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My muse has left and I will not choose another. I was thinking of switching to Ísis, but she disappointed me.

“02/01/2013 14h24 (16h06 Updated 02/01/2013)
Dan not holds and detonates strike by Ísis
Model is disgusted with the attitude of the blonde
– If anyone who received votes think he’s punching bag, Angelis never raise the bed. The obligations of the farm, if not made, hurts everyone, not just people you want to attack. The whole house is harmed. That’s why I’m angry.”

Patricia Pereira January 3, 2013 17:41
“The game of Isis’s wrong, she thinks t (that) Angelis returned from the fields because of the shacks so she’s trying to be controversial, but at this point of the game already we realize how false gossip and nonsense she is. I support for Angelis not for lack of choice, but for not be mediocre and be courageous in facing that bunch of gossips.”

That’s right, Patricia. Provocation is never a good tactic in RS or outside. The fool Victor thought that girls should not have burned the white flag of provocation, but he is mega wrong. The jeers of Ísis also left me awestruck. She is “burning” alone, without the “help” from anyone, and wants to be indicated by the house to pick her competitor in the fields (Flávia or Manoella), for a possible tiebreaker done by Victor would benefit Dan, If, really she has courage, should choose Angelis.

Some TV viewers think a RS is a kind of competition for workers, artists, illusionists, boxers or physicalists, or is circus, arena of shacks, comedy program, or roller box of “suspense” or mystery movie. RS of confinement is an entertainment where the audience is proposed to select the best person considering all their good and bad attributes to win a prize.

Most people work for necessity, not for pleasure. Typically, those who work for pleasure it is because he does not need to submit to employers and do not need a “daily bread” or already is boss. They are rare, of these away, those who can combine work with pleasure. Producers incompetent and some competent are also well, that is, take pleasure in massacring contestants with their ideas in RSs.

I think the GH12+1 not revealed to be a wonder realization, because Jaime Guerra and Mercedes Mila, despite being excellent in other areas of entertainment and journalism, are not more competent than Carelli, Brito Jr and Co. in RSs. Just inherited a structure already properly installed by competent professionals and a tradition to uphold. Basically it is the same thing occurring with the BBB, with the difference that, in this, the basic core remains. With a possible exit of Boninho, maybe things will change, and I hope it’s for the better.

Noemi Merino and Maria “jerezana” Sanchez were rivals in the game yes, but never arrived “to blows”, at least not in the mold of the “shacks” we’re used to seeing here in Brazil. That would have been a great gift for the production of GH. The education there is another. The only differential of them (to use a word in vogue in FV) is that they show everything online and respect the internet user, even foreigners.

English: Logo of Telecinco Español: Logo de Te...

English: Logo of Telecinco Español: Logo de Telecinco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mentioned before that I am no fan of Noemi and her lawyer I am not, but I considered too strong the wickedness they made against her for lying in GH12+1 and during her stay in Brazil. Each makes the strategy he wants in a RS and does not deserve to be excoriated after he leaves it. What happens in a confinement must remain in confinement and that is why I do not like to talk about former contestants. I speak at most of the features that are recognized by the majority. Does not is my fault like what the majority likes. At least I’m in good company and I do not I drive for opinions exacerbated by more incisive and brutal they are. If there is one thing than does not come into my heart is hate. This is bad!

Incidentally, Pipi (La Mondarina) was the largest worker inside and outside of Guadalix, and gained nothing for it. I do not applaud (the production of GH) for what they did, especially with the simulacrum of RS “La Re-Vuelta”.

RS also is not theater, nor circus, is not singing contest, of beauty, of cooking, etc. It’s contest of people, ie folks with their faults, qualities, character, personality, charisma, sincerity, truth, opinions, honesty, etc.

Sede da Tv Globo de São Paulo

Sede da Tv Globo de São Paulo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comparing the makers Globo, Record and Telecinco, my opinion is that the Globo is still better, or, say, is the least worst. At least it

excels in quality, professionalism and respect for the contestants after they leave. When they are still confined is a different story, and I do not like the sadism, machiavellianisms, censorship of criticism of production by the contestants and the resulting persecution. After all, they are also in judgment by the public, whether they like it or not, and not only the contestants.

As TV viewers we must be vigilant, because the exploitation of communication for TV is a public service, under concessions, not only are the public authorities, who rule in our name and on our choosing, they have an obligation to watch over them. Consequently they are, yes, in our judgment, from the Continuous to the Director and President. All are equal under the law and no one is irreplaceable. Nobody is infallible, but we all have the duty to be blameless. These folks need to understand that they work for the people. We are their customers, and we are who employs them. The same reasoning applies to every artist and public servant and they should never forget that.

By no means we have to say amen to everything that they do and, because they are directors of entertainment, does not mean they are free from criticism, possessed of reason, foolproof, transparent, exempt, fair, honest and sincere. They are very good to sell products and convey advertisements. Of this there is no doubt, and it is the only thing that we must not and we can not refute. This is already the jurisdiction between them, ie, between the stations and their advertisers and commercial sponsors. Eventually, we can boycott or not see with good eyes, as consumers we are, products and sponsors that support things clearly from our displeasure.

Stop it, right? Let’s stop this thinking that someone just for being rich or powerful, is master of reason!


“Mateus França January 1, 2013 00:16
It is annoying to see all the time that sound of impact and image in black and white when it is shown Angelis, to give the impression that she is the villain of the story. I hope Brazil does not come into the wave of this production homophobic!”

Hi, Mateus. LOL. You “killed” one of the many puzzles of this Reality fool. It is also a discontinuity, such as “non-special effect”. They take a picture of any other sequence, make a discoloration and insert a sound dismal. Everything thing amateurish. Are failing to fool anyone and are only making cheap imitation of the master filmmakers. The effect only that cause is pity (to the production)! This is stopgap to spend time and not show what really matters: the images of truth.

“Anonymous December 30, 2012 17:22
…I value even more this virtue of angelis (firmness, focus) even having the production against her, yet she can play having so many false, gossips and donkeys around her. silviacm”

“I am with you and do not open”, Silvia. “Spooooke” [deep voice and cavernous of Chico Anisio]!

Socorro December 27, 2012 15:11
“…if she wins this farm is not because she deserves it yes because she knows about reality than anyone there; being spokswoman must have been very well informed…”

Socorro, she was advisor to some former contestants, I think, and (it seems) knows several of them [possibly Siri and Alemão (German), for example]. However, that does not make her less worthy of winning. The important thing is knowing how to use the privileged information and not making as Mau-Mau in the case of Maria, Rodrigão (BBB11), Felipe Folgosi (F5) or Lucas. The time of “innocence” in Reality TV already is long gone. Some participants of FV went there because they had IQ [Who indicated (Quem)]. You may not know this because it is a type of discontinuity (“Muffle the Case”). When the contestants begin to talk about it, they “cut” or reprimand by the speakers at the “roller box speechless”! The Globo also does this and usually do not show or do not wish to reveal those it “invites” to the end of the current issue. João Maurício (BBB12) talked too much and screwed up. Generally, anyone who reveals himself as a minion gets screwed.

“28/12/2012 00h41 (13h22 Updated 28/12/2012)
“You’re a monster”, says Karine to Angelis
Confined discuss strongly after the adviser (of the press) return from the fields”

This Reality are taking directions from conflicts in tavern. The traditional attitude of respect to those who are weakened by being in the spotlight it’s over once and for all. Karine was inelegant and tried to get Ibope, when she realized that the potato of Natália and her own, was baking. Before, I had noticed that she and Natália were not giving a truce to Angelis on the work, even being in the spotlight on previous occasions, while Natália herself was being spared. Okay, than was the first fields of her, but that’s not the case. I waited to see what the compact daily of Friday would show and came to see that the attitudes of Isis and Karine were extremely cowardly and revenge. I was disenchanted and realized that this feud has lasted since the entry of Angelis in the house, with some periods of calm just by falsehoods from the double funker. Along with Haysam they formed the trio which mocked from the Angelis, in the back, dancing the funk “She’s immunized!” on the dining table, and that turns and moves, is shown at the FOL. Far from “burn the film” from Angelis, these scenes testified against the funkers, so yes!

“28/12/2012 4:49 a.m. (5:14 a.m. Updated 28/12/2012)
Angelis surprises and washes the dishes during the preparation of dinner
Press officer has made it clear she does not like housework”

Who does not watch the live RS can find, with this news, which Angelis never washed dishes before in confinement. Afff! Angelis do not know cooking, and Karine declined making the dinner, preferring to be threshing in the gym. The site should give this information if it was honest. In any case, RS is not culinary competition, or for washers dishes. A farm cares for the animals and this Angelis never refused to do, despite not liking, as indeed anyone. Those who do not complain, is that they are false, and that is what is important to understand.

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Shielding and “Moral”

Preferences in Votalhada on 30/12/2012 (17:40)

48.75% Angelis
14.61% Manu
36.64% (Thyago 9 – Isis 7- Flavia  7 – Karine 6 – Dan 4 – Victor 4)

Values in parenthesis are rounded.

The preferences in different surveys show that Angelis and Manoella are shielded with about 60% of preferences. This indicates that they ALWAYS return from any rubs against the other contestants and some, if not all, have realized this. They should now avoid going to the field against one of them. This is the meaning of that message “Pay attention to the game”! The opportunity they had to put Angelis against Manoella in the fields was wasted by Dan. He paid no attention to the game and now the production can not do anything without “giving in sight”. That message was very risky and it showed me that they are desperate. They will now have to explicitly tell the contestants that they do not want a lesbian relationship in the Reality, if they have not already said, and that’s why they did not show the scenes that should have shown before.

The only possibility for Angelis go to the field against Manoella is as a result of these ill-fated envelopes that they give as “prizes” for victories in duels weekly. Production is expected to “burn” more with the audience, If they do it again. And will not help nothing, because the exit of one of them, probably Manoella, automatically benefit the other, transferring all its supporters for her.

The ability to maintain a hetero couple in the Final is quite remote, because when Dan and Victor sit in the “small stool”, “dance” almost certainly, depending against whom face, and they are not few. The production has no way to defend them, still as a result of such fights in Summer Party

Flávia, without Dan, has blocked any rapprochement with Thyago or Victor, unless she wants to “burn”, in function of the game. Victor has held that “stay” with any woman of the Reality, including all who have left. Apparently even stay with Cacá, whom he did not even know and have never seen “fatter”. Ie, is “mega burned” and is currently “dragging his tiny wings” behind Angelis.

Dan, without Flávia, “would burn up” as well, similarly to Victor. The only possible couples would be Thyago with Ísis or with Karine, but never convince the public at this stage of the championship.

A fields triple or quadruple to eliminate two contestants at once would be extremely dangerous due to the risk of removing the wrong people and “cement” whom they do not want, and so obviously, the girls are shielded, because at worst (for production) Angelis remain with more than 60% of the preferences. In this situation the only thing that the production should do is “relax” and let the boat ride. Who knows, it would not be convenient then try to regain the public’s trust by doing what he wants, that is, stop interfering and being transparent?

I can not forget the semblance of joy of the presenter when he announced that was going on a “shack” between Angelis and Karine during the decision of the fields live. He just forgot to mention the detail that Karine was doing “dirty game” against a person sitting on the “small stool”. Let’s see if she’ll like that Angelis do that against her when she is in the same situation.

As always, they gave more prominence to insults of Angelis and completely forgotten what the “poor little” Karine spoke live and after, in the continuation by R7. Then reported that Angelis has not apologized to Karine, but in my opinion, who should apologize is Karine, by the lack of sensitivity and lack of sportsmanship and fairplay, The worst thing is that she was defending Natália for something indefensible and rebelling by a logical deduction from Angelis that her (the Karine) limited intelligence can not assess. Ísis embarked on a “canoe stuck” when join the “mussels”!

Karine said that while Angelis is not with the prize in hand she will not recognize her as a good person and not to greet, as if money was what makes the difference. Having returned from six fields meant nothing to her and she has not returned of any fields and runs the risk of “leaking” in his “debut”. For her it is missing a bit of intelligence, unfortunately for me, that I have her as a muse!

The duo funk dancer not yet realized that the lesbian duo is shielded and unmovable. The time for the emergence of another lesbian couple is over, if Ísis and Karine think of this idea. The solution lesbian (if it is a solution) to disrupt the forced protagonism Funker was mortal. The great “hot Banana” that fell in the lap of the production is that if they think the relationship Angelis-Manu is faked they give veracity to it, when not show, or, if not faked, when show will face the growth of their popularity even more. “She’s shielded! This gives funk, saw Haysam?

Anonymous December 29, 2012 00:30
Hi Sandra! Happy New Year to you too, and taking advantage of this opportunity, we wish a 2013 full of happiness for all readers (that honor Votalhada and Frank Killer Blog), who honor us with their visits, and those who post comments on our humble posts, as well as to supporters, and the contributors to the “Opinion”. The feedback from you is important to us!

About the couple Francine-Max (BBB9) is more or less what you said what I also think, with some variations in details. In RSs, candidates to romantic relationships have this plague of “moral” that they want to receive and refuse to give, which is more in function of “game” of the Reality than in relationship itself. True feelings are rare and can be counted on the fingers that were confirmed during or after the RSs. Not even the affair between Maria and Mau-Mau (BBB11) is in this case. There, was treated for female wounded pride, and an infant male chauvinism with connotations of game ago by “moral”.

samara gomes December 30, 2012 12:22
“I came in here just to express my opinion on this reality …”
“… deserve to reach the final .angelis isis and carine because they stood out more note I have no favorite because it is not the Brazil who chooses, but the fanatics.”

Your preferences are the same as mine and you show that accompanied the RS from the beginning, Samara. Just do not agree when you say that do not is Brazil who chooses. The “fanatics” mentioned by you are Brazilian too, noooon? At least most are! Angelis is already the virtual winner for being the most intelligent and are shielded with this story of “Velcro”. The production’s hands are tied because it can not show everything she does, and the little one (the production) can show up, only grows the popularity of the audacious mineira, because after all, she has the courage to “face” the idiocies of them. She’s little “interesting” if she will leave before the Final, or if she’ll win the show. She just does not want to pay the penalty for withdrawal and leave “empty-handed”. It’s a real “hot banana” and, if she wins the program, will be one of the few times that contestants defeat the production of an RS. The only solution available to them is to expel her because they have done everything they could to discredit her. Note that almost everything they “devise” for the contestants aims to play them against her. The purpose is to destabilize her and it will likely increase going forward.

“Patricia Pereira December 29, 2012 13:38”
I sign below, Patricia. Unfortunately Isis and Karine are at risk of not going to the Final, if face up Manu or Angelis in fields. Except this couple Manu-Angelis, they still manage to be better than others.

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“Anonymous December 26, 2012 19:26
HARD-KILL26 December 2012 14:37
“… BBB, never did champion a person like Angelis, always preferred the worker to bum …”
Why not? And Max (BBB9)did what but to be sleeping, eating and drinking, always giving orders to his “beloved” Francine, treated by him as his slave?
See how one is exempt from judgments? When you want to discuss an issue look for arguments that do not betray you and you do become equal or worse the one whom you want to dismantle.

With regard on winning the BBB, you’re right, Livia. The parameter to win the BBB was never to be a worker. Usually those who choose work in a RS to appear, it is because there is no other attributes enough to win. A portion of the public that does not know how to evaluate people, or do not have time to be looking at the contestants, choose this criterion because it is easier to notice. Diego “Alemão (German)” (BBB7) is the greatest example of winning by merit of being totally different from the worker, and is recognized as one of the biggest winners of the BBB.

There are many former contestants who gave blood at work and with it, forgot to show who were in the truth, or had nothing to show. Carlão of the BBB8 was a classic case.

In my opinion the two best women contestants in RSs in Brazil were a winner Maria (BBB11) and Gyselle (BBB8). Maria “Maried” all the time, and “did not care” for the game. Gyselle was so scrupulous about the game that when she had any reaction or attitude that could be interpreted as a game, was hiding herself in the reserved booth – WC – or under the duvets (a été se cacher dans la cabine réservée – WC – ou sous les couettes), so nobody sees her. Lost to Rafinha by a narrow margin and had to fight the whole scheme Globo, where even emissaries were sent into the house to try to destabilize her. Nobody has ever accepted that she was a girl so quiet and well behaved, and while a dancer so gorgeous. Many mistakenly interpreted this as a split personality, for pure envy. Marcelo Arantes (BBB8) that say it, if a psychologist is.

Some combine physical beauty with the disposition for work and fail to show who are in the truth or fail to pay attention to the game, preferring to exhibit the body while working. This is just a strategy to last in the game, and not to win. Exemplary case about it is that of Nicole (F5) and many others, as Kellinha of the BBB12.

Others use the strategy to be “buddies” of all, which can lead to the Final, but hardly to win. Cases of Kadu Parga (BBB10), Léo Áquila (F5) and many others. Some can not convince “right away” and leak sooner. So it’s a dangerous strategy. In short, pre-established strategies almost never work. It is best to act with respect, humanity, sincerity and firmness of character. Do not be false to anyone and stay calm in the face of falsehood against itself, because the all-seeing eye, the people’s, will protect you. Unfortunately the TV Record want to be that eye and that’s the biggest mistake of them. They consider themselves the most qualified to know the contestants, and that is usually among producers to RSs. If so they would have sympathy for the contestants, and would not make wickedness against them.

When I refer to game I want to emphasize that I speak of voting and the need to defend himself. Nothing more. Who does intrigue, gossip, use strategies or embarks in the traps of production in order to play, play dirty. All production teams in RSs instigate the game. This is a handy method to make the contestant to show who he is. In fact highlights the inability to use other means more civilized and more appreciated by the audience. The BBB has advanced in this direction, but still falls far short to the ideal. You could say that TV Record is still in its infancy in this area. Clear example is Rodrigo Faro say in stylish Bial: “Pay attention to the game”!

To be clear. we must distinguish the game from the player. You must judge the player, not his game. No one should win a RS for being the greatest player. What happens is that when everyone plays, one who plays less dishonestly are who should win. That’s it! This is not to say that the best player wins in quantitative terms but in qualitative terms. This was the case with Max (BBB9), in my view, without taking into account their wit, or enter into discrediting considerations.

Now, in this FV nobody is neglecting the game has long. The case is that they are playing wrong, but it would be impossible to play right with such interference, lack of transparency and “gaming” from the production itself to seek audience or discriminate / benefit contestants. If the production discriminates against the preferred of the public, the public discriminates against production. If protects those who are indifferent to this public, this expels that ones. This is logical. Sometimes they deceive the public about who is really being protected and someone else suffers (case of Claudia), but it is terrible for the production, because the chicanery is discovered soon. Under these conditions, no one can play it right, since the order is to play by the simple act of playing, regardless of feelings or who is the winner or the loser.

The advice I would give for the production is: be impartial, fair, transparent, show everything and do not interfere. Maybe then the public again rely on the work of you. When trust is established, are no longer needed ploys, hits sensationalized, plays with the audience and “little secrets” to tease the curiosity of the audience. Only then you will be able to compete with Globo. Not the audience that needs to increase and trust in the broadcaster so you improve the RS. RS is the one that needs to improve so that the public go back.

Another thing: do a good RS in period not coincident with the competition and then enter the arena together with something recognizably able to play for real and not just to “look like competing”. In other words, first rise in the rankings, and then, contesting against the champion! Nobody likes to see a “sparring” being slain in a ring. It’s depressing! All these are obviousness, but it seems that they are not seeing.

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La Maldicion de Ari 3

´A Aless le extraña lo que ha comentado Dani de que no estaba Noe. Marta dice que “tenemos que ir obligatoriamente… a no ser que le haya pasado algo”.´.Marta, de GH12+1, visita

Dixit Marta “tenemos que ir obligatoriamente…” (y digo yo) a menos que Noemi llevaba otra mentira, como se sugirió, a saber, alega algunos problemas de salud. Está claro que la masacre de la canaria fue deliberada y premeditada. No repetir que ella pudo escapar, por favor. No sería sorpresa que esta vez era verdad que ella realmente estaba enferma, y por lo tanto no pudiera ir al plató de nuevo. ¿Por qué?  ¿Sólo para ver los espasmos y fricotes aburridos de Dani?

´Y ayer me enteré de que lo de “hoy ríes, mañana llorarás” es una frase de Carlos Jesús. Sí, el de “raticulín y andercherán”.´.

Dixit El Gato: “´hoy ríes, mañana llorarás´ es una frase de Carlos Jesús”. Lamento informar que esta es una frase dicha en todo el mundo, en casi todos los idiomas, con pequeñas variaciones en la forma pero no el significado. En Brasil se dice desde hacé siglos que “el día de la risa es la víspera de llorar.” La expresión de un pensamiento, no importa la morfología o la ortografía y el lenguaje, es siempre la idea original. Lo que derivan de esta es siempre el plagio. Por lo tanto, es una idea o expresión de un autor desconocido. Es muy peligroso para asignar la autoría de una frase para alguien sin muchas y exhaustivos investigaciones. Casi todo lo que decimos, o todo, ha sido dicho por alguien a quien no sabemos quién es desde el principio del mundo dialéctico. Decimos lo que pensamos, pero nunca debemos pensar que somos los primeros en pensar esas cosas. Si usted piensa que estoy pensando, que piensa lo que estoy pensando, estás pensando mal.

Emotivo balanceDixit El Gato: ´La maldición de Ari puede hacer que Dani quede cuarto. Fue esta una decisión curiosa porque de no haber elegido Alessandro a Marta este lunes ella hubiera sido la elección de Dani. No lo estoy suponiendo, lo dijo él mismo anoche. Sospecho que antes de Ari hubiera elegido incluso a Constan, la hermana de la albaceteña. Marta puede hacer pleno si el próximo finalista pregunta por ella para elegirla como “más uno”, lo cual es bastante probable´. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, con algunas reparaciones menores. De manera análoga, ya que no es una misma manera racional.

En mi opinión, el único resultado de estos giros del programa era neutralizar a la facción Noemista (compuesto casi en su totalidad de los espectadores ocasionales), que estaban distorsionando los votos. Sin embargo, la facción de Ariadnistas está trabajando y fue responsable de la llegada del fricoteiro Burgalés a la final, así como fue los Noemistas de Aless. En mi opinión María, Sindia y Pepe deben ser los finalistas, sin la presencia de Aless y Dani, incluso bajo pena de estar Sergio entre los candidatos a ser ganador+1, elegido por Sindia.

La injusticia final no era solamente para reducir las posibilidades de aquellos que no fueron nominados en las dos primeras rondas de selección de los finalistas, pero incluso lo qué podría pasar con los tres concursantes que no son elegidos como uno de los tres finalistas. Me causa pena ver a las tres pobres almas se reúnen para ser expulsados, cuando ellos pensaban que eran capaces de ganar el programa. Probablemente no lo va a pasar, pero es casi seguro que lo que sucederá no será una compensación suficiente o aceptable.

Dixit El Gato “Los buenos amigos nos hacen crecer también con sus críticas. Mucho mejor tener amigos que palmeros, ¿no es cierto?” Muy preciso y es lo que hago!

Dixit KH: “Y aunque lógicamente le deseo a Noemí una pronta recuperación, no acierto a comprender cuál fue el desencadenante de tal ataque.” Es fácil de entender lo que ocurrió con Noemi. Al igual que a sus admiradores, Noemi no era una espectadora habitual de GH (y mucho menos de BBB). Ella nunca imaginó que sus acciones y palabras podrían tener un impacto tal. Al ser elegida para ir a Brasil, consideró que puede garantizar a hacer lo que le vino a la cabeza (el su albedrío libre). Después de que fue expulsada se dio cuenta de lo que había hecho, pero ya era demasiado tarde y estaba atada a los contratos que la obligaba a someterse al calvario que a ella estaba reservado conforme a las Escrituras (disculpen la comparación inadecuada a Jesucristo).

A partir de ahora vamos a ver muchos Poncius Pilatus lavándose las manos y a echarle la culpa solamente en ella y a la gente que la condenan. Su última esperanza de la rehabilitación emocional se derrumbó con la elección de Aless, si le gustaba o no en realidad el italianini. La elección de Aless fue la gota de agua (el desencadenante) que la hizo emocionalmente desbordante. ¿Correcto?

La mala elección que llevó al Brasil a Noemi la arruinó. Si Marta había sido elegida, las dos chicas podrían estar entre los tres finalistas de esta edición (o por lo menos entre los seis), con un éxito rotundo con el público. Y yo añadiría que no habría habido necesidad de tal exótica “Dale la Vuelta”, que finalmente distorsiona todo. No perder de vista que el BBB en Brasil es un rival de Gran Hermano en España, así como de todo RS en el mundo basado en el mismo formato. (de 11  mayo 2012 17:13)

La información del exterior

La información desde el exterior es un requisito básico para la condición de aislamiento requerida en un reality show. En este supuesto, cualquier caso ajeno al ambiente confinado son dañinos, incluyendo la presencia de terceros que no están cerrados. Dicho esto, la relación con familiares, amigos, conocidos, etc, no es deseable. Tales contactos son el flujo potencial de la información exterior. No hablo de datos tan sólo, porque la mera presencia, en realidad, proviene de fuera de la contención y constituye la información.

Español: Mapa de la procedencia de los concurs...

Español: Mapa de la procedencia de los concursantes españoles de Gran Hermano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Es necesario entonces definir qué es la información desde el exterior, porque es perjudicial (o indeseable) a quién y cuándo!

La información del exterior es cualquier hecho, evento o noticia, ocurridos fuera del recinto de contención. Es dañino o indeseable en vista de la actuación de los concursantes y sus reales análisis por parte del público, que es el responsable de juzgar el mérito de los concursantes, y no la producción del programa. La obtención de información desde el exterior no ayuda y obstaculizan la liberación de las personalidades reales y las tendencias características de los concursantes. Ellos tienen que vivir en las interrelaciones con los demás de manera aislada del resto del mundo, como si en un universo paralelo, como a algunos comentaristas les gustan decir. Cuando los acontecimientos se producen en otros lugares, incluso si se encuentran en otras limitaciones similares no importa dónde se encuentren, son también información externa.

Noemi tiene razón cuando dice que es injusto lo que hicieron con ella y que lo hicieron no lo hicieron con otros en situaciones similares. Aquí no es la discusión que lo que hice estuvo mal o no. El público ya le juzgó y expulsó de la casa por lo que hizo. Ella tiene el derecho de actuar como le plazca, independientemente de lo que hice. Hay un dicho que a “un perro muerto, no patadas!” Sus posibilidades de volver a entrar en la casa disminuyó notablemente con la elección hecha por Aless, pero ella todavía tiene una pequeña posibilidad. Los Noemistas se están moviendo en esa dirección, con menos esperanza, es cierto.

Ari es la más probable que lo vuelva a entrar ahora, porque Dani está subiendo en las encuestas y ella es una opción mui posible del Burgalés travieso, a menos que prefiera elegir a alguien que dé más apoyo a él para ser el ganador de GH. En este caso, Azu, Mary Joy, Ochoa, Vero y Zule, estarían en la carrera. No creo que elegiría un hombre, a Michael, por ejemplo.

Si tuviera que elegir Dani a Mary Joy, y si Hugo o Pepe llegan a ser uno de los finalistas, se incrementan las posibilidades de Noemi. Si Sindi es uno de los finalistas, en cambio, probablemente elegirá a Sergio, u otro hombre. La Mary Joy tampoco se puede descartar, a pesar de ser una mujer. Visto de esta manera, Mary Joy está reuniendo a más probabilidades de volver a entrar en la casa. La elección obvia de Pepe sería a la Mary Joy u a Noemi, ya que Marta ha vuelto a entrar en la casa.

Marta sería la opción ideal para apalancar la victoria de Pepe, pero no veo Pepe como finalista solo por esta razón (o uno de ellas). Los Noemistas y los Arianistas (o ariadnistas) estarán listos para tratar de asegurar de que el bailaor Pepe Flores no es uno de los finalistas. Por lo tanto, este “dale la Vuelta” tendría el efecto de obstaculizar el concursante y para evitar su victoria. Eso es lo que yo llamo la injusticia por la interferencia. La producción intenta cancelar las posibilidades de ganar a los que ella cree y asume que estaban omitiendo información sobre ellos (o eventos personales en sus vidas), que es un derecho, es lícito y deseable, independientemente de sus méritos, y se niega a dar al público la oportunidad de tener una opinión sobre ellos.

Aless sabía muy bien que Marta sería una elección natural para cualquiera de los posibles finalistas, excepto para sí mismo y que sus posibilidades de ganar se vería disminuido si se tratara de la elegir un posible rival. Hugo dijo varias veces que se arrepentía de haberla nominado. Aless, sin embargo, la nomino varias veces y nunca mostró arrepentimiento. Por lo tanto, su elección fue puramente estratégica, evitando de esta manera que sus posibles rivales pudieran que se la elijan como apoyo. Él bien podría haber elegido la Mary Joy y sería perfecto, ya que no quiso dar una oportunidad para Noemi. Por supuesto, es su derecho, pero es cuestionable como un juego.

Sin embargo, hacer más malabares y agregar más reglas, por ejemplo uno de los finalistas + 1 más allá de los tres o cuatro repescados (para un premio de consolación) de última hora, no es más posible ya que el daño está hecho y no tiene más remedio. Y qué hacer con los 2 o 3 que no son finalistas? Expulsar a las calles sin derecho a repesca?

Lo que yo temía será lo que va a pasar y tenemos un fin injusto y con los (algunos) competidores tibios, con el premio fuera del alcance de los (algunos) merecedores reales. Si la intención era premiar a los que se fueron a las nubes de color blanco o aburrir al público con chistes tontos o a los demás concursantes, María y Ari son mejores opciones, una de ellas por ser inofensiva y de buen corazón y la otra siendo divertida y excéntrica, pero ambigua. Premio de consolación de 1% o 5% (o lo que sean) no compensan el sentido infalible de que seremos engañados. Estoy hablando de aquellos que son fans de RS.

En esta edición de Gran Hermano rabió la manipulación de información desde el exterior por la producción, la utilizando a su libre albedrío y el placer. Sorprendentemente, están penalizando a los participantes quienes también, de una manera u otra, habían hecho uso de dicha información, sin importar se han hecho en una condición legítima, inocente o no.

En mi opinión, omitir información personal o requerir confidencialidad y esperar de ellos, es uno de los derechos de un competidor. Los selectores de los candidatos no tienen que ofenderse en estos casos y no aprovecharse de ellos para cualquier propósito sin el permiso del concursante. Si un concursante referirse a alguien fuera de la competición, los productores pueden utilizarlas – la u las información(es) – a su arbitrio, aunque no se recomienda ni la referencia ni el uso de este hecho.