The New Soul and Old Soul

When a new soul recognizes an old soul is like finding a treasure.

The old soul takes the new soul based on memories of a life long lived. A time when life was more difficult even than the stars still shine as bright today.

Everything was still experiment, a groping through the unknown, trying to hit the road! Dark corners, desolate, or paths already traveled absolutely stunning! New surprises or scary, exciting, experienced, lived!

And the new soul, let yourself be rocked by dreams and fantasies have long forgotten by the old soul. The new soul plunges into the vast knowledge and experience found in the baggage of old soul.

And, through dreams in dreams, fantasies and fantasies between, time passes and the new becomes old soul, until, in turn, is another new soul!

But the magic and wisdom that sees the new soul, if it is real or not, one day will know because the new soul, always becomes an old soul in eternal immensity of the eternal and vast universe. Plunged in God and finally understand what is to be God.

To love is to fulfill the law magna of the universe, without ulterior motive and without expecting compensation in any form.

The Day of World’s End


Few know that in 2012 there will be an important galactic event. In the same year there will also be the transit of Venus and a total eclipse of the sun.

There is a correlation between these cosmic events, the archipelago of Juan Fernandez and the Mayan civilization.

The event will be the galactic alignment between Earth, the sun and the center of the Milky Way.

Many prophecies in various ancient cultures show this year as a banner year, during which, and especially on the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, apocalyptic events will happen.

The Mayan civilization assigns this as the last day on earth. So much so that their calendar ends on that day. The Mayans were notorious in calculating certain astronomical events with amazing accuracy.

The transit of Venus was provided for them with precision of more than 99.8%, well like to other celestial events important to their culture.

The link with the islands of Juan Fernandez, situated in the south Pacific Ocean, about 600 km off the coast of Chile, is related to the fact that was found on top of a peak of the main island, a megalithic monument built by the Mayans in the century Seventh, according to a documentary entitled The Island of the Apocalypse, broadcast by the History Channel.

The amazing fact is that this isolated island in the middle of ocean is thousands of kilometers from the nesting grounds of the Mayan civilization in Mexico.

The eclipse of the sun and the transit of Venus, will only be able to be viewed by someone located since this uninhabited island, a small and remote, in the western hemisphere.

It is also estimated that the island will be the point of galactic alignment, on December 21, 2012, between the Earth, the Sun and the dark band of the Milky Way, where is located the center of mass of our galaxy.

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Travel through time

Travelling through time is a scientific impossibility in practice! It’s just a theory of science fiction!

Is there an easy way to find out if you can travel in time: Find someone who has received the visit of descendants.

It is obvious that the visitors must have traveled through time to the past, visits of the descendants of this present time are not worth!

So far no one reported visits by time travelers from the future.

Since the future lasts forever, and nobody has invented a time machine in all the eternity, then the trip back through time is technically impossible!

You can only travel to the future, without the possibility of returning. However this is not done via time travel.

The only way to travel quickly to the future is to travel through space at nearly the speed of light!

Travel to the future in large displacement speeds in space, do not imply loss of events, as would be over time.


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