Manoella x Flavia

Very childish facing a premiere of a BBB pumping. Show all that “suspense” for the Victor decide who would send to the fields was ridiculous. Again the intent of putting Angelis against Manoella in the fields were frustrated. Victor would not be stupid at this point because he measured well that he “burn” more with the public if he did what the production wanted. There was no need for that whole scenario of the formation of the fields. In reality there was not a need for a presenter at the event (sic).

I believe that the original intent was to form a triple spotlight, but they dropped out at the last minute. If it had been the victory of the opposing team in duel, then yes, it could be and would fit a triple or quadruple spotlight. I think that now the production decided to live with the gay couple, for absolute lack of options.

Logo of Rede Globo since 2008, designed by Han...

Logo of Rede Globo since 2008, designed by Hans Donner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope they have noticed that the “parade” is indigestible. To counteract the “attraction” of them (TV Record) would suffice a simple Maroca. The Glass House and the other 5 BBBs former can be considered as “premium” by the Globo network, so they never dare to be as primary and shove the “guitar in the bag.” A hint: when the former BBBs are gathered in the room-library, do not forget to watch. It is simply priceless! If the TV Record not care, can come around, from the middle to the end of the year or coinciding with Farm-celebrities, the BBB-celebrities!


“23/11/2012 16h21 (18h21 Updated 23/11/2012)
Manoella gives hope to the big guys, “I’ve got needy!”
With her keen eye, Angelis had already detected that the newcomer came to encourage the “jinx”!

“10/12/2012 4:39 a.m. (7:40 a.m. Updated 10/12/2012)
Natália reveals who she intends to immunize
Ballerina talk with Ísis Gomes at the gym
– If it is immunity, I’ll give it to you. If Manu go to fields [being the most voted by the participants], you run risk of going by the group [Team Ants]. If you are immunized, they will send Rapha.
Negotiation manipulative! That “they” could be quoted. Natália is doing strange revelation. There is no logic in immunizing with the envelope the opponent from the other team and in her duel, and there may be an “arrangement” of the production to preserve Natália in the Reality, since Manu and Ísis are strong. At that point, everything that the production wishes is to preserve the three involved, with the intention of winning Ibope to the program and, in particular, Natália. The “tip” is an inducement to vote to put Raphael in the field.

“13/12/2012 15h06 (15h13 Updated 13/12/2012)
“You need not humiliate anyone in a national network”, says Manoella to Victor
– I think the key is, on time to justify the vote, do it subtly, without humiliating and let the person uncomfortable. You do not need to humiliate anyone in front of everyone and on national television chain.”
I agree, but I would replace “subtle” with “respectful.”

“16/12/2012 3:38 a.m. (3:44 a.m. Updated 16/12/2012)
Ísis, Natália and Thyago talk about votes and Fields
Still, Angelis, Manoella and Flávia entered the spotlight and should be the next confined facing the fields.”
For the first time I agree with an analysis of the site, but I put on this list also Karine and Natália. Flávia runs less risk of what Natália and Karine.

“28/12/2012 14h31 (17h19 Updated 28/12/2012)
Manoella complains about Karine for Isis Gomes: “She played dawn”
Curitibana was upset with the postures of the funker and the model
– Karine started talking a lot of nonsense yesterday, involving my name live on at the fight with Angelis, talking about my intimacy, judging me. She played down.
– For me the fights here, die here. Each has a way of thinking, but Karine was judging me, it’s hard to be a punching bag as I am.”
Karine said that Manoella and Angelis “rubbed up”, but Karine got tired of parading around the house with a small shorts more than indecent, and was still by asking for everyone whether it was indecent. The exhibition of her in the coop along with Ísis and the dance of funk on the dining table were very “behaved”.

Karine voted in Manoella being the last to vote (she was already with 4 votes against 2 of Manu) and said she was defending herself in the game. Either she was lying or is certainly stupid, because the vote would not impede that she went to the fields. At best, she does not know arithmetic. As she was my muse I will admit that she was nervous.

“02/01/2013 2:40 a.m. (3:11 a.m. Updated 02/01/2013)
“I am the punching bag of my group”, says Ísis”
This phrase reminds me what she did with Manoella, Raphael, Sacra and Gaby. I keep saying that “the spell turned against the witch”.

Ranking: Angelis, Flávia, Dan, Thyago, Ísis, Victor.


“13/11/2012 10:12 (Updated 13/11/2012 11h34)
Flávia is overwhelmed by cuteness of the rabbit, and bear the pet in her lap ”
“Nicole moment” in the Farm Summer!

“08/12/2012 19h50 (20h08 Updated 08/12/2012)
Flávia says she does not get with Dan to avoid not to hurt Thyago”
That “rains and not wet” is getting “boring”. It seems that these people never heard the saying: “In war and love anything goes!”

“10/12/2012 00h08 (Updated 10/12/2012 2:53 a.m.)
Flávia reveals whom to vote for on Tuesday (11)
– In the group, I’m in Manu. I like her, but she is the person farthest”
Translation: She is approaching much Dan!

“11/12/2012 14h22 (14h52 Updated 11/12/2012)
Flávia reveals to Ísis that she wants to be the first to vote in the fields”
If the production grant this request, it will be for her an indication that they approve the strategy of her. She thinks that Raphael is stronger than Manu, but it’s the opposite. Her plan is to get rid of Thyago to clear her way into the arms of Dan. I think however, that Dan will play water out of the basin, as does Victor. With the exception of Raphael, who is not shooter, the rest of men only shoot blanks. Do you remember Jonas (BBB12)? They are similar.

“11/12/2012 18h28 (18h46 Updated 11/12/2012)
– Nobody looked at her face (Angelis), Rodrigão picked a fight with everyone, went to the fields because of it and now everyone is a friend of the girl. Have you ever stopped to think about it? ”
Dan is evaluating whether it’s worth “stay” with Flávia and ally himself with Angelis. She, Karine, Haysam and Bianca were the ones who voted for him (Simões) at that time in open voting. Karine, instigated by Haysam, and Flávia by Bianca.

“14/12/2012 00h12 (00h42 Updated 14/12/2012)
Victor believes that Flávia not will stand the spotlight
Comment was made in the Tree House to Raphael and Thyago ”
Out here it is indeed well known.

“16/12/2012 5:25 a.m. (6:23 a.m. Updated 16/12/2012)
Dan console Flávia with hot kisses
– Did the people are finding me a traitor because of the vote?”
You are, Flávia! What is worse is that you are being “burned” by the production. Everything, or almost everything that happens overnight is distorted by the site while netizens are seeing people who are not interacting with others or are sleeping. The important conversations are assisted only by them and then they distort everything.

Ranking: Dan, Angelis, Manoella, Isis, Thyago, Victor.

Note: Manoella remained in the Reality Show with 53% of the public vote.

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Victor x Karine

Patricia Pereira January 2, 2013 08:47
“…Faro, we received your message of manipulation when you said at the end of the program that polls do not win RS…”

Carrine committed the same mistakes and will cry for the same reasons that Karil. Freshly entered the game and “let the shuttle fall”! When the body does not think, is the head that suffers! or is it the heart? I think I’m changing everything! LOL! This usually occurs when I get without muse.

My muse decided to get into the game. I urgently need another, otherwise nothing will come out of my keyboard to tell readers to. Or is my mind? As Victor said, “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Well, the phrase is not of him, but he has been the one who pointed this in confinement.

When Angelis was shot in that vote, in which she received 14 votes (whole house), she was discouraged to work, but still fulfilled the obligations. Now, Ísis decreed labor strike because she was pre-indicated by her Group. She is finding how “good” feel like a “punching bag” or as “the last cookie from the package”! Let’s see if someone will come up to say she is “ma´am, lazy, baby girl of mommy and pampered”. Mean then that she only worked so as not to be voted!?


“- The secret of the game is to not let the shuttle fall!”

In my opinion, the contestants must go to vote with 3 or 4 options to vote, but it seems that some have only one or two. If they intended to vote in Angelis and / or Raphael for soon, should have more options since they could be and were immunized.

“14/11/2012 14h37 (15h24 Updated 14/11/2012)
Quite depressed, Karine sings and cries on the couch”
Solitude. It is a disease that attacks particularly people who do not know how to choose good friends. Karine has maturity for some things, but for her age, yet not well known people with ease.

“05/12/2012 1:58 a.m. (9:47 a.m. Updated 05/12/2012)
Gaúcha and mineira say that the confined are playing
Karine agreed and stood up a hypothesis about the fight that occurred at the beginning of the Tuesday night (4).
– Dan and Carril discussed with Angelis right on top of the vote just to have a pretext to vote for her to serve as an excuse. It seems that they created this conflict on purpose. They are playing a lot.”

“09/12/2012 1:44 a.m. (Updated 9/12/2012 5:09 a.m.”
I find it interesting that the favorites in Itu are not the same favorite contestants at the official website. Those who are boycotted in the images are not the same that are depreciated on the site. The more they deny live images of the favorites in the polls, plus the “darlings” of them sink in the rankings of preferences. The more they try to “burn” the favorites of the public, the more they rise.

“18/12/2012 7:01 a.m. (8:56 a.m. Updated 18/12/2012)
With right to drinks and challenge, participants become excited in activity”
Karine was the winner in my opinion. After some defections they finally realized that they needed to relaxing a little the pressure on the confined. This is a delicate question and, if managed skillfully, the RS can take off.

“20/12/2012 4:55 a.m. (4:59 a.m. Updated 20/12/2012)
“It is not why I’m not going with your face”, says Karine to Carril”
Despite the inexperience, Karine correctly assessed the personality of Carril.

“26/12/2012 13h38 (14h59 Updated 26/12/2012)
“If Natália leave I will not understand anything”, says Karine”
Karine is very hardheaded. Who knows, she learns to better select friends after the verdict of the public?

“28/12/2012 14h58 (17h12 Updated 28/12/2012)
After fight, Karine shoots: “If I have to go with Angelis to the fields, I go”
– While Angelis not take this award, she is no better than anyone else.”
This is pure “nonsense”. One thing has nothing to do with each other. The money does not make someone be better, and maybe even be the opposite, in a worst case.

Ranking: Ísis, Victor, Thyago, Flávia, Manoella, Angelis, Dan


“I’m just doing my role, how many times have you shot for “eat” a woman, here is different, here is love?”

“11/11/2012 5:42 a.m. (5:54 a.m. Updated 11/11/2012)
Victor Hugo says he was shocked by the falsity of some colleagues”
Not the only one. Out here, there are also many shocked at such shamelessness, dissimulation, and hypocrisy.

“04/12/2012 1:23 a.m. (1:42 a.m. Updated 04/12/2012)
Victor charges Natália and she explains herself
Model said the student has attitudes of kid”
One of the things I find ridiculous is the audacity of the site to show edited videos shown on daily summary with content previously shown live at R7, like new matter. The intention is to always denigrate or promote someone. They must think they are communicating with beings from other planets, aliens. The repetition of scenes in the last compact daily of the year has been a “must”.

“11/12/2012 12:35 (Updated 11/12/2012 12h42)
In conversation with Angelis, Victor reveals his vote for the next fields
Surfer ensures not indicate the spokeswoman to the spotlight”
He wants to bargain votes. Probably will exchange shots with her in the group. Victor is characterized by vote carelessly. He has no personal consideration by anyone, even by his affair (Natália) on Reality. He knows massaging the ego of women according to each type and is a “chicken”.

“14/12/2012 5:08 a.m. (5:16 a.m. Updated 14/12/2012)
“It is not I’m chicken. ‘s that I’m cold”, says Victor”
Victor is a “chicken”, but he does not know what it is a man “chicken”!

“20/12/2012 17:30 (Updated 20/12/2012 17h36)
Thyago bet: “Next week, one of the two [Dan and Flávia] go to the fields”
At poolside, entrepreneur and Victor are already talking about next elimination
Victor, hearing the friend’s outburst, was sincere about the strategy used in the last elimination.
– In the latter fields we played bravo! Come tell me that someone voted with the heart! The difference is that our gun had six bullets.”

“21/12/2012 00h33 (00h43 Updated 21/12/2012)
– She (Angelis) is true. You have to take your hat off to her.”

Ranking: Thyago, Dan, Karine, Ísis, Manoella, Flávia, Angelis

9th Fields Karine X Victor – Partial – 09:30

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Angelis x Natalia

The “Stone Woman” will find that beauty is not essential in a RS.

Votalhada and I have no favorite participants to say to the readers. We are like sports referees: we sounded whistles without rights to manifest explicit empathies, obeying the rules with fairplay.


“HARD-KILL December 26, 2012 24:45
since Dan woke up twice, why the “ma’am”, lazy, preppy, pampered by the Angelis did not wake up? It would be because she did not want to work she said they did not awaken her? This I want to see if Frank Killer has the courage to answer”

Hard, nobody is saying that Angelis is a Maria Teresa of Calcutta. My answer to you is in the text where you inserted your inquiry. Read more carefully:

“The production of FV know that a part of the “galley” has this narrow view on a RS, and that is why they much emphasize the only defect that openly admits having Angelis. She certainly has other defects and one of them is “do not bring insults to home”, but the production knows that talking about it gives points for her. For my part, I do not judge participants according to criteria of laziness or disposition to work. If so Felipe Folgosi (F5) and Rodrigo Carril should win in their RSs or Kelly of the BBB12 (even by their amazing physical resistance). So…”

Brazilian actor Felipe Folgosi.

Brazilian actor Felipe Folgosi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing how fate is capricious! The production is being forced to swallow Angelis, the heroin they fabricated with the mess they made from the fray of Summer Party. If they had not done all that, the story of the RS could have been different. Both the other contestants as well as the production did not expect such a brave mineira “bounce back” and is now the record holder of fields from the RS, going to the sixth seat almost consecutively. And there’s more at least 5 fields to the Final on days 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31/1.

If all goes as it has been until now she may still have to face at least 3 more, not counting the fields on the Final. This is an absolute record considering all editions of Artists’ House, Farm-celebrities, and editions of the BBB!

If there are no double fields, or calendar changes, or more than one fields per week, the Final will be in the first week of February, if a final by 3. From what the presenter said, that the program still lasts a month, more or less, may be the Final by four, that is, with four finalists.

From what I know of finals with 4, you can make a program bombastic with many options to create interesting things. Everything would then depend on the capacity and competence of the production. They can not forget that the BBB may be booming in Ibope, on occasion.

If Angelis pass through fields against Thyago and Ísis, the Record TV can then deposit the award in her account! I wonder what would happen if there were not occurred the 3 dropouts (Simões, Halan and Haysam) and the expulsion of Lucas. Probably the intention would be to compete with the BBB by the end of February. It would be pretentious, I think, with a format so ridiculous, so much sleight of data, children’s plays and lack of transparency.

“14/12/2012 14h53 (17h28 Updated 14/12/2012)
“Angelis is cool, but we can not forget that she is manipulative”, Natália detonates”
That is exactly what Natália was doing (handling) with Karine. In the case, was trying to influence Karine against Angelis and Flávia. In a formation of fields on which the presenter said that Angelis was the biggest manipulator of the game, maybe he wanted to refer to Natália, because precisely in this fields Angelis had their votes annulled by Carril and not vote for anyone. Even still, she was able to make her group to immunize Manoella.

Ranking: Manoella, Flávia, Ísis, Thyago, Victor, Natália, Dan, Karine


“28/10/2012 17h19 (Updated 29.10.2012 15:10)
Know Natalia Inoue, another participant announced for Farm Summer
The brunette is a model, was born in Curitiba, Paraná, but was created in the United States
31/10/2012 22h09 (22h15 Updated 31/10/2012)
Natalia Inoue is 27, is a dancer and was born in Rio de Janeiro. The participant currently lives in Curitiba (PR).

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The girl made a point of saying that does not carry insults to home.
– It is not anyone who will stick their finger in my face.
How will be the trajectory of the candidate in reality, eh?”
The festival of disinformation started before starting the RS. After all she is from Curitiba or Rio?

“07/11/2012 17:05 (Updated 07/11/2012 19h38)
After the fight (with Sacra?), Natalia toasts the audience with a delightful sun bath
The oriental beauty isolated herself from the group and stood under the sun”
Another biased news, at least in the headline. How saying fight? If the girl nor opened her mouth in the “explosion” of Sacra! Interestingly, the same report was repeated soon afterwards on the site.

“13/11/2012 15h36 (15h48 Updated 13/11/2012)
“Gabriela is strange to me, she does not look in my face”, says Natália”
They was talking of votes. It seems that Nuelle and Bianca would also be “in this”, but Bianca certainly goes in Simões, for she could not go on Angelis (immunized in the fields of the barn), and leaving Natália for the following weeks.

“13/11/2012 12:55 (Updated 13/11/2012 13h01)
Gabriela says she will vote for Natália in the formation of the fields
Instigated by Bianca, Gabriela revealed that also will vote for Natália. She said the oriental is the person she least talk”
It seems they are “arming” against Natália in voting group, but if Simões is already in the hot seat will hardly want to go to the fields against her. If themselves fall into the fields (the girls) may “leak” of Reality.

“20/11/2012 3:05 a.m. (3:57 a.m. Updated 20/11/2012)
“The potatoes are roasting”, heated tempers between confined
– I’m here baqing your potatoes (Raphael), but not to criticize you, but to ask a favor. From what I’ve seen, before you suffer a preconception, Angelis is there to defend you. sometimes the bias is in the head who always brings it up. I want to ask you a favor to take the lead and impose yourself.”
Dear Natália, you just give a double shot in your own foot. You raised the issue (preconception) and intended to create enmity among friends. Apparently succeeded, and Raphael refused thereafter to be defended by Angelis.

“21/11/2012 4:16 a.m. (4:43 a.m. Updated 21/11/2012)
Natália can not stop laughing and intrigue Isis and Haysam
Karine arrived and the model has revealed the reason for their laughter”
From what I gathered from her explanation and gesture she made, Natália is suggesting that she and Karine seduce Dan and Victor to join them (Haysam, Isis, Karine and Natalia) against the rest of the house. Victor, she managed to snag, but her target would be Dan.

“26/11/2012 08:00 (Updated 26/11/2012 9:15 a.m.)
Without sleep Haysam and Natalia gossip overnight
The duo took the opportunity to “snipe” the companions of confinement”
The scenes in this video edited and others, recorded in the early hours of this Monday, 26, were not shown live on R7. So are not reliable the views of the newscaster in the recording.

“05/12/2012 1:36 a.m. (3:09 a.m. Updated 05/12/2012)
Thyago says he was stunned by vote of Natália
– I think she buys votes with this thing about mother. If someone was “brooding” is hypocritical”.
I think Natalie was cruel to the feelings of Nuelle. What she said on the vote was a lot worse than the curses of mothers occurred in confinement. You can disrespect a person in many ways, but disparage feelings universally accepted is different and very serious. Showed that she is heartless and cold.

’19 / 12/2012 11h23 (14h52 Updated 19/12/2012)
Natália Inoue destroys Flavia: “She’s a fool” ‘
Natália was trying to co-opt Dan, so she was wanting to remove Flávia from the Reality!

Ranking: Karine, Victor, Ísis, Thyago, Manoella, Angelis, Flávia, Dan

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She´s Immunized!

Angelis is fighting against the house and against the production to protect Manu. Carril made a big mistake when he annulled the votes of Angelis and “pulled out” the vote on her. In previous fields production has met the request of Flávia and left her “pull” a vote to put Thyago in the field. On both occasions the production has played. This envelope contained a burden and not a bonus! If it was to the Victor, the interpretation would be otherwise, and this of course was also game.

Cleverly, Angelis managed to immunize Manu. When Natália realized the maneuver, it was too late. The intention of Natália was put Angelis against someone from the other group, preferably Flávia. Angelis managed brilliantly to thwart the plans of Grasshoppers and Natália simultaneously. Ísis took a little longer to see “drop the card” and their intentions were even more Machiavellian. Dan voted for the person he was “learning to like” as told to vote for her. Already he is for 40 days “learning”, and does so in a very curious: voting in her or on her friends (Gaby, Raphael and Manoella), just like Isis and others!

The reaction of Isis was similar to the Thyago about two of his “best friends” (Gaby, and Simões), who were facing in the fields because of his mischief and others. In the case of Isis, we can say that “the spell turned against the witch”, no matter what will be the “vision” of production, to be shown today (19) in the daily summary on this fight yesterday. Probably they will “burn the film” of Angelis.

Since the return of the live broadcast, after the entry of the infamous FOL, they have not shown a single picture of Angelis until dawn. They hid it deliberately to harm her on TV national chain. Carril was amply shown in the “live” including asking for votes to stay, using the slogan “Stay Carril”. Wake up, production! This does not work, or actually works in reverse. To terrorism, the site put the FOL, with the old fight in the “Summer Party”, edited tendentiously, yet.”

08/12/2012 18h06 (Updated 08.12.2012 18:20)

Raphael was one of the last confined to enter the Farm Summer He played his acceptance in confinement in a fields with Leandro, who has left the competition.

“Fifth fields of Angelis, Rodrigo! The rise of the barn was a double fields, where people decided that she and Raphael should stay in the Reality. Unfortunately just did not have a prior vote of contestants with your “essential” presence in flesh and bone, but was that only. The editor of the site acknowledges that.

A discontinuity of the “hypocrisy” was noticed yesterday at the end of the program, just at the time for the presenter invited us to take a “peek” and Manoella gave a hug of solidarity in Angelis. Interesting is that it was in a national network and Brazil entire saw, or rather did not see anything, because they cut immediately back to the presenter. It was hilarious! No, Rodrigo! nobody saw anything! See, see?

The Portuguese Ana Paula gossiper of the Canázio announced that there was grabs and kisses implying that occurred a lesbian scene. If there was anything other than a fraternal embrace, only she and the technical personnel seen. This false moral of the program gets to be boring, because they show shamelessly scandalous big kisses between Victor and Naty and images of women in bikinis briefs or panties and “carelessness” of contestants to swap clothes or sleeping. Not to mention the view of Lucas nude bathing “y otras cositas”.

In the real, if there are 4 romantic relationships in the house, this with the two women would be the most sincere, because they “do not care” if it was good or bad. Do I spoke? Maybe in the BBB it would not work, but in this crummy RS has great chance to succeed and finish off this stupid preconception in our media, because among those watching, most want to “see the circus on fire”! All this would be, of course, if everything is not a “big move” of the production trying to get Ibope, or a veiled hope of the competition so that the RS definitely sink into the abyss of incompetence. The production was then indecisive about what to do. This is typical of the incompetence!


“14/12/2012 15:30 (Updated 14/12/2012 17h59)
In the bedroom, Natalia, Karine, Victor and Thyago criticize Angelis
Confined do not support the views of mineira”
Natália distorted everything. Angelis said explicitly that all components of the group are lazy and the option for Carril is because he is a hard worker. Anyway it will not be necessary to change Carril and no one between groups, and thought Angelis who was Raphael who would leave. Natália also wanted to change the focus (vote) of Angelis for Karine, inciting enmity between them. Natália thought the Vote of Angelis would be in she and Victor.

“18/12/2012 4:51 a.m.
Thyago Gesta grabs and kisses Isis Gomes in the Tree House at dawn”
Now (at the time) were already three couples. Evil tongues say that Angelis and Manoella form the fourth couple, but I just believe seeing, and I have not seen any concrete image. If it’s a lesbian relationship and the Record is withholding the pictures that prove it, can only be a false morality or preconception. If they want to release everything as a “bomb”, it’s past time and, certainly, everything will come misrepresented. The edited video that they classified as “jealous scene” already shown, have not convinced me!

“18/12/2012 16h21 (17h06 Updated 18/12/2012)
In the room of the house, Angelis vented with Isis and gave a hint about her target.
– I said I’m not going to vote for Thyago and when I promise, I fulfill. I’ll take out anyone who wants to take me out and I’ll protect Manoella.”
“That’s what the people like and that’s what the people want!” Isis “sold” this fish for Karine so personalized, as if Angelis had been referring specifically to Karine. Also she repeated the same thing at the time of the vote, to “burn the film” of the mineira. Karine, as we have seen, did not vote for Angelis in one of the votes for the night and Angelis had no right to vote. In my view Karine acted properly and not left to “calve” from the ears by her “friend”. If Karine turned against Angelis, could be in this fields instead of Carril. I did not understand the wrath of Isis, unless she wanted to see her friend in the hot seat.

Ranking: Manoella, Thyago, Victor, Flávia, Karine, Dan, Natália, Ísis, Carril


“10/12/2012 3:38 a.m. (8:11 a.m. Updated 10/12/2012)
Surprising! Carril requests apologize for Angelis
Lawyer shown repentant for having offended publicist”
Now everyone is “sorry”! Actually they are afraid to go to the fields against her and run the risk of being eliminated.

“10/12/2012 16:30 (Updated 10/12/2012 19h54)
According Thyago, Rodrigo Carril is afraid to go to the fields
Businessman gives his opinion on the vote next Tuesday (11)
Next Thyago said why Carril had this attitude in a conversation with the funk dancer.
– He’s afraid to go to the fields. I think that Karine, Haysam, Angelis and Manoella vote in him on Tuesday (11).”

“11/12/2012 11h49 (12h04 Updated 11/12/2012)
Rodrigo Carril does accounts to escape the fields, but he is conformed”
Probably will not be voted. Only, he is looking to situate himself in the game and know the vote of Flávia. He wants to vote for Manu to defend himself, but is in doubt. On days of voting Carril uses this tactic with everyone to find out whom they will vote.

“14/12/2012 18h17 (19h16 Updated 14/12/2012)
“Angelis is not as strong as they are thinking,”shoot Rodrigo Carril”
He knows that she is (strong) and is trying to encourage Dan and Flavia to face her in the field.

“16/12/2012 2:15 a.m. (4:41 a.m. Updated 16/12/2012)
Isis calls Carril for bombastic talk
– Is that you never looked (me) in the eye to talk about it (dating). I (Carril) will not change anything. Only not going to get in you.”
He must have some blockage of some kind or is very insecure and shy!

Ranking: Manoella, Thyago, Victor, Flávia, Karine, Dan, Natália, Ísis, Carril

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Suspicious Movements

This commenter, who reports to the reader, so is fissured in RS that, which by fatigue, occasionally surrenders for short moments at a nap and, in those brief moments, dreams sometimes with contestants and situations in RSs, which are rolling in their screens.

The scenes that I will report then are from the Farm Summer for sure. I’m not sure what it is that has been transmitted from Itu or is oneiric images that are generated in my subconscious. The scenes consist in total of 4 “takes” greatly brief, and occurred in the last Weekend, logically after Natália winning the Duel Weekly of the program, and have won such envelope. The team Ants had already performed part of the tasks of that first part of the day and most were in the kitchen. Some members of the Grasshoppers were still asleep.

Take 1
Natália was seen leaving the dorm carrying the envelope and placed it in a container on the porch of the main house. Then she went back into the house.

Take 2
Appeared in sequence a scene showing a man wearing swimming trunks, carrying an object similar to an envelope in his left hand, walking from the balcony to some extent away from the house. The destination point in the scene was outside the camera lens and therefore it was not possible for me to see where he went or what he did with the object like an envelope. By the color of trunks and the physical aspect of man he seemed to be Victor. Not could for I distinguish perfectly, because the image was shown by far in a type of take known as landscape infinite, which covers a large area of scenario.

Take 3
Seconds later (less than 20), appeared the same man walking in the opposite direction, toward the porch, carrying the same object in his right hand. I could not see if he placed the object in the container mentioned at the first take. The takes 2 and 3 were made with the same camera, static.

Take 4
Continuous act, Natália came out of the house, picked up the envelope at the container of the porch and entered the dorm with the envelope in her hands. End of the action!

All this could be “trickery” of the program or from the couple, or from all! Or, honestly, I can not explain the reason for such unusual movements! It is “surreal” too much for me! LOL.

The takes were shown in sequence and it looked like someone from the technical staff directed the transmission in order to watch the action. What was strange about all this is that Natália has not interacted with Victor in no time the two times she was near him. Another amazing thing is the putative envelope strangely made this little trip to an unknown point and return shortly thereafter, assuming, of course, that it was the same envelope.

The clear impression that we had is that Natália put the envelope in the container and, immediately after, Victor took it, walked to a spot away from the house, where he delivered it with his left hand to someone or deposited at some place or just violated it, caught or not another envelope with his right hand in this place or from someone, came back to the porch and placed it in the container. Immediately after that, Natália left the house, picked up and carried it back to the dorm. All the action with all 4 takes lasted no more than 10 minutes. Very strange!

If any reader has seen the same things, or recorded, I request that you contact or give your testimony, otherwise I keep thinking I’m crazy or something. Everything seemed too real to be a dream or a hallucination.Thumbnail for version as of 17:39, 9 May 2005

Whether or not just a dream, I refer to the analysis and conclusions of the readers, to reflect how convenient for the RS, and the couple, was mounted in that fields Tuesday, day 11/12, long awaited by fans of RSs. Strangely, Natália has not shown much curiosity in conversations regarding the contents of the envelope, which would be unusual and, at the time of voting, acted in a very safe way, arguing with ease and aplomb. Let’s hope that only I have seen it, or have actually been only a dream! LOL.

Since this episode, I have watched with more attention to Natália and Victor and I could not extricate myself from my suspicions. I decided to do that surveillance to the couple, and at the same time, be alert to know if anyone else saw what I saw, and these, are the reasons for the delay in making this report, but I made veiled references to this episode between the lines.

My attitudes about a book are the same before any text. Not distinguish size considerations. To me what matters is the content, whether short or long. Just make exceptions, and reluctantly, in relation to technical reports at work, or in memos to “chiefs” and executives lazy ted to “busy”. Of course, nobody wants to be fired from a job for working too much. Other than that …

“Laurita December 13, 2012 02:17”
I apologize to some readers if I harming susceptibilities, but that was not my intention and did not drive indirect or direct words to anyone or quoted names. In real, nobody’s spokesman for nobody (least of all, me, which I’m only an “opinionist”), nor leading fans in RSs. Fan of RS is just like any other fan and has no special features on the reading habit. This is characteristic of each individual or cultural level, regardless of groups or social segments, in my opinion. I never saw any social research related to this issue. I have readers who would like me to write books about it (RS) and maybe I’ll do that. Basically, everything are just opinions, including mine. There is a book (which I greatly desire to read) written in Spain about the issues of the first 10 years of Gran Hermano of them, which sells a lot and already has several reissues. But there, is another country, is not it? Fan of RS is no less worship because he enjoyed RS, and may even be the opposite, who knows? This still needs to be properly quantified. IBOPE, please … Disclose what you know or immerse in this matter!

“Anonymous December 13, 2012 09:00 (Angelica)
I agree ….
Thiago is not worth anything, but they put in the bill of him the votes in the past that they gave in to Angelis.
I hope he comes back from the fields and Angelis understand the message.”

Angelis is “on”, Angelica. She already knows that is accepted by the public. Just do not know yet if Raphael is really an ungrateful traitor. She is who will get more answers in this field. Thyago is not “flower that one smells” but had and has most evil villains and smarter than him in this RS. Angelis is reserved and anxious to know the decision of the public, though breathing relieved not to have gone to the field this time. Raphael must console himself with his Aline (of those who speaks so much) from repentance for not having accepted to be the “Big Black Man” of Angelis.

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