Travel through time

Travelling through time is a scientific impossibility in practice! It’s just a theory of science fiction!

Is there an easy way to find out if you can travel in time: Find someone who has received the visit of descendants.

It is obvious that the visitors must have traveled through time to the past, visits of the descendants of this present time are not worth!

So far no one reported visits by time travelers from the future.

Since the future lasts forever, and nobody has invented a time machine in all the eternity, then the trip back through time is technically impossible!

You can only travel to the future, without the possibility of returning. However this is not done via time travel.

The only way to travel quickly to the future is to travel through space at nearly the speed of light!

Travel to the future in large displacement speeds in space, do not imply loss of events, as would be over time.


Originalmente postado em domingo, 23 de maio de 2010 14:58:08