Final Fazenda 6


Score by Attributes:

I      C   O    P   S   H    L  Total
7     7    6    7    6   4    7      44    Bárbara
7     5    6    7    5   5    4      39    Denise
5     1    5    1    4   5    3      24    Marcos
19  13  17  15   15 14  14    107    Total
Intelligence, Charisma, hOnesty, Personality, Sincerity, Humility, Loyalty.

This is my rating for the positive attributes of the finalists of the F6, which will end this Sunday on september 29.

Hurricane Denise

Hurricane Denise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Denise would win according to the polls of the internet for little difference in some blogs/sites, but apparently, adding the vote through phone calls, Barbara would be the favorite to win the Reality Show.


Marcos has no chance of winning because his preference rate on the internet are low.

Probably contributed to this the fact that he had been ranked prematurely to the Final, in the first week of the Reality.

English: Logo of the brazilian reality show of...

English: Logo of the brazilian reality show of Rede Record, A Fazenda. Português: Logotipo do reality show brasileiro da Rede Record, A Fazenda. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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