The New Soul and Old Soul

When a new soul recognizes an old soul is like finding a treasure.

The old soul takes the new soul based on memories of a life long lived. A time when life was more difficult even than the stars still shine as bright today.

Everything was still experiment, a groping through the unknown, trying to hit the road! Dark corners, desolate, or paths already traveled absolutely stunning! New surprises or scary, exciting, experienced, lived!

And the new soul, let yourself be rocked by dreams and fantasies have long forgotten by the old soul. The new soul plunges into the vast knowledge and experience found in the baggage of old soul.

And, through dreams in dreams, fantasies and fantasies between, time passes and the new becomes old soul, until, in turn, is another new soul!

But the magic and wisdom that sees the new soul, if it is real or not, one day will know because the new soul, always becomes an old soul in eternal immensity of the eternal and vast universe. Plunged in God and finally understand what is to be God.

To love is to fulfill the law magna of the universe, without ulterior motive and without expecting compensation in any form.