Players and Profiles

“15/01/2013 00h07
Climate heats in the Library! ‘You’re acting like an idiot’, Dhomini to Elieser”
This discussion is not well explained on the site. In fact is skewed to favor Eli. The subject has to do with gaming and friendship. As in business, game is game and friendships are apart. Elieser says is Dhomini a player, and was not a friend, because he took advantage of a slip and “burned” him (Eli) on National TV Network. He’s half right, and half have Dhomini guilt.

If Eli changed his mind about his vote why not warned Dhomini since before had revealed to him his vote, or rather his non-vote in Ivan? If his “good friend” Dhomini had asked not to vote for Ivan, why accept and then turned back without alerting him? And after voting, why he ran to Ivan and apologize for having voted for him? This information allowed Ivan to find out who had voted for him. The answers are very simple. For the first 2 questions the answer is that he tried to deceive Dhomini, perhaps in order to drive him to a wrong strategy.

To the other question, he clearly wanted Dhomini to take cognizance of the fact, to allow exposure of the existence of a possible plot to walling someone other than Ivan. What he did not expect was that Bial it would make possible, in live broadcast, putting the falsity of Eli uncovered. Normally a dishonest game is characterized by falsehood. In a game is where cheats are more objectionable.

Eli thought that with his vote, Ivan would not be walled. He figured that wasting their vote would look good in the tape and nobody would notice his trickery and cowardice, and seeing that hesitated, tried to correct or mitigate the error quickly. Judged that Dhomini would not remember it or he himself had forgotten what he told. The memory generally apportions the intelligent and Dhomini was not champion for nothing, while Elieser, was eliminated earlier (BBB10) by a performance below the critical. He is a big boy, as they say almost all women in the house. Only serves to be consumed at the time as a pizza and not to be wrapped for travel!

In his narrow intelligence, Eli thinks he can take down a champion with a cheat so childish. Eli says he no longer considers Dhomini as a friend because he did not seek Eli before exposing him in live show, but Dhomini could not guess that this topic would come to the fore at this time. Instead, Eli was aware of what he did and if he considered himself as a friend of Dhomini, why not searched his friend to explain himself before that could happen?

In other words who was not a friend was Elieser because he induce someone to error, and left to spend the time that hanged himself in the chicanery that he, Elieser, tried arming. Then tried to justify his mistake with almost the entire house with the sole intention of “burning” the “friend”! In fact the intention from the beginning was that possibility. On the other hand, if Elieser think someone there is a friend of someone, can only be stupid. If he means that someone there is not a player is doubly stupid.

He is triply stupid for not realizing that he was chosen in the casting for his profile gossip, voluble, false and cowardly, shown in issue 10 of which participated. Could have used it to undo that image, but is confirming. He would like that Dhomini had for him the consideration he had from Angelica Morango (Strawberry – BBB10), giving him a chance to redeem himself and show up himself, but forgets that not everyone is like her and no one has obligation to be his protector, guardian angel or mentor, much less in a RS. He is the one who must take attitudes for his actions, and do not seem to be good at it.

“15/01/2013 2:29 a.m.
After an early morning with outpourings of Elieser about the discussion he had with Dhomini in Library Room, Aslan draws his conclusions. “We had the first revelation of combining voting”, the citizen of Pernambuco concludes by referring to the reason of disagreement among the veterans.”

Map locator of Brazil's Pernambuco state

Map locator of Brazil’s Pernambuco state (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s what Eli wanted to “create”. “Worked” the whole house while Dhomini slept. Falsehood is little to classify it.

Speaking in profile, all there were selected in the “casting” with views to the game. I could tell that by the profiles of veterans. And each has a specific purpose, a variety of different strategy, with different styles.

Player        (style or type of strategy)
Bambam  Emotional, botched, irreverent
Dhomini   Subtle, detailed
Elieser     Fake, cheater, concealed
Fani         Loving, illusionist, seductive
Maroca    Individualist, exhibitionist. irreverent
Natalia     Pious, “clueless”, “no strategy”
Yuri          (Idem Bambam substitute, so …)

Novices were selected by their profiles more or less similar to the veterans, but always aiming styles of play. For example, Andressa has a player profile similar to Naty. Aline is a Maroca in almost everything. Marien is a mirror of Dhomini. Fernanda is Fani. Aslan and André Eli are, divided into two. Nasser resembles Bambam, with a little more intelligence. With the entry of Yuri the resemblance was more adjusted.

Ivan is the one for whom I could not establish which line will follow or could follow. He expressed dissatisfaction at having to compete against former champions, and maybe have a strategy similar to the Dhomini. I believe that Yuri was already in the reserve of Bambam, even without knowing it himself, probably. Each of the contestants must have a specific reserve in my vision and conjecture. The prompt replacement of Bambam suggests that.

Maroca also has this profile of Yuri, and is living a situation she criticized when had to face Dourado. Seems to have no illusions about the injustice that is being forced to do, and I cheer for that simply let the boat sail to the mercy of the tide. It would be the best strategy for her and she seems to be doing it. However, it will be difficult to maintain this line because her player profile covers a very diverse spectrum. For she, is very easy to go from 0 to 100 in a second and that’s why I like her. She already said something similar to that on other occasions.

Andressa is in a “secret” romance with Nasser, and the relationship of the Prince (André) with the Princess Barbie Turbocharged (Fernanda) is doing water without a real kiss to tell the story.

The couple that came from the Glass House must have some strategy, but the performance there can not serve as a parameter, and I will have to analyze them with rapt attention quickly. Kamilla apparently comes with a style similar, but not identical, to the Maroca and they should “butt heads”. Even the voice has a pitch half unpleasant, but all my muses have it. Whispering they are highly sensual. Nobody is perfect. Marcello is a complete incognita, yet.

Surveys of internet from day 8/1, already indicated Kamilla Salgado and Marcello Soares as the candidates of the Glass House preferred to enter the Reality.

09/01/2013 00h02
Colorful furniture and ‘street art’: take a tour by the external area of BBB13

09/01/2013 00h36
Flea, Library, and colorful kitchen: a peek inside the house of BBB13

“09/01/2013 6:18 a.m.
All brothers sleep in the house more monitored in Brazil.”
The importance of this news is that it gives certainty to the Internet user that he can go to sleep too, confident that there is nothing more to be seen or recorded by anyone until they wake up again. Understood, Borelli?

Farm Summer

Today there will be the formation of a fields without “bombastic” news in sight. Everything in this RS is bombastic, intriguing, surprising, exciting, fantastic. Whoa! Will “pumping” in the Ibope. LOL! For me what would be really bombastic, is this staff going to be transparent. It would be so unusual that really would make a great audience, that’s why!


“06/12/2012 1:47 a.m. (2:01 a.m. Updated 06/12/2012)
Love Triangle: Will Dan and Flavia will stay?
Dentist says is passionate about the model and do not want to give up hope to Thyago”
Old news released during the party Cuba. Angelis was accused of trying to put men against each other, but Flavia has been doing this for a long time. This video was being saved for use against Flavia in another context (as in the case of Angelis). Now that Angelis has been successfully portrayed as the author of this plan, they are releasing the video. Many others already outdated should also be released. Very Machiavellian.

“29/12/2012 17:20 (Updated 17:40 29/12/2012)
Irritated, Angelis makes complaint with Manoella
Press officer shows up tired for nothing having to do this afternoon”
Headline biased and that contradicts itself. The irritation and complaint was to have nothing to do to fill the time, rather than being tired for that reason. It is pure “nonsense”.

“30/12/2012 5:17 a.m. (5:17 a.m. Updated 30/12/2012)
Flavia confesses that she purposely lost the Duel
Even the press officer was shocked by the statements of the dentist”
Another biased. Already became a journalistic crime. Afff! Not because it benefits the public preferred that I would leave for pointing that out. Apparently they want to do counterplay with the public, based on the discrediting of them. I am amazed at human lowliness, seeing how far they can get! I do not divulged it before, because it was a cheating against Flavia. Or was it a revenge because they see their game (of the production) crumble?

“02/01/2013 6:51 a.m. (7:56 a.m. Updated 02/01/2013)
Drunk, Angelis still hit mouth with Manoella at the end of the party and left her companion, hurt.”
If Manoella was hurt may be inference of the redactor, but what is remarkable is that a suggestion made by me in a previous review (to intoxicate Angelis) was put into practice in the New Year party. Apparently it does not had much effect, but on 9/1 worked.

“02/01/2013 15h59 (16h57 Updated 02/01/2013)
– I wanted to hit the face of Angelis!”
Isis was the one who said that. No comments!

“09/01/2013 00h45 (Updated 09/01/2013 1:08 a.m.)
First, Angelis gave her opinion on what was the real intention of Victor Hugo by putting Manoella and Flavia in the spotlight.
– The strategy of he was overthrow, anyway, one of the couples.”
Secondly, he wants to know what is the couple stronger. Finally he will know if he is able to be second or third. His behavior will then shift from water to wine, like a true chameleon.

“09/01/2013 1:32 a.m. (3:11 a.m. Updated 09/01/2013)
Manoella ironizes Isis after the vote
Stylist jokes that will mimic the Gaucha and do strike
It is also good to emphasize that from this Friday (11) there will be no more teams, and will be each one for himself in the competition for the prize of R$ 1 million.”

I bet that the dynamics of voting will allow the formation of a fields between Angelis and Manu. From what You can see, it was just conversation to steer sleep and allow regrouping of the contestants according to the affinities between them. If there is one thing that disappoints me is to see fools thinking they are making me stupid. With Angelis and Manoella in different teams would be impossible a confrontation between them with the same dynamics of the voting in earlier times.

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Aline x Ivan

This first big wall was predictable since before the Proof of the Leader. To be exact, already “was painting” over the course of the proof of the car. It was obvious that a novice could not clash with a veteran in the first week, no matter who is this veteran.

Beginners erred in wanting to “incite” a veteran, even more of a former champion. I’m not saying this is right or indifferent because it is a illogical strategy, and yes that only a narrow-minded person could not conceive garner the sympathy of the public showing being so “courageous”. If it were more to the middle of the contest, it would be plausible if the “brave” was right. For most who have been unimpressive in their editions, the veterans have fan clubs and Aline made the mistake of exclude contacts in their social network for futile reasons and, moreover, revealed this in a program with great audience.

Aline is a willful woman, active, and suffers from super-sincerity. It is not necessary to win a RS in the first week on her own initiative. These chances only arise sporadically, as in the case of Angelis in the FV1, where the villains of the RS turned the whole house against her and with the connivance of the production. The suburban of Paciência, instead of showing a sincere character is exaggerating her outspoken personality without the need to take care of a conviviality at least bearable with her companions.

Can she escape only by to be facing a weak opponent. At least for now. A great chance for either of them is in back of this big wall, if they’re smart! Can then modify their behavior, but I doubt very much they do this because they will fill with wind and will continue with the same strategies.

The same reasoning applies to Ivan, with the difference that he is a little smarter. However this is the only attribute that has shown so far. He has the important support of Fani and Natália, and the Leader even mentioned in the first party (9/1) that “would catch” him, if not the respect for the guy’s girlfriend.

Ivan has good culture and demonstrated this when he explained to Dhomini and Marien how and why it was created the character Macunaíma, referenced by Bial in the BBB12 in relation to Yuri. As an English teacher he seems competent, and does not self-promotion therefore. However, RS is not a tryout for the Brazilian Academy of Letters and culture is a requisite unfair to those who had no opportunity to instruct themselves.

English: The Brazilian Academy of Letters (clo...

English: The Brazilian Academy of Letters (closeup) Deutsch: Die brasilianische Academia de Letras (Nahaufnahme) Français : L’Académie brésilienne de lettres (gros plan) Português: A Academia Brasileira de Letras (de perto) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What matters is that the contestants show their character and not hide purposefully, and this, Ivan is not doing in the first case, and doing much in the second. Push problems under the rug does not make one a peaceful person or polite and Ivan is the opposite of his competitor. He gives a bull not to get into a mess, and gives a whole herd to get out of it.

Aslan also seems to be as well and has harmed Aline, with his attempts to restrain her. If this is a tactic, is being done in a very clever and subtle. He voted for Ivan to defend himself and seems to be very crafty and cunning, having realized that the companion has culture comparable to him.


“17h47 06/01/2013
Kamilla sings all types of music to pass the time and animate the confined. Now her repertoire also features the song “Gangnam Style” by the South Korean rapper Psy”

An anonymous reader asked who was Kamilla. She is just so a beautiful girl!

“12/01/2013 9:45 a.m.
Aline to Bambam: ‘If you leave, you affect me.’ “

09/01/2013 3:57 a.m.
“Aline and Bambam argue during Proof

The winner of the first edition of the BBB shoots: “You will be the most complicated of the house here. ‘s Ugly to do that, word has much value”. Bambam continues: “Everyone came from somewhere, everyone here is simple. You’re talking about everybody, relax. You are talking nonsense”.”
Bambam is using an old strategy. At the time of him, gave it right, but now everyone knows that screams and “moral lessons” do not give anyone reason in RSs and do not work. Dhomini also means is dislocated, and appears to have no strategy, but it would also be a strategy, right? If he use the RS as a Spa, it may even be that he wins. If, however, resolve to play, will “break his face”.

10/01/2013 23h41
Bambam made a cute and gave a time remaining standing, while the component of the opposite group was still seeking another pair of socks. The presenter Pedro Bial even made the following observation: “Besides winning, you’re mocking”.

12/01/2013 9:32 a.m.
Bambam sighs: ‘I’ll give up the program. I’m at my limit’

Farm Summer

Anonymous January 13, 2013 01:53
I feel something very strange in the air!!
DR Champion – Manoella and Angelis, discuss relationship. Published by @konfinados on 08.12.2012 (sic).

“For this video my impression is that the beginning of the relationship between the two departed by Mano, since Angelis shown worried about what the public and her family would think. If there is indeed a strategy in this relationship, the most player in this summer’s Farm is Manoella not Angelis. When Mano came in, she knew of the sexual orientation of Angelis (bi) and also her huge crowd. I do not believe that Angelis win the FV, and yes, Mano.

If you analyze well the latest proofs that is happening, these are more than suitable for Mano (athlete – already practiced rowing, archery and more) and Dan, who also has a lot of strength and agility. The proof of the balloons was made to Mano to won, but she just did not win because she did not want, since Angelis had said the day before that she would like to continue as Grasshoppers, adding the maneuvers of votes. So much so, that they changed, shamelessly, once again, the envelope. And given what happened.

The production has already tested the popularity of Mano. They were certified that the supporters of Angelis, in the absence of her, they will support Mano. After that video edition where, on the eve of fields, Mano arranges one hell of discussion unnecessarily, it is necessary to stop and think. I do not doubt anything that in a fields between AngelisxMano, Angelis remains in the game.
Given what I exposed, while they are figuring out that the “protected” is Isis, I think she is Manoella. And if this is correct my thinking, I have to congratulate, and very, the production, because straight is deceiving the public voting. Let’s wait.
Livia FS”

I agree with this analysis at many points, but I disagree, for example, when it says: “I do not believe that Angelis win the FV, and yes, Mano”. In fact the text itself gives me reason to say: “I do not doubt anything that in a fields between AngelisxMano, Angelis remains in the game.” For me, the only chance to Manu defeat Angelis would be a Final to 2, ie, only if the two were in a dispute, in a final fields. It would depend on who each eliminate up there, to compose a final crowd to each of them. For example: if Manu defeat the other 4 in previous fields would be very strong and practically equate herself to Angelis.

Everything would depend on a lot of speculation with too much “directionism by the production and would not reach their goal of ending the relationship with them. In this sense, not worth the penalty so much effort and the resultant wear. It would just be a revenge for the Angelis be so rebellious with the decisions and procedures ridiculous of the production in driving the RS. She has realized that the production is trying to “burn her” and that’s why she occasionally demonstrates discouragement to stay in the Reality, because she is afraid of what they can do against her. In other words, she, Angelis, is not only confronting, but also playing against the production. Ie, dishonestly playing against her, gives her the right to play also to defend herself.

No way. It’s the first time I see contestant winning against a production that plays in the game. Several factors are contributing to this, and they do not know where it went wrong. One answer is: they simply played “dirty” and not only against the public. That “Pay attention to the game” was an inability inconceivable, because they do not develop a rational explanation and is not accounted properly. It was clear that the advice was against her for that reason. Angelis caught and followed the advice and they can not complain. Send indirect messages is not a good procedure, even more when the correct receiver or receivers are not able to capture.

Note: Aline was eliminated with 77% of the votes of the audience.

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Falling Star

Bambam was a great champion of the past. His pure soul, but troubled, has no place in modern RSs. His attitudes in this BBB13 seemed strange to me since the beginning. He seemed not to be interested in winning the RS, but only “CAUSE”, or, as he put it euphemistically, “play”. Had done so an incomplete translation of the English verb “to play”.

When he exempted up to rebut the charge of being ridiculous, made loud and live sound and in National Network TV, I knew that he really was not himself. I mean, was not the Bambam, champion of the BBB1. As Dhomini, he’s old, but his glory will remain, and his awards no one will ever take. Dhomini is even older, but is endowed with an acute intelligence, and is “giving a” teacher in Realities, at least in terms of BBBs.

But Bambam not have this attribute so developed. He was lost himself in his games, but had the lucidity to jump from the ship before the water invaded the cabins. Before there was time of the others to realize his weakness, he decided to preserve himself and keep what he had erected with much sacrifice and persistence. Yeah, Bambam! Farewell and rest in peace.

I was hoping that in raids of the production, they remember to choose a new ex-champion or a woman ex-champion. At this point it would not matter that he or she were a man or woman. I would suggest that in the second case additionally summon former contestants extras of opposite sex, who had not survived more than a week if there was time and opportunity to balance the number of participants by gender. Unfortunately they chose Yuri.

I would suggest that they abrogate the 5 “bucks” of the veteran number 5 for the post of leader in the open position by the Bambam exit. From what I observed, that would be Maroca. Consequently the other veterans gain one thousand more reais to be all right. That would be a tribute to Bambam. However, they did differently and Fani asked and was chosen by the other veterans for this post.

“HARD January 12, 2013 00:50

… coincidence would you cite Maroca and she being in first place in the polls? I doubt it, she is your Goddess now, and you will defend her with nails and teeth, as I had predicted.”

My muse for this edition is Kamilla and as a reserve, I choose to Maroca. That does not mean I want them to win the RS unless they prove they are worthy or that, according to the verdict of the jury (the audience), is an act of justice. I left to announce it just now, so shut up “certain mouths” (HARD-KILL, for example) and I doubt that they can point to, any reference mine prior in favor of Kamilla. If she had not won the Glass house, of course I’d be with Maroca. Regardless, the slips of them will be appointed by me, if succeed, as I did with respect to Karine.

“Anonymous January 12, 2013 15:03

The impression I get is that Hard – which I think is a woman – loves Frank Killer too much, and this attitude by constantly criticizing him, is simply the medium through which is to excel, and attract his attention.

Easy, Hard!

Livia Fs”

LOL!! You know I had thought the same thing? If you want, HARD, and if you are really a woman, you can write an email to me enclosing Full body photo. Maybe I accept you as my muse among readers and publish the photo in one of my posts. It would be an interesting idea! I would defend you “with nails and teeth”, but not your ideas. These, I believe belonging to the minds of every human being and mine of my mind only.

Come My Fanatics...

Come My Fanatics… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responding to an exalted reader

HARD left a new comment on your post “Impressions of Frank Killer: The Voice of the People is the Voice …“:

“That Frank Killer can only be” retarded functional “, it is not possible that he can think that Angelis might be the girl’s story, or is it or is blind, deaf and dumb, after allwhat she did he speak that has some villain in addition to her, Fanatical Mr. Frank Killer is someone like you who does not want see the flaws in your diva, and is trying to find and inventing errors on the opponents of her to defend her, I’m not fanatic about anything, for that you get an idea in Flavia I gave 20 votes to give a strength, but you know that there are crazy fanatics who spend the night voting on Angelis, and I think, or rather, I’m sure you also do this, like yours companions crazy fanatics, and I tell you one thing about the two gays of the house, if to feel nausea and want to vomit when I see your couple 20 with their depravities is being homophonic, then I have to confess, I do not like and do not want to see, I love really when the Record TV cuts these scenes, but we know who likes to see it is your fellow fanatics and you, yes for hypocrisy, because as I already said, if it were Haysam with another man, we would see a battalion of homophobes detonating them, and yes it is a shame that someone do fornication and depravity on TV, but it’s not for that which Angelis is the villain of the story, but I will not waste my time trying to explain it to a person fanatical.”

I do not vote on websites of RSs and I do not use phones for that. Also I do not own Call Centers and never hired one. In summary, to comment RSs with exemption I do not think it’s fair induce fans of any contestant in any RS with my preferences.

At best, I vote in polls when necessary, only in my muse, and just to get the results and be able to study them, and every time I do it, is only once. In short, I do not spend my time voting for contestants and it´s not because I think it would be wrong for other fans.

On the contrary I always encourage the fans to do so, ie, vote for the victory of his favorites, as many times as to find necessary in both polls and in the votes of the official sites of the RSs, on blogs and by phone, but I do not agree that depreciate the competitors.

You do not need to erase the torch to someone to excels your candle, and, as said Andressa of the BBB13, “Who needs a spotlight to illuminate themselves do not have proper light”.

What I say above is a defense, but I do not consider it necessary, and as well, I do not judge anyone who spends time voting is fanatic. Voter can be fanatic or not, depending on their attitudes and the number of times that votes.

The fanatical in this case is only those who disparage and depreciate others in order to benefit their favorite contestants voting as well often, without taking into account fair criteria and without preserving civility and respect in their assessments.

The reader above is a classic fanatic and the offenses which utters and the number of times he votes for the same person, defines his degree, because he confessed he voted 20 times “to give a force” to Flavia and is “homophonic” (Ahn! This is new to me!). Homophonic would be a kind of bias by the sounds produced by a gay couple dating? By context is the only definition that fits. For the originality, I get this confession!

The twenty times he confessed to having voted, in my view, define a fanatic, considering also the smear campaign that he has been making against the girlfriend (Angelis) of the other participant in the fields, the Manoella.

Fanatic Logo

Fanatic Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not for anyone prove to be innocent of an accusation. The onus of the proof lies with the accuser. In the case above it is evident who is fanatical and “retarded functional”.

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BBB13 and Glass House

Localização do distrito de Santana no municípi...

Localização do distrito de Santana no município de São Paulo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inscrições Big Brother Brasil 13 In a glass house in São Paulo (at Santana Parque Shopping) 3 couples will compete for the preferences of the public to which of them should go into the Reality. You can follow their confinement at the site and vote on which participants shall go to the program.

Português: Foto do Santana Shopping, no bairro...

Português: Foto do Santana Shopping, no bairro homônimo, zona norte da cidade de São Paulo, BRASIL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The prize from the RS will be R$ 1.5 million to be played by this couple, together with 8 other participants already selected and six ex-BBBs. The identities of the former BBBs will only be revealed during the premiere of the BBB13, next Tuesday, on January 8.

Contestants in the glass house

André1, Bernardo, Kamilla, Kelly, Marcello and Samara

Selected Contestants

Aline, André, Andressa, Aslan, Fernanda, Ivan, Marien and Nasser

See the video presentation of the eight selected.

The above data were collected in the Blog of the Production of the BBB13 and will be 16 the contestants that we watch on this issue 13. In truth there are 20, because the two couples who will be eliminated in a glass house will also be assisted and will be considered ex-BBBs also.

I’m hoping that there is no elimination in normal house in the first week, so that we have time to get to know the contestants a little longer and not commit injustices. Regarding the glass house, unfortunately we have to grope to find “at sound of drums” who are the best and, injustices can occur.

I advise no one of you to take sides by A or B or get caught up in appearances, before knowing participants in situations of stress on the interrelationships and, stay on standby to change your preferences when you realized you were wrong in your judgments.

Anonymous January 3, 2013 18:08
Votalhada – Frank Killer
“… have the sole purpose of producing something interesting and constructive “

We thank you and we puffed up with your words, Livia. You can be sure that we will continue to post. We are also exposed to judgments and criticisms and, we are democratic. What we put out good in the criticism, is that so, we managed to improve, at the same time, with compliments like yours, we feel empowered to do so and have patience and tolerance.

Note: There are two participants named André. To differentiate, we mention the one who is in the glass house, as André1.

Português: Foto da estação Santana do Metrô de ...

Português: Foto da estação Santana do Metrô de são Paulo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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