/2012 00h20 (Updated 4/12/2012 1:24 a.m.)
Record decides to take out Lucas Barreto from reality
“bathing naked alongside Natália
“I would to “stay”, but never would date you (Karine)”
“The gaúcha (Isis), also made it clear that she quit to help him to relate with mates.”
“Haysam, sworn enemy of Lucas from the first moment” ‘

These phrases of the site help to identify who they intended to benefit and harm by choosing Lucas to enter in the place of Halan. It is very clear to me that the choice to enter Lucas, it was because his alleged profile would help the production in their attempts manipulative, aimed at specific contestants. Would he not necessarily be an “actor” engaged, or something like that. It was just one more error in this festival of incompetence. Remember that I feared a hero savior “manufactured” by the production? Well, among all subscribers to enter there are many others “crazy” (literally and figuratively, and purposefully without comma) to be remembered.

“04/12/2012 4:24 a.m. (4:55 a.m. Updated 04/12/2012)
Gaúcha (Isis) mimicked the model carioca, speaking everything into screams, and left him angry”

This interpretation of events is exaggerated with respect to Isis. Angry Lucas has always been, since entering the Reality. The attitudes of Haysan in fight with Angelis were extremely rude and yelling and the site said almost nothing about him at the time.

Ranking: Ísis, Nuelle, Sacra, Victor, Angelis, Raphael, Karine, Manoella, Flávia, Dan, Natália, Carril, Thyago, Haysam.


Only a few sites and blogs are interpreting the contestants of the Farm Summer and this is dangerous, because it tends to prevail a distorted view of the truth of the official website and in the production of the program, which are pinching certain individual opinions on microblogs and streets to give the stamp of veracity on what they “think”.

The production problem is that it “thinks” it needs to get rid of certain undesirable elements that are very smart for not risking going to the fields. Moreover, without changing the format, it is difficult to protect the most honest. Not to mention that they have personal favorites, who are at risk of going to the fields and leak. Everything could be avoided if there were more honesty, more transparency and less secrets. The secret (of state) is the father of suspicion among nations and avarice is the aunt. In an RS greed is the mother of two, grandmother of suspicion.

Please, it’s simple! Always put someone honest, peaceful and intelligent and everything will be solved alone, without the need of interference.

Avoid cutting the signal from Itu. Recruit a copywriter more impartial and competent to report on the site. Stop interviewing alleged “experts” of RS in the FOL or just end up with this excrescence. Try to at least be impartial on the issues of the videos. Stop improvise. Promote meetings. Stop reserving so much original material for editing. It is impossible not to have enough material unpublished to show in the daily summaries with the amount of information that are withholding. Stop the discontinuities. Better control the staff of the mornings before daybreak. Netizens spend hours and hours waiting for the static camera be changed from the dorm focusing on some sleeping, and when, finally, some action appears, are the contestants who were awake appearing to sleep. In short, be honest.

“Understood” of RS which says love to see or show “shacks” and people “causing”, not know what is RS, do not know how to make RS, and even less, knows opine on RS. Today I’m devastating to these people! I’m catching the disease from Lucas!

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Angelis x Nuelle

As has been usual, another good soul will leave the Reality in this fourth dispute faced by Angelis, and funnel narrows more and more until there are only villains to be expelled. The “gentlemen” of RS, are decimating these women and neither of them are perceiving the maneuvers. Thyago and Victor already matched “fry” Karine after getting rid of Nuelle.

The “ladies” on the other hand, are feuding because of men and, despite the efforts of Angelis to unite them, they are contributing to their own decimation. In the latest voting no fewer than 21 votes out of a total of 26 were in women. Angelis, and Manoella were the only ones who voted for men in the two rounds of voting and all other women voted for Angelis and Manoella in one or the two rounds.

Raphael is a case apart. Intelligence has short and will not survive long in the game. He thinks that getting to the side of the gang of wolves wolf will be too. But he is only being conserved on “warm bath water” to be discarded later to allow the survival of real wolves.

Haysam is also a wolf, dressed in grandmother to fool Red Hat. Flavia and Natália think that seducing the men will survive in the house, but are sadly mistaken. Isis and Karine prefer to act as artists and this can work if they maintain the gas by the end, but it seems are already surrendering to fatigue. Isis is more sociable and Karine is more naive in relationships.

Angelis and Manoella are making a more objective reading of the reality of the game and can get to the Final if they maintain firmly the alliance between them. Once discarded the fool of Raphael, they may trample everyone else. For this Angelis need to defeat Nuelle in this fields, and it looks like she will.

Dan is playing a double game, impersonal, aiming to boost his modeling career out here and to stay in the race as long as possible, maybe even get to the Final, staying away (but not much) of women, which are feuding out to him. In fact all there are seeking to be desired by the opposite sex, but at the last minute take the foot off the accelerator. The most notorious in this are Natália and Dan. Everyone just want their egos massaged and being targets of what they call give (or receive) “moral”. I thought funny, rather than true, the pose of lawyer of Carril in justifying his vote in Angelis. He seemed to be in court playing the role of the prosecutor in a libel against the accused. There is a difference between talking to the populace and to a jury (or a judge) and he does not realize it. Others here also forget that speak to be heard by thousands, sometimes millions.

Nuelle will be the eternal victim of her group, if not leave tomorrow. All the rest of the group are wolves, including Victor, that is just a playboy, as Lucas said, “bon vivant” and bum. Karine is a dumb girl of the group, after Nuelle; impressionable and maneuverable despite appearing otherwise. Do not know how to choose friends, and seems to have “pulled” it from her mother, dead drowned under mysterious circumstances, or something, when in the company of someone unreliable, according counted.

Nuelle was stupid to vote for Natália at the beginning of open voting. If she had voted in Raphael, some votes in Manu might have deviated to him and maybe she would not even be in the fields if he chose to Angelis to go with him. In any case, she would have been saved if he chose her, and would return stronger from the field. Anyway, we can not blame her for not knowing what’s going on in the preferences of the public out here, but she should be aware that Angelis is strong. Not knowing how to read the game is deadly. It may, however, change from one moment to the next until tomorrow and anything can happen, mostly because there might be a party on the way today. The perfect plan would be to intoxicate Angelis and let her lose her temper. These people are Machiavellian and we can expect everything from him.

The current team Ants has an element less and if Nuelle get out, Angelis or Manoella may return. In my opinion Nuelle should leave because she lacks the intelligence needed to fight these “snakes” and “wolves”. It’s a pity because her’s a good girl, despite not being very sociable. Well, each with its each, right? She also can not force their nature and can only be false to some degree, just enough to not be an ugly soul. Make intrigue of Manoella with Karine was a “blunder” and it seems that Karine realized this. Nuelle should have tried a defense more honest not to be voted on by Karine in the group. Natália was merciless with Nuelle in the justification of the vote, but also has Nuelle the blame for feeding a rivalry female meaningless. I think, however, that Natália showed up as bad and insensitive. The public perceives these things, and Natália not lose by waiting.

If the production insert a replacement for Lucas, the Aldebaran will likely ally with the double Manoella-Angelis and become a triplet hard to beat, unless he or she do not have intelligence. I think the selection of Lucas, had this detail of little intelligence as a concern, and I just hope they do not repeat the mistake. Lucas’s attempts to approach of Angelis, Isis and Karine showed that he was aware of the preferences in polls of sites and blogs that cover the Reality. His attacks on Haysam and Thyago too.

Often the privileged information, only, is useless, and as already said Pedro Bial once, we must “to know to use it”. Mau-Mau of the BBB11 not know, and neither Lucas.



“29/11/2012 16h29 (19h31 Updated 29/11/2012)
Angelis says who are the participants strongest in the reality
– I think to be Isis, the strongest among women. Of boys, the stronger is Dan.”

She is doing a good reading of the game. Intelligence is to it! However I think Dan is still masked, as Zorro. I love the views of Angelis about his companions because she analyzes them almost perfect and is very close to the preferences in the rankings of sites and blogs. Even seems that she has access to this data. If she was not a contestant, would be an excellent commentator of RS. I just think she’s making mistakes in talking to colleagues and opening their eyes. She should keep to her their own analyzes.

“30/11/2012 20h49 (21h01 Updated 30/11/2012)
“If I have to combine votes, I’ll combine,” said Angelis
– He (Lucas) wants to fight with everyone and wants the audience to pity him as well as I did. “

It is missing the most important part in this report. Angelis said clearly and convincingly that in her case, would play to defend herself and the fight was an involuntary reaction, unlike Lucas, who expressed his intention to ally himself with her in the Reality. Most likely he came from outside knowing who is strong and who is weak in the game and thought it was easy to play.

“04/12/2012 1:27 a.m. (1:43 a.m. Updated 04/12/2012)
Haysam makes surprising revelation for Angelis
– I have no reason to vote for you”

We shall see. “Surprising” is not the right word. I would say “clever”. I do not believe however that he will retire what he said of her in previous times! Haysam is using the strategy of allying to women. This is pure cunning. He and the men of the house are now combining to put Manu against Isis in the next field. They are assuming that Nuelle will go out in this field. They know that with each field, Angelis come back stronger!

Ranking: Manoella, Ísis, Nuelle, Natália, Flávia, Karine, Haysam, Raphael, Victor, Thyago, Dan, Carril


“13/11/2012 12:30 (Updated 13/11/2012 14h47)
Bianca also said those who would be their second target, in case she had to nominate someone from their own team.
– We have to combine. The first option, of course, is Angelis, but we have to vote twice. The second is Rodrigo (Simões). He asked to go and have voted for me.
Nuelle also said who would be targeted in their own group. She said her lack of affinity with Natália would be decisive.”

There will be “gnashing of teeth” after the vote.

“15/11/2012 2:19 a.m. (2:30 a.m. Updated 15/11/2012)
On the evening of Monday (12), Rodrigo Simões talked with Nuelle and compared Haysam to a cancer, using the phrase “Haysam infects people like a cancer.”
Haysam found out about the comment, and searched the personal trainer to say he was upset to find out about the comment. “

News captious. Simões spoke in the presence of Haysam during the vote the same thing. The report aims to “burn the film” of Nuelle. In turn, Nuelle did not know how to take advantage of the “hint”

“20/11/2012 21h12 (22h21 Updated 20/11/2012)
Karine says she will no longer vote on Angelis
– I´ll not go on her [Angelis], my heart’re saying not to do that, I’ll go at Bianca. “

The site indicated Angelis, but I have my doubts. I’ve noticed that the site is campaigning have long to “burn” Nuelle, inducing the audience to errors of judgment. They Will probably do something similar with Manoella from now. Nuelle would be a danger to defeat the “darling” of them, if she was strong in the game. They thought that Angelis was the ideal candidate to lose to him, but were shooting themselves in the foot because of crooks (strategists) who are perpetuating themselves on the RS. Previously, the candidate of them was perhaps the Bianca, but she disappointed everyone.

“17/11/2012 22h20 (22h24 Updated 17/11/2012)
Appearance first! “I do not walk with ugly people”, shoots Bianca
Said blonde to Nuelle that if the model was not beautiful, they would not be friends
That’s when Bianca, without blinking, declared which parameter that takes into account the time to relate with someone.
– If you were ugly, I would not walk with you. I told you not walk with ugly people. “

It is through this kind of statements that we know the people. The “parameter” is on account of the news editor.

Ranking: Victor, Angelis, Ísis, Manoella, Flávia, Carril, Raphael, Karine, Haysam, Dan, Thyago, Natália

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Angelis x Sacramento

Life is a permanent novel, with actors constantly dying and rising new players every day, literally. There are many “ing and ly”, but it is the reality. The golden dream of an appreciator of RS (at least mine is) is a permanent Reality Show, with participants being eliminated each week and new contestants entering in new places. The Farm Summer would lend itself to this, with the entrance being the barn.

Sponsors for this exists. Public as well. It would be the whole world the audience, in a transmission open internationally through the official website. The only thing missing are competent professionals that make it happen. I think that the first TV network to accomplish this, will burst on the planet.

The vote yesterday, 27/11, served to show clearly who are the biggest players in the RS, those who have no personal consideration when voting. Except for Isis, Karine, and Angelis, who are not playing heavily, all the major players who decided this field are attending for days to the lower ranking of preferences of the Internet audience, a full demonstration that the public does not approve this type of activity. They are responsible for the going of Angelis (the third time) and Sacramento to the spotlight of the Reality. This will be the THIRD TIME that she will be chosen by the audience to stay on the Farm Summer, do you see, Rodrigo Faro?

The entry of Lucas probably will not change this situation. He is another newbie to “pull” the vote of the villains. Now we have 4 to attend the spotlight and go driving out the bad elements until Christmas. Hopefully this is so, and I hope that Haysan, Carril and Thyago can enjoy Christmas together their families, because they do not meet credentials to gain this RS, in my opinion!

“It’s the attitude and not aptitude that determines the altitude of a person” James Caan.

James Caan, Cannes 2000

James Caan, Cannes 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Against Angelis Sacra has no chance, because he tries to play, but is very botched. The poor do not have the slightest idea of how to play, but he tries! In this Reality all are required to play to defend themselves, if not, they “sneeze”, ie “leak”!

“13/11/2012 23h16 (23h41 Updated 13/11/2012)
– I really want (go) out, I’m not playing, I will not ring the bell not to lose everything, and have come here for nothing. I’ll offending parent, dogs, I’ll do anything for them to hate me. My fear is that the people are liking me for them see that I’m the only right that says everything really, and do not want to get me out. “

Indeed, under these conditions does not anyone want to stay! This group is too factional for my taste! Nobody could stand such a pressure. Besides, the production does not provide an escape valve suitable for extravasation and urgently needs a team of psychologists competent to advise it. It is likely that other dropouts occur because of excessive psychological pressure. Becomes inhumane.

“17/11/2012 2:14 a.m. (Updated 17/11/2012 2:29 a.m.)”
After the vote, there were changes in attitudes toward Angelis of those who are less false and the most false, and the most hardened players will not stop the foot. The most unusual attitude was seen in a long conversation between her and Thyago on Friday (16) and early Saturday about artists and things and people from Rio. The contestants are now afraid of her because they know that the permanence of Simões stated that she is strong in the Reality and they will take advantage of it to play. Now they will have absolute certainty that she will take out one by one, after the “mommy’s girl” Bianca, and the poor Sacra.

“The conflictive relationship between Angelis and the rest of the group was born after the incredible fight of the Summer Party, just one day after her climb to the main house coming from the barn”

The production, or whoever, never tire of referencing this fight, and the goal is to “burn” Angelis, because they never speak of the reasons leading to the indignation of the girl. Even today, in the Farm On Line they still do. The impression one gets is that there is a rivalry between the staff of Itu city, and those responsible for the official website, they seem interested in discrediting the RS or are really incompetent.

“22/11/2012 23h08 (23h27 Updated 22/11/2012)
In the spotlight, Angelis Borges says why Bianca Luperini should be eliminated in the race”

To me, that headline is a deliberate error. The whole of Brazil saw that her response was not this, suggested in the news, and the question of the presenter had another intention. Affff!

Ranking: Raphael, Ísis, Nuelle, Manoella, Flávia, Lucas, Natália, Karine, Victor, Dan, Thyago, Carril, Haysan, Sacra.


He took it hard against Angelis in a live vote and I doubt very much that the public will save him. Certain things can not be said against a woman or girl, especially on national network TV! Though not exactly a fight in the traditional way, Sacra used heavy words.

“01/11/2012 14h41 (Updated 01.11.2012 16:30)
– You’re not my employee, but you are required to do. I asked you politely, but if you’re upset, let this quiet.

Halan was on Team Ants and therefore had to do the daily duties, while Sacramento was part of Team Grasshoppers, who was prohibited from exercising any function within the Reality as cleaning, cooking meals and caring for animals.”

More disinformation. The red team is that had come to be “Ants”. Halan was on that team and it seemed a bit upset. Simões was also from the same team and him seemed to be controlling himself well. He used the gym to dispel irritability, but when that missed or when he was in idleness, spiraled out of control and became depressed. Sacramento and Halan exchanged gunfire in voting to the field because they do not resolve their differences until that time.

“04/11/2012 17h46 (Updated 04/11/2012 17.52)
At poolside, Sacramento revealed to Haysam, Gabriela, Natália and Flávia his vote: Halan. Both confined had a discussion at lunch on the second day of confinement.”

He (Sacra) has been at odds with Gaby too, but they made peace before her exit.

“05/11/2012 23h41 (23h56 Updated 05/11/2012)
“You are my main opponent,” Halan fires to Sacramento”

Halan has a peculiar attitude regarding relationships. He offset this deficiency with a semi-sharp intelligence and good general culture. That’s kind of illogical and I was looking at him more closely. Too bad he “ran of streak”, because I was learning a lot about his character.

“07/11/2012 13h26 (14h10 Updated 07/11/2012)
Freaked out! Sacramento called Gabriela depraved, and says that Natália has no charisma
Model speaks reproaches for the mates of confinement”

Just freaked out! The headline speaks for itself. Not only the production who has the means to bring this about. Some contestants also can and are playing “heavy”. This has been observed in the fifth edition regarding Gretchen and it is happening again. Some contestants seems to have been instructed to provoke it. And almost always are individuals who have nothing to lose, without honor, no dignity and without nobility.

“13/11/2012 22h49 (Updated 14.11.2012 10:15)
Halan is touched with the gesture of Sacramento
The 23-year confined thanked the attitude of Sacramento and promised to be a more controlled.
– If we had a game, you won, won pretty, sorry for everything. Many of my friends told me to I control myself, but this [attitude] was crucial for me to change.

Ranking: Dan, Carril, Raphael, Victor, Thyago, Nuelle, Manoella, Lucas, Natália, Angelis, Karine, Flávia, Haysan, Ísis.


Votes  for    Sacra – Ísis, Flávia, Karine, Angelis, Haysan e Natália.
Votes for Angelis – Dan, Carril e Sacra.
Votes  for  Nuelle – Haysan, Karine, Natália, Thyago e Victor.

The Immunized were Manoella (newbie) and Natália (envelope of Haysan). No one takes my conviction that the intent behind this envelope was to save the Haysan or Raphael, but Haysan astutely realized this and took the opportunity to save an ally in his game. Unfortunately the “splash” will go to Natália, which can be eliminated before him. Now he will stay inflated the most, thinking that the production is supporting him, or will see, it is.