The Blind Queen

In a game of chess, the most powerful piece is the queen. It is the most protective of their King and the terror of the enemy King. It certainly does not play alone, but when needed by the strategy of the game, certain pieces of the same color can and should be sacrificed for the sake of victory. I do not know if Angelis plays chess or know the rules and strategies involved, but what she has done and is doing is like a chess match.

As I shall devote a larger portion of my time to BBB13, I leave this analysis to fans of the Farm Summer that will devote their attention to it, instead of the BBB. In these analyzes, Angelis takes zero on two requirements, but she achieves significant scores in other respects, in relation to others. In qualitative terms she is a great player, one of the best I’ve ever seen, but even so my grade is zero, because I do not agree with contestants players.

Consequently she takes zero also in sincerity, because it is impossible to play at this level with sincerity. This is the reason why some fans of RS disagree with her performance. However she was forced to play to defend herself from a house where she realized that everyone was playing against her. In the barn she had shown that she was smart to realize that she was playing against Cacá only. At that point I still had not realized that she was so good player, but she showed me that she was very intelligent, her greatest attribute.

Moreover she is charismatic and honest, has no shade and is not an exhibitionist. One wonders: how so, honest, if she is a liar, and not a little sincere? The answer is: her game and strategy. If everyone is lying, being hypocritical, manipulating and gossiping, she allowed herself to get away a bit of the truth and use part of the strategy of their opponents too, and that also it included lying, so she can move more easily. Overall she still would gain. Victor said he had to “take off the hat to her” and it’s true.

That is why the wrath of Ísis. She was trying to do the same, but has no intelligence and no knowledge of RS for this. She spent the whole time swingin along with Karine, forced into a role, thinking that was enough to win, added to a faked good relationship with everyone. At that point there’s no way to redirect the strategy of her without the mask, even if she changes from water to wine as a real person. I took only 2 points for what she has done lately, but maybe I should have taken more.

The presence of Nicole also had that goal (pacify Ísis), but the public has already chosen their favorites and is hopeless. When she, Karine and Haysam thought that Angelis was weak, they filled up to mock her behind her back and it does not fade easily. Nicole quoted the Bible, “The humiliated will be exalted!”, But I doubt that Ísis and Co. understood the message. The smart Nicole would not compromise her credibility on behalf of the production, though appearing to be trying unsuccessfully exempt. It’s a delicate situation, I agree!

Thyago and Flávia embarked on the so called “couple strategy” and have gone awry, because this is a two-way strategy. Both partners must have a “chemistry”, otherwise do not convince. In the case of Flávia is more complicated, because apparently she just “fallen” for a guy (Dan) who does not care for her. By my estimates, this romance has a great chance of ending before it’s over the Reality, or not to continue after it.

Of the three remaining men. it may even happen that two arrive the last week of the RS, one of them being Thyago, more on account of protection of the production than which his own merits, because they are a negation as contestants (to win with authority). Dan is struggling at work, but this is his only quality, or the one that showed so far. I think this aspect is not important and serves more as a shield to hide who the person really is.

Dan himself has said more than once that he agreed to submit to the judgment of the people aware that people out here do not know and have no way of knowing who they really are. He is mistaken on one point: that only happens if he hide (at work, for example) behind a mask or in a relationship faked. On their behalf, I can point out a beautiful thing that he spoke to Flávia, which proves he has good culture: “The voices that are in your head, are yours. You can choose or listen to the ones you want. The choice is yours”.

Manoella is a smart girl and is the only one who could defeat Angelis. Angelis knows this and so she remains “glued” to her, knowing that Manoella possesses inside information which are both knowing how to use. This is not wrong because it is not the fault of them if the production called her without insure themselves from a suitable isolation period prior. In fact both enjoy the mutual protection.

Angelis owns a very strong personality and enviable. She is feared and respected even by men of the house. In this aspect she gives ten to zero in the others, and it’s not only because of the game. She knew how to “pick” the weaknesses of each and is liquidating one by one. For that reason they do some complain that she hits “in the wound”. They provoked the lioness! Now bear with the consequences, because “in the land of blind people, the one-eyed is king”, or queen!

The small table below shows the scores that I had the patience to assemble for each of the seven remaining in the house. In fact, I did this for all the contestants except Cacá, Leandro and Lucas for not dispose of sufficient data. One week just is not enough to evaluate properly a contestant. My reviews about Cláudia were a little misleading because of this. The number of requisits considered reached 35, where about one third were negative requisites (12) and points ranged from 0 to 18, or 18 to zero on the positive attributes. Two or more contestants may not receive the same score on each item, according to my method.

To reduce the table to seven contestants the points were divided by 3 and rounded to integers. The correct would wait until the exit of another and thus would not be necessary rounding, as was done in F5, but the way it was going at FV, no appreciable change occurred for seven people.

The items were reduced to 8 basic classes as explained in the legend, and were disregarded the requisites relating to physical attributes (strength, endurance, dexterity, skill, sense of equilibrium, etc.) because women would be disadvantaged if maintained.


  • J – Game (includes strategies, tactics, deceit, gossip, intrigue, hypocrisy, lies, provocation, etc.).
  • E – Exhibitionism, leadership, forced debauchery, singings, “tales”, “causing”, etc.
  • M – mask, pretense, dissimulation, falsehood.
  • I – Intelligence, wit, perception, mental agility and reading of the game.
  • C – Charisma, leadership, ability to articulate.
  • P – Personality, attitude, consistency, disembarrassment.
  • S – Sincerity, heart, loyalty, strength of character, sensitivity, clarity of conduct.
  • H – Honesty, loyalty, maintaining commitment, right payment for the right price. Justice.

Honesty dintingue up in sincerity for justice and lack of sensitivity. Not always what is sincere is humane and fair and vice versa. Excess of sincerity is faulty (no one needs to be honest to the point of offending and hurting) and super-sincerity is the harsh honesty, implacable and insensitive, besides being impolite in some cases. There are cases where a lie is most applauded of what a truth. Natália lost many points there.


Honesty (Photo credit: Fluffymuppet)

Exaggerate these things is deadly in a RS. Not everything that is applauded in theory is accepted in practice, especially in RS, where the focus is and always should be at cohabitation in the hard way. Angelis does it very well when exempts herself from unnecessarily embarrass the colleagues with what she knows. She uses it as an instrument to play when it’s convenient. I do not approve, but I understand. However not swiped me to assigning zero on the items sincerity and playing. The big thing is that she is strong in other areas.

Simões would be the winner in my estimation (41), but most likely he would lose himself in the game and that’s why he quit, for not being sure where he was getting into. So he had the highest score among all, including Angelis.

Cláudia (34), Bianca (33) and Nuelle (31) had higher scores than Manoella. Karine (29) and Gaby (28) have more points than Thyago. Natália (21) scored more than Dan and Victor. The others had less points than Victor except Haysam (14), who was tied with him.

Thyago detracted greatly from the harassment on Flavia and was on the verge of losing the game, but regained his equilibrium after hearing the message of Christmas from his mother. Ísis told that she (the mother of Thyago) is an ardent fan of the Realities. If this is true, we can suspect for a secret code embedded in the message, but that’s just speculation on my part and I should not open my “big mouth” about it. For me, Thyago deserves to be in the Final, but not to win.

The RS will soon end and nothing that happened in confinement, then it will not matter, except the legacy that each will take in this fascinating experience, throughout life.


“04/01/2013 00h24 (Updated 04/01/2013 1:59 a.m.)
Nicole Bahls participates in the Farm Summer
Ex-pawn entered the reality this weekend. Surprises do not go missing. Do not miss it!”
Poor girl Nicole! Will be used as “attraction” to dispute audience with the site of Globo. I know that the FOL will work, then, full steam ahead and I will not waste my time failing to see the BBB to see her parading her lush body without adding anything to the Reality in edited videos. There will be a plethora of videos trying to hold the viewer and Internet user on the small screen of TV Record and “live” in the following days. I feel sorry for her fans too, for this “trick” they are doing with them. Be relaxed, because Votalhada and Frank Killer blogs will tell you what is going on in the BBB.

“06/01/2013 2:43 a.m. (3:47 a.m. Updated 06/01/2013)
Nicole falls in gotcha and takes the biggest scare”
If she was really watching the RS as she spoke, would not have fallen into that old and worn “gotcha”.

“06/01/2013 9:12 a.m. (Updated 06.01.2013 14:00)
That cute! Nicole Bahls prepares breakfast for confined”
Nicole seems to have made good use of at F5 to improve her relationship with people. If she had behaved like this, would have gone to at Final in F5. Just need to be a little less flamboyant.

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She´s Immunized!

Angelis is fighting against the house and against the production to protect Manu. Carril made a big mistake when he annulled the votes of Angelis and “pulled out” the vote on her. In previous fields production has met the request of Flávia and left her “pull” a vote to put Thyago in the field. On both occasions the production has played. This envelope contained a burden and not a bonus! If it was to the Victor, the interpretation would be otherwise, and this of course was also game.

Cleverly, Angelis managed to immunize Manu. When Natália realized the maneuver, it was too late. The intention of Natália was put Angelis against someone from the other group, preferably Flávia. Angelis managed brilliantly to thwart the plans of Grasshoppers and Natália simultaneously. Ísis took a little longer to see “drop the card” and their intentions were even more Machiavellian. Dan voted for the person he was “learning to like” as told to vote for her. Already he is for 40 days “learning”, and does so in a very curious: voting in her or on her friends (Gaby, Raphael and Manoella), just like Isis and others!

The reaction of Isis was similar to the Thyago about two of his “best friends” (Gaby, and Simões), who were facing in the fields because of his mischief and others. In the case of Isis, we can say that “the spell turned against the witch”, no matter what will be the “vision” of production, to be shown today (19) in the daily summary on this fight yesterday. Probably they will “burn the film” of Angelis.

Since the return of the live broadcast, after the entry of the infamous FOL, they have not shown a single picture of Angelis until dawn. They hid it deliberately to harm her on TV national chain. Carril was amply shown in the “live” including asking for votes to stay, using the slogan “Stay Carril”. Wake up, production! This does not work, or actually works in reverse. To terrorism, the site put the FOL, with the old fight in the “Summer Party”, edited tendentiously, yet.”

08/12/2012 18h06 (Updated 08.12.2012 18:20)

Raphael was one of the last confined to enter the Farm Summer He played his acceptance in confinement in a fields with Leandro, who has left the competition.

“Fifth fields of Angelis, Rodrigo! The rise of the barn was a double fields, where people decided that she and Raphael should stay in the Reality. Unfortunately just did not have a prior vote of contestants with your “essential” presence in flesh and bone, but was that only. The editor of the site acknowledges that.

A discontinuity of the “hypocrisy” was noticed yesterday at the end of the program, just at the time for the presenter invited us to take a “peek” and Manoella gave a hug of solidarity in Angelis. Interesting is that it was in a national network and Brazil entire saw, or rather did not see anything, because they cut immediately back to the presenter. It was hilarious! No, Rodrigo! nobody saw anything! See, see?

The Portuguese Ana Paula gossiper of the Canázio announced that there was grabs and kisses implying that occurred a lesbian scene. If there was anything other than a fraternal embrace, only she and the technical personnel seen. This false moral of the program gets to be boring, because they show shamelessly scandalous big kisses between Victor and Naty and images of women in bikinis briefs or panties and “carelessness” of contestants to swap clothes or sleeping. Not to mention the view of Lucas nude bathing “y otras cositas”.

In the real, if there are 4 romantic relationships in the house, this with the two women would be the most sincere, because they “do not care” if it was good or bad. Do I spoke? Maybe in the BBB it would not work, but in this crummy RS has great chance to succeed and finish off this stupid preconception in our media, because among those watching, most want to “see the circus on fire”! All this would be, of course, if everything is not a “big move” of the production trying to get Ibope, or a veiled hope of the competition so that the RS definitely sink into the abyss of incompetence. The production was then indecisive about what to do. This is typical of the incompetence!


“14/12/2012 15:30 (Updated 14/12/2012 17h59)
In the bedroom, Natalia, Karine, Victor and Thyago criticize Angelis
Confined do not support the views of mineira”
Natália distorted everything. Angelis said explicitly that all components of the group are lazy and the option for Carril is because he is a hard worker. Anyway it will not be necessary to change Carril and no one between groups, and thought Angelis who was Raphael who would leave. Natália also wanted to change the focus (vote) of Angelis for Karine, inciting enmity between them. Natália thought the Vote of Angelis would be in she and Victor.

“18/12/2012 4:51 a.m.
Thyago Gesta grabs and kisses Isis Gomes in the Tree House at dawn”
Now (at the time) were already three couples. Evil tongues say that Angelis and Manoella form the fourth couple, but I just believe seeing, and I have not seen any concrete image. If it’s a lesbian relationship and the Record is withholding the pictures that prove it, can only be a false morality or preconception. If they want to release everything as a “bomb”, it’s past time and, certainly, everything will come misrepresented. The edited video that they classified as “jealous scene” already shown, have not convinced me!

“18/12/2012 16h21 (17h06 Updated 18/12/2012)
In the room of the house, Angelis vented with Isis and gave a hint about her target.
– I said I’m not going to vote for Thyago and when I promise, I fulfill. I’ll take out anyone who wants to take me out and I’ll protect Manoella.”
“That’s what the people like and that’s what the people want!” Isis “sold” this fish for Karine so personalized, as if Angelis had been referring specifically to Karine. Also she repeated the same thing at the time of the vote, to “burn the film” of the mineira. Karine, as we have seen, did not vote for Angelis in one of the votes for the night and Angelis had no right to vote. In my view Karine acted properly and not left to “calve” from the ears by her “friend”. If Karine turned against Angelis, could be in this fields instead of Carril. I did not understand the wrath of Isis, unless she wanted to see her friend in the hot seat.

Ranking: Manoella, Thyago, Victor, Flávia, Karine, Dan, Natália, Ísis, Carril


“10/12/2012 3:38 a.m. (8:11 a.m. Updated 10/12/2012)
Surprising! Carril requests apologize for Angelis
Lawyer shown repentant for having offended publicist”
Now everyone is “sorry”! Actually they are afraid to go to the fields against her and run the risk of being eliminated.

“10/12/2012 16:30 (Updated 10/12/2012 19h54)
According Thyago, Rodrigo Carril is afraid to go to the fields
Businessman gives his opinion on the vote next Tuesday (11)
Next Thyago said why Carril had this attitude in a conversation with the funk dancer.
– He’s afraid to go to the fields. I think that Karine, Haysam, Angelis and Manoella vote in him on Tuesday (11).”

“11/12/2012 11h49 (12h04 Updated 11/12/2012)
Rodrigo Carril does accounts to escape the fields, but he is conformed”
Probably will not be voted. Only, he is looking to situate himself in the game and know the vote of Flávia. He wants to vote for Manu to defend himself, but is in doubt. On days of voting Carril uses this tactic with everyone to find out whom they will vote.

“14/12/2012 18h17 (19h16 Updated 14/12/2012)
“Angelis is not as strong as they are thinking,”shoot Rodrigo Carril”
He knows that she is (strong) and is trying to encourage Dan and Flavia to face her in the field.

“16/12/2012 2:15 a.m. (4:41 a.m. Updated 16/12/2012)
Isis calls Carril for bombastic talk
– Is that you never looked (me) in the eye to talk about it (dating). I (Carril) will not change anything. Only not going to get in you.”
He must have some blockage of some kind or is very insecure and shy!

Ranking: Manoella, Thyago, Victor, Flávia, Karine, Dan, Natália, Ísis, Carril

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Thyago x Raphael



Ox for Piranhas

Thyago is the “scapegoat” that they intend to pay for the insults all they uttered against Angelis. Raphael is the “ox for piranhas” for the public to tell them if the barn made heroes or if Angelis is really charismatic. If it were me, I’d send them home on the same plane. Would come cheap, because it is a short trip of only 40 to 60 minutes by airlift.

In my opinion this envelope to Natália was “baptized”. In another review I will explain why I think so. It has to do with certain “suspicious movements” cited in advance. LOL.


“I thought that being bum was relaxed, but there is not!”

“02/11/2012 22h49 (Updated 3/11/2012 1:04 a.m.)
Thyago Gesta implies that a person will receive many votes”
Almost all identified the person referred by him. It seems to be Claudia. That kind of talk already sets up a plot. Much later, already high in the early hours of Sunday, Haysam, Natalia and Karine said they could not decipher the character of Claudia, just before they fall asleep at the Tree House, around 4:45 am.

“15/11/2012 13h45 (18h21 Updated 15/11/2012)
– In two weeks I have to tell you a ´parade´.”
I suspect that this is something related to his family and the proximity of the festivals of the end of the year. He is trying to highlight the importance of this. When the seduction does not work, one of the most common tactics is to appeal to the compassion of women.

“24/11/2012 3:40 a.m.”
Haysam, Natalia and Thyago talked about the other team and concluded that the Sacra should be voted to go to the fields.
Thyago prefer “burning” Ísis, but if the power that won Haysan it is immunize someone from the opposite group, this person will be to Ísis. This immunity could be to anyone of the group grasshoppers, although the newbie (Manu) being of the group and already being immunized. It may also be that this power is exchange the indicated of the other group. All speculations are unlikely.

“04/12/2012 13.35 (Updated 04/12/2012 17h56)
“Our group will take them all,” says Thyago about the fields
Businessman talks with Haysam on upcoming vote
When are left only, five of us, you already know who is going to the fields, right?”
Thyago is referring to Karine, but Haysam may have thought of himself the way he is paranoid

’11 / 12/2012 15h23 (17h54 Updated 11/12/2012)
Reckoning: Dan calls Thyago to talk and shoot: “I’m disappointed in you”.’
Justification in advance of voting. Haysan poisoned all women against Thyago and “jumped off the boat.” Hardly this plan of Haysam will work, and this is one of the reasons why he “ran the streak.” It is typical! Haysam wrongly reasoned that none of the other group would be strong enough to take out Thyago and that Raphael and Manu were the weakest. If Haysam was in the game, would not alter the outcome of the vote and would be forced to vote for the group by Angelis, definitely sinking in his suicidal strategy. He himself stuck in a “dead end”! He realized he made a “move” too risky to try to be absolute in the group, and knew he did not have any strength with the public.

Ranking: Victor, Carril, Raphael, Natália, Ísis, Karine, Dan, Manoella, Flávia, Angelis


“She (Angelis) asked, she wants to go. She does not need the money.”

“16/11/2012 1:40 a.m. (1:59 a.m. Updated 16/11/2012)
Raphael Machado makes surprising revelation about his vote”
I think this tactic was thought up by Angelis to prevent her was to the fields against Raphael or Simões. Raphael declined being protected by Angelis. This is stupid. One of the “laws” in a RS states that you should never refuse the protection of another contestant and must repay the protection forming an alliance. The two legions of fans turn against the “stupid” otherwise. Like the others, Raphael “found” that the people would take away Angelis because of the impact of his sentence and that he would be the sole remnant of the barn.

05/11/2012 18h53 (20h40 Updated 05/11/2012)
Raphael Machado jokes that will vote for the ugliest woman in the main house
– I (Leandro) will vote for the name that I hear more [by beeps and conversations among participants in the house]. It’s a girl, Raika, Rayssa or something.”
It was Haysam. As I understand this news, residents of the barn heard the conversations of the participants in the main house.

“12/11/2012 18:30 (Updated 12/11/2012 18h32)
“Natália, Hay and Flávia will also vote for him,” says Ísis about participant mysterious”
I think they refer to Simões. Anyway, in view of the people mentioned, the mysterious contestant can not be Dan, Thyago, Victor or Carril, but can be Raphael.

“12/11/2012 20h08 (21h47 Updated 12/11/2012)
“Haysam infects people like a cancer,” says Rodrigo Simões”
I agree with every little letter and it indicated that he would vote for Haysam! Raphael was not the least bit surprised by this statement.

“14/11/2012 1:33 a.m. (2:16 a.m. Updated 14/11/2012)
Haysam said all he talked about Simões during the vote, had spoken in person with the personal trainer.”
This does not make a gossip decent thing and does not mean that is honest talk in person or live on TV the same things spoken from behind. An offense or unworthiness, remains offense and unworthiness in both cases, anyway. He spoke from behind about a lot of people that has not been voted on by him or whom he has not repeated in person with. Raphael is one of them!

“15/11/2012 15.02 (Updated 11.15.2012 15:15)
– Do not want to rush, but have two men who are annoying me greatly. I think I will not last long.”
I imagine they are Carril and Raphael said by Halan. He did not hold very much.

“06/12/2012 2:28 a.m. (2:40 a.m. Updated 06/12/2012)
Spokeswoman says that refrigeration technician was false to her in the vote”
Ingratitude is one of the worst defects. Raphael had everything to do well in the game together with Angelis, but he chose to remain “up on the wall”. In this edition of RS is impossible to go far without taking sides. Should “dance” in the next fields of him or pray to reach the Final without going through another, which I find very difficult.

“08/12/2012 18h06 (Updated 08.12.2012 18:20)
Raphael was one of the last confined to come into the Farm Summer. He played his vacancy in confinement in a dispute with Leandro, who has left the competition.”
I find it interesting that the official site say (correctly) that Raphael had a fields and Rodrigo Faro not recognize this in relation to Angelis. Or he does not know elementary arithmetic or is too stubborn. Perhaps the explanation for such stubbornness would be a deviation from the program format, wherein the first fields of the barn was not formed by a vote of the contestants, but introduced by production.

Ranking: Carril, Dan, Victor, Thyago, Karine, Natália, Angelis, Manoella, Ísis, Flávia

Note: Thyago remained in the RS with 68% of the votes of the audience.

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The truth about the fight Angelis x Bianca


Below is my notes about Angelis and Bianca, so far (00h20 11/11). I just changed some tenses of verbs for purposes of compliance with the time of reporting, that now I make public.

“05/11/2012 15:03 (Updated 05.11.2012 15:20)
Cacá and Leandro, speak evil of Angelis in private conversation
Double talked about the mood in the barn and criticized some attitudes of the morena

Leandro started talking about Angelis. He said that the morena is false in the game and the other participants are true at all times. “

Angelis already had drawn she was vying for a spot in Reality against Cacá and was acting accordingly.

“05/11/2012 19h35 (19h44 Updated 05/11/2012)
Angelis says Ísis Gomes is not pretty face “

The trend in the official website to “burn the film” of Angelis eventually benefit her towards the audience.

I do not know how confined inside the barn knew that much of the contestants in the main house. Do they watched a part of the program? Or they were relying on the Channel Callings before the premiere?

During the party, Angelis said to Isis that she would not vote for her to go to the fields, even if her whole group (Ants) did. Isis heard that and nothing promised, changing the subject.

“08/11/2012 1:14 a.m. (1:50 a.m. Updated 08/11/2012)
Mood boils between Haysam and Angelis during Summer Party”

The site did not show what was really happening at the time, but in view of the temper of the Angelis and Haysan, I already imagined the kind of misunderstanding that occurred. By information on the site about the girl’s declarations, it appears that she was defending her friend Raphael, in face of expressions of racial preconception of someone but I still did not know who. This edition of RS is protruding by intolerance, xenophobia and preconceptions of the participants, and at part of the production, by the incompetence and lack of impartiality.

“10/11/2012 21h57 (Updated 10/11/2012 22.10)
Haysam gets at pity on Angelis, and speaks with colleague”

Viewers and Internet users should beware, because the direction of the program is serving old news on the official website and in the compact daily with the intention of benefiting some, harming other contestants and to increase the audience of the Reality, treating participants as mass maneuvers. In my opinion, the public who do not watch the RS through the channel 24 hours was cheated, while those who vote in polls are more enlightened, are fans of RS and know better analyze the contestants, but they are a minority in the audience of this production.

For better or for worse, the disagreements that erupted on the feast day is served to expose the real personalities of the contestants. Angelis, spiraled out of control, ended up attracting the antipathy of the majority. Her reaction stimulated by alcohol and rejection that had suffered by the residents of the house, was triggered by an unfortunate question about Raphael, made by Bianca, showing a little bias as understood by Angelis. In trying to defend the barn mate, she just extrapolating, because the others sided with Bianca without them become aware of what happened before.

The last thing they would not want was that Bianca was defeated in the fields by Claudia, who they were crucifying. The direction of the program also sided, protecting Bianca and only disclosing what she said, more or less, when the vote was already decided by the public. At the same time, burned the image of Claudia while she was in the field against Bianca. Haysan was also protected by collaterally, because he was the biggest supporter of Bianca during the discussion. Only now they are showing what he really is.

I find no explanation of why the production did so, and the only reason that occurs to me is localism. People who do not deserve to be protected and others who are being unjustly crucified are causing repulsion in one part of the audience. Actually nobody should be protected or crucified, and production has more is that the facts show without postponement, impartially. The way they are doing, will end up emptying the audience.

I think the day of the party being on the eve of the decision of the field will generate many injustices, because production will take advantage of this to influence the audience wants, to foist their own preferences depending on what roll at parties and in its aftermath, as occurred in this field. The normal would be the party on the eve of the vote of the contestants or the day after the decision of the public, or exactly in the middle between the two events, on Sunday for example. Perhaps this change will be effected when starts the tv broadcasting of Big Brother on the Globo System.

What Angelis did and said was in the heat of discussion and under the pressure of rejection, but a large part of the contestants are harassing coldly. Anyone who wants to understand who they are and how they are, just watch what they say and how they act in relation to this “brouhaha” and Angelis. As a result, the public preference is being improperly carried to Angelis, because the public tends to defend those who are being harmed by the production or by their mates and harass those they protects or prefer. Not because it’s Rodrigo Faro  who is hosting the show, the audience will say Amen to what the production is doing. One thing is one thing and another thing is something else.

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro

Português: Rodrigo Faro, ator brasileiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Given the disagreements that have occurred so far, formed affinity groups, which can still be modified, as follows:

Flávia group       (A) – Thyago (V), Gaby (A), Carril (A), Dan (A).
Simões group    (V) – Sacra (A) Angelis (V), Raphael (A), Halan (V).
Isis group          (A) – Karine (V), Natália (V), Victor (A), Haysan (V).
Double independent – Nuelle (V), Bianca (V).

A – Currently Ants (Blue Uniform).
V – Currently Grasshoppers (Red Uniform).


I did not understand why Bianca was saved from this field. Claudia was better positioned in preference polls and ended up losing the dispute. Perhaps that will facilitate the victory of someone preferred by production. Only after the dispute defined in the field that I began to understand the confusion that happened at the party and it all started with a question spiteful from Bianca, because Raphael took Haysan to dance. If the scenes of fights at the party had been shown, the likely outcome of the field would have been another. They protected the image of Bianca and, on the contrary, preferred to “burn the film” of Claudia throughout the day and shut up the questioning mischievous of Bianca. You can see this clearly in the news of the site during the day and in the videos of the program in the evening. Typical case of protection with interference, without exemption. They took a few lines of Claudia to make it appear that the fight was with her or that she was directly involved in the melee, in a maneuver subliminal, before clarifying the “mussels”.

“10/11/2012 17:52 (Updated 11.10.2012 18:10)
Bianca reveals who are their targets on the Farm Summer
Bianca revealed to the model who are confined in the house (that) are in their sights for the next vote in the reality show.
– Isis, Rodrigo Simões, Sacramento and Angelis. I want to be here and be able to vote on all of them. “

This list reveals that she actually asked the evil question heard by Angelis, which was the trigger of the fierceness of the Minas Gerais girl during the party on the evening of 7 (and the morning of day 8). Until now Bianca is not explained well and tried to approach Raphael for information, and after she get it she did not talk to him anymore. On the other hand, also reveals that she is already prepared with the four voting options needed for the next vote. She is playing very, contrary to what I thought before. The presence of Sacra in this list says a lot. He was not one of the nine who voted for her and Angelis was still in the barn this time.

Positive or Negative Vote?


Until now there has been no chance to compose an accurate picture of each contestant. The dispute in the barn  to select a couple to climb to the main house seems to be a ruse to give the public time to further analyze the contestants, but it seems unfair that the other couple, the loser, is eliminated without a chance to meet the other contestants, or know the main house.



Without parameters to decide, the public will have to choose the winners by affinity, or by parochialism, or just by appearances, since the personal qualities of the four unfortunates have not yet been satisfactorily shown. So far, what emerged were more personal defects due to the extreme isolation and confinement. As pointed out before, the choice positive should hold up to the personal qualities, but due to the scarcity of data in this regard we must decide through the personal defects or, shall we say, “non-quality”. This demonstrates rather the difficulty to select in the “casting” the contestants for a RS, but they count on a much larger amount of candidates (64,000 subscribers, in this case).







“02/11/2012 12:05 (Updated 02/11/2012 13.10)
“People out there must be in doubt in which of us four vote,” says Raphael


Raphael, at one point, said he thinks Brazil should be in doubt as to whom to give the vacancy in the main house.
– The people out there must be very doubtful in which of us four vote. Nobody’s problematic here.


Cacá completed the thought of the refrigeration technician.
– Here we are living in a very natural. Even though only two will rise, we’re not seeing it as a dispute.”


I do not think so. Angelis has realized that is competing against Cacá. Note that she is trying to “overthrow” the DJ in a subtle way and “burn” her film. Angelis can do well in this round, but it seems that would not go far in Reality. Against her has apparently her character and the fact that she is a new competitor against the sixteen residents of the main house. She would be immune in the first week, but there will be many more weeks to be lived. Actually the new aspiring contestants are just extras to give the public time to learn more about the sixteen regular contestants. The production seems to be betting on a member of the current team ants, or Dan.







“- The only who yells at me is my mother. If someone else scream, I scream louder. Comes not give me moral lesson, no, I’m kick.”


“02/11/2012 18h33 (Updated 02.11.2012 18:40)
Cacá is sometimes hairdresser, and shaves the head of Raphael”


This scene did not happen at the time indicated. Cacá is intelligent and very controlled, but I think that she does not take much of a chance against the girls that are already in the main house, which has only “created snake.”






He is the most airtight among the four. Virtually nothing he reveals about his life, or what he makes of it out here. I think it is their right, but that did not help or will not help if he goes to the main house. What little we know about him was told by the official website or by his fans.







“02/11/2012 14h12 (14h20 Updated 02/11/2012)
Already inseparable, residents of the barn dream of going together to the main house


The refrigeration technician (Raphael) imagined how good it would be if, at the time of announcing the result of the vote, the program prepare a surprise, and in the end, they were all sent to the main house.


Cacá warmed to the idea and, lively, commented on the speech of her colleague.
– We’d scream too much!”


The idea can not be considered discarded, because it really would be an evil to be eliminated without at least have the pleasure of enjoying the company of the other contestants in the main house and pack up the dream of winning the prize of one million of the program. Who knows it would appear then a fact that leverage one of them until to the final? I think the public would approve such an idea.





By the time of this writing (11:15 pm, Nov 04) the members of the main house has not had contact with the residents of the barn and do not even know they are there. Only suspicious.


In an exercise of “prophecy” I dare to predict that Claudia and Halan may be among the firsts of the main house to go to the fields, if the vote is negative. Claudia is smart and is struggling to fit in with the other girls, but her snub nose and antipathy that radiates disturb a little. Some contestants are exaggerating the use of his sad life stories.