The production of The Farm” has reported on its website that Roy was monitored throughout the time that remained outside of the confines of the Reality Show.

Well yes? Fool me, I like! LOL. Will they want to convince whom that this is true? Will not tell me he just talked to or saw production people. That would be impossible.

I firmly believe he was shot inside the police car that took him to the police station, the sheriff or officer on duty inquired to him on camera, or in the presence of elements of the production, or that his lawyer did not communicate instructions to him! LOL.

Only an idiot would believe it, but as I am a moron, let’s say I believe!

It is clear that the exmenudo will never claim to know things that could only know out here. Will not say he knows that was about to be eliminated by the vote of the audience, and he knows now who is most tipped to be the winner of the Reality, at least for now. Roy would be too stupid not to be interested in knowing such things. Or does he has no idea what is 2 million of reais?

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